Scammer Marina Kalina Marina

Irpin - Butscha / Bucha, Kiew
Irpin, Kiew, Ukraine

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hi my dear Bryan, thanks a lot! I also pray for us and our future!!! i am so much looking forward to be together!!!!
how is your day? How is your weather? Here is a very sunny bright fall day , so I am in a hurry to catch the last rays of sun. It is a pity that it is not very warm any more. So it is time to wear warmer coats and jackets and even some hats. I do not like wearing hats very much but what to do if mornings are rather cold now. I like a lot fall colors – dark green , yellow, deep red and burgundy. Here now is very popular the color with the name marsala. Do you know this color? Do you like it? I was thinking to get lipstick of this color or maybe it will be too bright? If so then maybe a scarf.))) what is your favorite fall color?
Today my morning I started with feeding homeless dogs. Unfortunately we have some homeless pets in my town , so I always feed them and they are very happy when they see me). How do you usually start your mornings? What do you like to have for breakfast? Today my breakfast was very simple just an oat meal with yougurt. But if we will share it together I would prefer to cook something very special and suprise you!!!
I want to tell that I was alone for rather long time... But I always knew that my second half excists! I was waiting for you and we appear in each others life!!! We found each other!!!! I believe in destiny and fate and so happy that now we found each other in this huge world! You are very intelligent, kind, noble, honest man!!! the man I was always looking for! My heart tells me that you are that person for who I always keep space in it!!! I want us always to protect each others, our feelings and our hearts!!! I want us to be together forever!!!!I am so much waiting for our meeting! Your Marina
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She has a cat that she claims is named FRED. I hope it dies!!
Comment #141126
Her real name is Marina Nosikova (as far as I can find). Please SOMEONE SCAM HER!! SHE NEED TO NOT EXIST IN THIS WORLD!!. Never has there been a more cunning satan lead scammer. She works with her sister that she calls her cousin. RUIN THEIR LIVES, as they have so many others.
Comment #141688
This is hre real address:

Maryna Nosikova
Novoe Shosee 15
Bucha Kiev region [Zipcode: 08292]
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