Scammer Petrenko Gallina

Sumy Ukraine

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Comment #2776
Hi my dear Ossie!

How are you doing?

Are you angry with me?

I missed you much! How is your hair? Are you still Vin? Then I want to see you even more

than before :))

but you are bad boy with me.

You are angry with no reasons.

I am not going to prove you that I like you and I need you in my life, you should know it as

I have chosen you for your smartness and witty mind.

You must be sure about me! If not, what can I do, I am far!

I wanted that photosession because I like to take photos, studio photos! I need just one man

in my life, guess whom?

I know you are secure man, I know you like me and trust me, so please, stop saying such


I can send you even better photo for our salad!

I am sorry if I sound confused now, I am tired. These days we are working in the garden

plot. I wanted to come to Sumy yesterday but my mother didnt let me go.

I dont understand anything when we are talking on the phone... and you promised to help me

with English. You remember?

your Galya

I am surprised with everything you have written to me.

I had no any other men on my mind, only you... but now you are blaming me that I was playing

with you, asking you for money. As I remember, I have never asked you for money.

I never insisted.

I don't like to read such things about myself, to be honest.

And if to be completely honest, I think you are a charming and attractive man but you need

more trust.

We had a good time here , I thought everything was fine between us, I thought we have known

each other but now I realize we don't understand each other at all.

And now you are discussing me with another people, though I thought I explained everything

to you and I was hoping for your understanding.

To be honest, I can't get what was the initial problem between us.

But it is too late to search for it.

Take care