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-My name is not Alfonso!-

Hello my lovely Alfonso.

I could not fall asleep last night. I have all night long stayed at a window and waited for a dawn. And when there has come a dawn, I such joyful have gone with mum to the airport. I was so is happy. I thought only of that that there has come long-awaited day of our meeting of which we dreamt so a long time. And all in some hours, I already will meet in mine darling Alfonso.

All was simply remarkable. But when I was registered by the airport, I was stopped by employees of immigration service and have asked to pass with them. They have found out that I have not paid for the credit. They have started to accuse me that I wish to escape from the country, not having paid the credit... I long explained to them, that I simply go to spend my holiday with mine boyfriend. But they did not trust me. They have taken away all money which from me were, and have caused police...

I was in a shock. I could not believe that occurs. I burnt myself because I thought that it is what that a bad dream. But unfortunately it was the reality...

Me spent to police branch. The policeman has started to set to me different questions. He so tortured me, he set the same questions some times and has forced to write the explanatory. I have written that I simply wished to spend my holiday with mine boyfriend. And I did not gather to escape at all from the country. But he as-as if did not hear me... He explained to me that under the law I have no right to leave the country if I have not paid off with the credit, utilities, penalties and so on. He has told that my money is confiscated and will be paid to bank, at the expense of the credit. I was against it, I spoke that this money for my trip, and for the credit I will burst into tears later. But the policeman has told, that I can leave the country when I will pay off for the credit. And which they have confiscated money will be paid to bank to be assured that I will extinguish the credit...

This credit I took one year ago. My daddy had complications with health. You after all know there was an accident, and he now the invalid. The daddy has addressed in hospital because at him were a strong pain in a back and constantly the head was ill. The doctor has told that urgent operation and medicines is necessary for the daddy. It cost much, and mum has decided to issue the credit. But to mum have not given out the credit, and urgent expensive operation was necessary to the daddy. Then the credit was issued by me. I took 250000 roubles for 5 years. I have paid 50000 roubles for last year, parents as helped me. And now still it is necessary to pay 200000 roubles...

As soon as me have released from police, I have run at once in a public telephone booth to call you. My face was in tears, I have been very upset... It is no wonder that you absolutely did not understand me... I was simply in a shock.

I called to my parents today and have told about this case. My parents in a shock, they so are upset... Especially my daddy. He feels such guilty... He very much apologises before me, that I could not take off to you. He so regrets for that accident. He speaks this case has spoilt to him a life, and now because of him suffer I and you... I tried to calm my father... He so blames itself(himself)... Mum now as tries to calm him...

Ah darling, I do not know that to me now to do. I so am upset, I am suppressed... I wish to bring an action against customs service.

I so wish to meet you my love. I so dreamt of our meeting. Well why all so is difficult?... :(( Darling we necessarily will meet you. What barriers would not be on our way, we will overcome them together because we love each other!

Lovely I will finish the letter.

I with impatience will wait for yours reply.

One million kisses for you my love. I love you, very much I love.

Yours Tatyana.