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I was corresponding with this woman but noticed after few time that it is in reality an Agency Scam...

Hello ------!

Thank you ever so much for your message! I will be happy to
learn you better and hope that your interest is sincere.
I am here with honest intentions and I really hope to find my
second half. You may ask me, why I am looking for my love abroad.
And I answer.You see, the world is huge and a soulmate for each person
is the only one. But who can be sure that he( or she) lives in the same country
as you do?.. I guess, that is why some people live all the life without being
completely happy. They got married just for not being lonely, meanwhile their
real second halves are doing the same.... They all are looking for each other
and sometimes don’t meet even....That’s a pity. I hope that my destiny is
different and I do wish to meet the one who will share his life with me.
I decided to find my special one with the help of Internet . I think that
the time, we will be in correspondence with you, will give us the chance to
learn each other. And in personal meeting we won't be disappointed. Of
course I understand that the Internet is not quite usual way for
acquaintance, but I know that all I dream is to love and to be loved. And
I believe my dream will come true .
So, I was born on the 13th of December in 1980.Single, no children.
I live with my parents in the nice house.I work as a real estate agent and have a degree
in Economics.
My height is 170cm and weight is 57 kg.
I live in the south of Ukraine, in a sunny city Odessa.Have you ever heard of it?
It is not too old, only 213 years, but it has a lot of historical places of interests.
As a person, I am warm,open-hearted and romantic. I am ready for anything for the person
whom I love or care for. I believe in sharing all happiness and sorrow in life with my close ones.
I look for someone to share everything with me where we can start as
friends first then know more and become more than friends and finally start
relationship and more and more. I'm really very serious and family oriented
woman. My intentions are really serious.
Unfortunately I don't know English in a proper way YET, so I have to hire an interpreter at the marriage agency.
But I am about to learn English as I understand how important it is for me and my future.
You may ask me what things are important for me in man... I need a man who
is able to be for me not only a lover but a closest friend. I want him to be
honest and loyal, kind and he must have a big just heart.... I want him to love me and to let me love him. I want him to enjoy the life and support me if I am good or bad....
I hope that you are looking for the same and if so,let’s start our learning each other.You can ask me whatever you wish, I will try to do my best, answering.
Hope, you are not going to play games here, because I am not. I don’t want to waste time. All I need is to meet my REAL love.
Hope to hear from you.
Write me, send me your pictures, tell me more about yourself and people who are around you. I am interested to know ANYTHING!!!!

Best wishes for now!


Hello my dear new friend!

Thank you very much for your letter to me. I am interested in you and really would like to get a chance to know you better. I hope in the nearest future I will get new messages from you, pictures of you...Am I right?
Well, I live in Odessa,Ukraine, as you already know.

Summer is here already but the weather changes all the time. Nevertheless, in any weather I am quite fine and trying to enjoy my life…We spend our time mostly looking forward to the past or to the future but we never really appreciate the present moment forgetting that in a while it will become a past as well and will never repeat again. To live is like to love-all reasons are against it and all healthy instincts for it. And in general, life is told to be one long process of getting tired. I think that it is not right. We should live and enjoy every our minute.
I like to spend my spare time with my friends most of all.
I like to communicate with them very much. They are part and parcel of my life. You see I think that it is very important to have a person whom you always can depend on, a person whom you trust and with whom feel with confidence. So I guess that companionships are necessary in everyday life.
Do you have a lot of friends? What can you say about them? Do you spend much time together?
The loneliness is not very awful if there are close people next to you, of course friends I mean.
I also like jokes and people with a good sense of humour. Are you that one?
Also I like cooking. It is one of my hobbies; when I cook a good things happen to me. If I am lonely or homesick cooking lifts my spirits. When I make a delicious dessert and ask someone to
share it with me, my depression disappears. When I am bored or very tired, cooking makes me feel alive, especially when I know I am cooking dinner for some friend.
Cooking also reminds me of childhood and home. When I was a child my mother cooked and every Sunday our relatives came and all of them ate and laughed together. I enjoy cooking for somebody because their joy in eating makes me remember the happy time with my family.
For me, cooking is an excellent escape, and without it I wouldn't be able
to be happy.
Dear -----, I hope you will not disappear and we will get a chance to continue our communication.
I hope soon you will get an opportunity to send me some photos of yours. I will be only glad.
Well, I wish you good luck.

Write me more,
Sincerely yours,Lina

greet you, my dear new friend, and wish you a nice day!
I was so happy today to get a letter from you! One more message is the sign that
I am on my way to learn you better and I am impatient.
I want to know about your character, maybe some specific features or some
details, for instance: what is your favourite colour, weather? Do you like
when it is raining or do you prefer sunny weather, what is your favourite
dish or what do you prefer to drink? You see, it is very important to know
the character of the person with whom you become closer. You can do pleasant
things knowing the special tastes of your second half. As for me, I like
many colours, but I would pick up blue and green, they are very relaxing.
And what about the weather - I like sunny days but I like rainy days too; it
feels very good to be together and safe when it is raining outside. In
general people in Odessa are very hospitable and kind, they are always very
glad to meet friends and invite them to dinner.
I like Martini Bianco and good wine. I like Ukrainian cuisine best of all.
We have many special courses, which exist only here in Ukraine . These are
Ukrainian borsch (for the first course), stuffed cabbage rolls filled with
rice, meat, carrots and fried onion, pancakes with cream or jam. We have a
course called vinaigrette (there are potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, sausages,
eggs and all these mixed with mayonnaise). It is very tasty and I hope once
I will have an opportunity to treat you to my dishes and to make you
acquainted with Ukrainian culture because each nation expresses itself
through the masterpiece of traditional food.
Every of us is dreaming about a strong, lovely and healthy family where
passion and happiness prevail. I've told you that Odessa is situated on the
sea coast so I love to walk along the seaside, especially in the evening, to admire the
sea, the sunset and to hear the calm sounds of the surf. I like to arrange
picnics on the beach with my friends, to make barbecue and eat fruit and
vegetables on the fresh air, especially in summer time, when the weather is
so fine, the sun shines brightly and I want to live with full energy inside
me. Sometimes it is very romantic to spend time with your beloved near the
seaside, to talk about love, to delight with the gulls that fly round yachts
and ships. What do you think of it,xxxxx? Does it seem romantic to you?
I am looking for permanent relationship. I am not gonna to betray as I can't
be with few men at once but only with the one. I am not looking for the
ideal as I know that it doesn't exist in the world. Ideal means that you are
creating some limits and then try to put your beloved into them. But no one
will be happy this way as no one feels comfortable when his will and his
personality is limited. I never ask for something if I can not give the same
in my turn. I am as I am.
I am just a woman, a common one but as every person I am a unique
I wonder what you are looking for. I mean both, here in internet and in your
life in general. Do you believe that a marvel can happen to you and you will
meet your destiny? Or you are just eager to be a free bird?
Life is passing and I don't want to waste it. I t doesn't mean that I am
obsessed with
an idea to get married, no. I will do it only with a right person, whom I
will respect and
with whom I will be safe. I need a strong shoulder as though I can be strong
as well.
Sometimes I am eager to afford myself a small holiday – to be weak...
You have left a lasting impression by that way you think. I hope you don't
mean mischief. I hope you understand me.
I am very happy to hear that you have serious intentions.

Hope you will not disappear, dear xxxxx and we will really learn each other .

I wish you good luck.
Small kiss for you!