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Good day Carlos! I am very pleased that you gave your answer a letter to my
message about dating. Now check your mail on the Email, I see your
reply. This is very pleased me today because I am what are you waiting
for me to answer. I believe that the acquaintance between the people
and the openness of the most important skill to talk about not only
good and positive factors of his character as well as to notice 4
themselves and bad habits because they have each. And I believe that
people should always be honest to each other as the familiarity of the
Internet is an important, through a letter to convey your message to
your friend through the words of phrases that I am writing to you now.
And I have tried to find relationships in the internet and so far the
search for a friend in life and men who could be my favorite, I was
not able to find. And for this reason that I continue to search for a
man with serious intentions in life. I need a man who wants to find
his destiny and a symbol of life, a woman for life to create a family
and the birth of children. This is very important because I would not
want to spend time in vain for an exchange of correspondence and
photos that I do not need. I need an exact answer from you wish you
were ready to build what is the relationship with a woman from another
country? As dear friend, I really to communicate and trust for each
other I want to put all those emotions that can feel, and so that you
could understand me without words at a distance. nice but what I can
only dream of because we do not know each other and for this reason
that I would like to receive your letters every day, with detailed
stories about your dear friend Carlos. 4 me, it is important what you
doing? And are you serious man in life or not? Since I wanted to make
sure you is serious and willing to tell me about yourself, your family
and life in your country? Because I chose you for the friendship and
for me important is your inner world of man, and your mind. Many
interesting question is, in my head. But also I would like to tell you
about myself now. What would you just had an idea of what I am woman.
When studying usually to talk to each other and me. My name is Lena, I
gave him in honor of my grandmother. And all his life, I told my
parents that I really like his grandmother a bit strong character.
This is the best that got me on a chain of family-grandmother. I was
born 17.07.1980 year, according to the sign of the Zodiac I Cancer. My
city is located in the European part of Russia called Kazan. This is
not so far from the capital city of Moscow it from us at a distance of
800 km. I like any normal person working for that to support
themselves. Because now I'm not the one hoped, and I was alone because
my mother died in April last year. A father I do not remember because
my mom divorced him when I was still small, and since then they had no
contact. Now I am alone and looking for a man to be remembered that
last painful moments of his life and begins to build their lives from
scratch. Find a man 4 serious relationship creating a family.
Because I had a bitter experience and relationships with men in my
town, I decided to look for their second half abroad. And I would like
to arrive at the chosen one in his country. I say this so openly
because I would want you to know that from the first minutes of our
conversation about how I'm serious about the future. And I hope that
our views on the future look like. Now I can tell you that I studied
at university and graduated with honors I have received the red
diploma. And me, after graduation to join the school. I work as a
teacher, I love my job because I really like children and I am pleased
with their work. Now I do not have not any serious relationships with
men in his city, and I write to you with hope that we can continue our
acquaintance. It would be perfect to get from your photo that you
would understand and see your appearance. I also very often will try
to send you my photos. Carlos I am hopeful that tomorrow will be able
to see again your letter and to continue to communicate with each
other. I wait with great impatience. Say good-bye to you until
tomorrow. Lena.

Greetings my love. I am very glad to your letter. My love I try to
prepare our meeting. I wish to please you, that through 9äíåé I will
have holiday. I will be very glad, if we can meet As I wish to inform
you, that Russia not to let out young and lonely women. Therefore I
should come to you as the tourist. I wish to know, you are glad that
you think of it? I consider, that only personal meeting will help us
to find happiness which we so long searched. I wish to know culture of
your country. Please, inform me the best time for stay with you??? It
at you is more than free time. Though, if you will be on work day, I
can be at you in-home, and to wait for you from work in the evening
Also is tasty to feed for a supper. What do you think of it? I very
much to wait for our meeting when we will have romantic evening, and
we should remain one. And now I will go home, and I think, you my
Prince. I learn all through travel agency and itself I will legalise
papers!!! But I do not have so much money if you can I will help is
grateful!!! Write to return in the near future. With impatience I will
wait for your letter. Kisses. Love. Your Lena.