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Hi ! :) I'm grateful for your reply. I'm was waiting for your letter
impatiently. :) How are you doing? You now, I have been single
for a pretty long time and I almost lost my hope to meet a desent and
good man for marriage. I am only 30, but I don't like to meet with men
of the same age as me or younger. I think its better to communicate
with more experienced men. I think they more courageous and know what
the woman wants, not like younger men. I dated with several men here
but I was so disappointed... they don't now how to speak with woman,
how to behave.. they were rude and rough and didn't have any manners.
So I decided to try to find my man abroad. I think that men in your
culture are more kind, more educated and know how to treat a woman.
What do you think ? Am I right?

You know I live with my parents in a small house that we own. They
work at the factory all day and we spend time together only on the
weekends. We also have a garden. We grow a lot of vegetables and
fruits, they are really tasty, no chemicals. I really want you to try
them some day ! :) And what the place you at looks like? What are
you doing during the day, can you describe it for me? Do you have a
lot of friends there? What kind of people are they?

My Father is 58 years old, and my mother is 54. They have been knowing
each other since school and they are happy with each other. I can say
that they are an example of family model for me. What can you tell me
about your parents? What are their names? How did they meet each
other? I am curious to know ! :)

Sorry for rather big letter, but I really like to write you and share
my life and thoughts with you. Can you tell me more about yourself?
Maybe some interesting facts about you and your life? I really want to
know you better. And I have one more question, can I call you my
darling? :) Olena ?? ?? ??
Comment #141471
Salut J.. J...! Je t'ai envoyé ma lettre mais tu n'as rien répondu ..
Peut-être que vous m'avez ignoré ou peut-être que vous n'avez pas reçu ma lettre? je suis
intéressé à mieux vous connaître. Je mets du temps et des efforts pour écrire
vous ma lettre donc je pense que je mérite au moins une réponse courte. Attendre
c'est .. Olena.