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She scamed me for more than $2500.00 for air fair and money to inter USA.

Hi Steve!
I'm smiling right now! I waited to receive your email and when I got
your letter it was a better time! I was working with lots of stress
today. Today we had to receive medicines and all pharmaceutical
materials including anesthetics. But for some reasons the bus with
medicines again has not come to our clinic. I have declared to all
patients that I can work but only without anesthetics. And there were
many people who were ready to cure tooth even without anesthesia
because there is no guarantee that the bus will come tomorrow. So
today was the twice difficult working day because not anyone can
endure pain especially children. Anyway I took a break and I have been
informed that I got the letter and I forgot about all my worries with
work. So, thank you for your letter Steve! Forgive me for talking
about teeth and about my work. I bet you got unpleasant feeling while
reading about anesthesia! I know that all men are afraid of dentists
but let me to assure you that as a woman I am absolutely undangerous
and harmless for you!!!

Your house is very beautiful. Very picturesque place. It so beautiful.
Likely there very silent and quiet place. I can imagine as far as air
is fine and clean. The place seems magic. There are no a lot of cars,
not smog, only the nature. Pacifying.

Steve, thank you for photos, I like it. You look very nice! And you
very funny at the picture "idaho%20043[1]" It's nice vehicle. =)

Steve, as for price of computer, I don't know. I don't interested some
thing, but I'll try to check it.

Also I want to tell you that I've asked you in my last letter about
your family because it was always important for me. I think many
people don't understand completely that family it is a big riches.
Many people understand value of family only when lose it. I always
loved my parents and now I miss them very much. Both my parents have
passed away. Daddy has died when I was a child. He has been killed in
a military conflict. Mom has died when I was 16 years old. After
daddy's death she always was sick and spent a lot of time in
hospitals. Being a little girl I was doing everything by myself: I
cooked a meal, sewed clothes, etc. I studied at school and I worked as
a nurse in the evening to support us. It was a hard time but it made
me stronger. At this time I have found a friend - her name is Olga.
She helped me in any ways she could. She is my best friend now and the
closest person in my life. When mom has died I was frightened very
much but I tried to do everything to be the worthy daughter to be
worthy of her love. Together with Olga we have finished medical
university we got the specialization together and worked as interns. I
really hope I became a woman that my parents wanted me to become. I
think that those difficulties that were in my life have made me who I
am now. Now I think that I was not saying often to my mom about my
love to her and I regret about it so much. Steve, forgive me that I
write about it. It is my life and it is a part of me. Simply I want
you to know me more because I would be glad to know more about you as
well. I wanted to ask what is our religion? Are you religious? How you
spend your weekends Steve? Do you like to spend time at the nature?
Steve, did I tell you that I have a dog? He is grey and funny dog.
When people see my dog they are smiling. I send you some pictures
where you can see my dog. Steve, today was really a good day and
right now I'm sitting and writing this letter and I'm smiling. And I
hope that right now you read my letter and smiling too. By the way my
friends know that I'm talking to you and they start to ask questions
about you! Well all my friends are two ladies - Olga and Svetlana. You
know one of them is working with me at our clinic.
Steve, I have to go. But I will wait for your letter! I hope you
will write me soon. And then I will have again a smile on my face.
Your friend Katrina.
P.S. I hope that right now you have smile on your face. I want you to
smile, smile, smile, smile... I have a nice mood today hope you're too!

Hi my dear friend Steve!
I'm so waited for your letter and I'm so glad that you have written to
me! Thank you. Every new day brings to me stronger desire to
communicate with you and to receive your letters. And now my mood
depends directly on your letters! My mood is in your hands Steve! I
hope my letters do not spoil your mood?

Steve, I do not know how to answer your question. You want me to
say exact date of our meeting? I cannot do it. I do not know when I
will get my vacation. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in some months. But it is
not the most important. We have chance to start relations in such a
way, to tell to each other about ourselves, to share thoughts; we can
become friends, and the meeting after that would bring much more
happiness. Maybe you do not want similar relations, but I searched for
it, and I understand that I must have a lot of patience in such
relations, and I understand that the chance to find happiness is not
great, but if there is even one chance to find happiness in such a
way, I am ready to use this chance.

As for your questions about Buddhist Monks, yes I know a little, I
like read some literature and to know more about Buddhist Monks.

I understand your request to call you from phone. I must tell that I
never was so worried about having phone, as now. I never thought that
the serious moments in our life can depend on presence of phone. But
now I understand that the fact that I have no phone can deprive me an
opportunity to learn a man who could become my friend. And it is really
afflicts me. But not everything in this life depends on me.
Unfortunately I have no phone. Please, don't be surprising. In Russia
many people have no phone. I understand that for you would be easier
to talk on the phone. But alas, the life in Russia is not similar to a
life in America, and for the majority of people a process of getting
of a phone is too long. If the phone for you is the main criterion for
the future relations, I will understand you of course. But I have
decided to use the Internet because it is really accessible way for
me. And if you still want to continue talking to me via email I will
be very happy.

You asked about “I could be happy for the rest of my life with my
cinnamon girl” Neal Young I don't sure but it sound as known song.

I do not know what is the time difference between us. But I live in
the third time zone. We have Moscow time.

Steve, I want to tell that I am really glad that I have found such
a friend as you. And I am very glad to talk to you about everything.
In my life I had always only two true friends - Olga and Svetlana and
they always gave me their support. But now I have three friends and I
am very glad. Today I have been a little alarmed because Olga has not
come to clinic. It is a little strange because only the serious
circumstances could become the reason of that. I simply worry that she
got sick. Yesterday we have spent evening together and everything was
fine. Olga and Svetlana live not far from me. And if we spend evening
in our village it means that we sit at home because our village is a
very small place. We have only one small grocery shop here the only
our pride. There is nothing else out here. I cannot tell that I do not
like this place. But here there is a lot of chechens and it always
frightens people. But I like my village all the same. And I don't even
know what I like more small village or a big city. Olga does not like
our village and dreams to live in the big city with cinemas, museums,
parks, with beautiful houses and shops and attractions. And I like it
as well but I like as well our river and our forest, our air, our
silence, singing of birds behind my window...

Steve, what do you like more the big city or the small village? By
the way my apartment is in the wooden house. It is the old house but
my apartment is cosy. I have a bedroom, kitchen and a bathroom with a
toilet. I have a kitchen garden where I cultivate berries and
vegetables. If Olga have and I have free time we go to to Nalchik,
Terek or Beslan. We like to go to the cinema or simply to walk in the
parks. Svetlana is 28 years old and Olga is almost 30 years old but
sometimes we simply turn into children. And if in your soul Steve
still lives "a little boy" it is wonderful! Every year in the summer
we go to the festival of guitar songs. It is named ''The Shlyapsky
festival'' and it takes place very far from us on the known river
called Volga. It's a very beautiful festival. Hundreds of thousands of
people lives in a tents on a riverside. And during several days most
known guitar players and singers of russia together with simple people
sing own songs for each other. Everyone cook a meal on a campfire and
everyone invites each other to test their own meal - delightful
atmosphere of kindness and peace. If we spend time here in a village
we like to sew and knit clothes.

Steve, do you play chess? I like to play chess and checkers. I
think you would not have chances in playing with me! I love sports
very much. I jog every morning since the childhood. I like to keep
myself in shape and I really have a good health. I have no car and I
got used to go on foot! I do not smoke and sport in my life always had
a great importance. I like to play soccer, I like to skate and ski, I
adore swimming! I am a fine swimmer! And if we would swim together
with you Steve you would need some efforts if you would like to
catch or to touch me in the water! By the way Steve have you
noticed that I'm a very modest? ha-ha-ha) but there is something I
want to learn to do and I need your help! I want to learn to box! It
would give me biger courage on the dark street! Can you give me some
lessons, please? Steve, I have to finish my letter even though I do
not want to. Right after work I will go to Olga to find out if she is
ok. She will be glad to find out that you have again written me!
Steve, do you have any regrets about anything that you did in your
life and would you like to change it? What makes you happy? What is
one thing you could not live without? I am sending you some my
pictures. In one of pictures you will see Svetlana and me on the
another pictures you will see me and Olga. I hope I am not sending
too many pictures? I will wait for your letter again and I hope you
will write me soon.
Your lady-friend Katrina.Hi my Steve!

Steve, I am sorry for so long silence my mail box was broken. I
don't know what happen but it isn't work still. I register new email
address please write me here. It is

Thank you for your letter! Every morning I wake up with a pleasant
thought of our meeting! And each new day reduces distance between us!
Every new day makes us closer to each other. I'm so hope we will meet.
Steve, I am a doctor but I can't think of anything except of our
meeting!!! It is dangerous if to take into account that I'm dentist!
Can you imagine how my patients are risking because I look into their
mouthes but I think of you, Steve!

Steve, Olga says that last time she saw me such a happy many years
back when I was the student girl! She asserts that you have changed
me! Now I more often correct my hairstyle! I began to sing songs
aloud! I began often to immerse into the world of fantasies so that
sometimes I even don't hear that someone talks to me or asks me about
something! It's so pleasantly and unusually! She is very grateful to
you and very glad that we will meet! She helps me in all possible
ways. Steve, do you remember in my very first small letter I have
told that I want to find a man who will compel my soul to blossom? I
want to tell you that my soul blossoms! You have brought a spring into
my soul and now I feel like a flower blossoming under long-awaited
beams of the warm sun! Thank you Steve! Steve, you cannot
imagine what tense time I have now. I actually haven't even one free
minute. I have already been to Ministry of Health and I got all
petitions! It is great! In the Ministry I have been told that I must
visit all patients which I visit on a "out-clinic day" - they must
fill up forms of petitions for me. Of course they will be happy to do
it. These people love me and all doctors who visits them! It will be a
big support for me. The Ministry will make the report about my work in
the difficult places where not any person is ready to work. I also
will get the report and the characteristic from my clinic. Tomorrow me
and Olga will have our own "out-clinic day"! We will go together to
those settlements. After that I must legalize all documents at the
notary. Olga will help me to get the full report about my biography in
Municipal Department. I get tired very much not only spiritually but
physically as well. And when I come home I will simply fall onto a bed
and I will simply lie on my bed some time looking at a ceiling but if
we will do everything quickly I will have interview with the
commission. After this interview the commission will inform me whether
my visa is approved or not. Tomorrow I will have also consultation -
preparation for the interview. It is a very important point for me as
well! Maybe I'm worry too much but I cannot calm myself! Forgive me
that I write you about my cares. But I just worry a bit. Olga says
that she envies my endurance and the power of will. I never told her
but actually I often feel like a weak woman. I really need moral
support. Since the childhood I make all the decisions by myself and my
parents taught me never to show weakness or confusion and I'm always
tried to do without anybody's help or advice even though sometimes I
feel like a very weak woman. Steve, are you a leader in a
relationship with a woman? Do you like to make the decision by self?
Steve, I have to go! Please, write me letter write me all your
thoughts and feelings because I need it more than ever!
Your Girlfriend Katrina.
P.S. Steve, please again tell me the name and the code of the
International Airport I must fly to!!! I must be sure that I have the
correct information.

I even do not know what to tell you first. I simply hope that you will
be happy! The most important finest news - I did it!!! I've got the
visa! I'm very happy!!!! As well I have found out that I will get
vacation June, 15, 2009. I have been to the company that reserves
airway tickets. I've asked them how I can reach airport (ATL) and how
much it costs. They have offered to me the ticket that costs $1345.80
USD. I've asked them to find cheapest ticket because this price is
expensive for me. They have answered they have a cheaper roundtrip
ticket and the beginning of the flight June, 19, 2009. It costs
$1128.05 USD. It was the best variant for me and I asked them to
reserve a ticket but they refused because they can't reserve the
ticket without advance payment. I must pay full cost. I have asked if
I can pay a part of money now and the other part later. They have told
that it is possible but I will be limited by term. And if I will not
pay the full cost of the ticket within of this term I will lose
already nested money. I have agreed because it is the only chance for
me because I must give to anti-emigration committee a data about my
payment. By this moment I had only the concrete sum of money which I
had after all my expenses. I paid $470 USD. But it was not enough for
them. In a panic all what Olga and I could do - we pawned our earrings
and gold rings and I got $75.95 USD. That is all I could do. The
number of the flight on which I will get the ticket is 47 In-flight
Services. The time of departure from Moscow is 12:55 pm. The time of
arrival in Atlanta is 4:35 pm. I know that probably I simply must tell
that I can't come to you because I haven't the remaining sum. I know
that I promised to do all by self and I was sure that I can. I did not
want to ask you. But after I did everything I did I cannot simply tell
that I will not come to you. I have passed through so many
difficulties and I have overcome the most difficult. But all the same
I have disgusting feeling that I could not fulfill the promise. I am
always ready to do all what is possible, to fulfill my promises but at
the same time I understand that any person could get in such a
situation. To get the visa I have spent much more money than I
expected. But people were ready to help me only if I will pay them. I
paid more than $650 dollars to get all documents I paid in municipal
committee and in the ministry. Even officers in army garrison have
compelled me to pay for their help. I did not expect all this but up
to the last moment I was sure that I still can make everything. I
expected that I can get a vacation payment. We get a vacation payment
after ending of a vacation. I asked to give me this money now because
I need this money urgently. But at the last moment I have got the
answer that I can get this money urgently only in case of serious
illness or for example in case of death of the relative. I feel so
guilty. I must bring all ready documents to Ministry and
anti-emigration committee on appointed day because if not I will not
be able to come to you at all. I was sure that nothing can prevent our
meeting. But I must pay remaining sum. It is $582.1 USD. And I must
pay money before June 17, evening. Otherwise I will lose my nested
money and our jewelry will be sold out simply in vain. I know that I
should not ask you and I'm very ashamed to do it. I understand that
probably you have no very strong feelings towards me. And I understand
that it is a big money. I know it and for me twice difficult to
address to you. But also comprehension of my position convinces me
that any person could get in similar situation. I want to meet you and
I say sincerely that I need your help. I understand that I put you in
inconvenient position. But I'm simple person, I'm the simple woman. I
am not the wizard. Any person could get in a similar situation. And
maybe I really simply had to tell you that I can't meet with you
because I could not provide my travel completely. But I cannot simply
refuse our meeting because then all my diligence, forces, nerves,
means will be spent in vain. I understand it's a big amount for you to
lend me. You are not obliged to help me. And $650 dollars which I have
spent to get the visa and $546 that I have given for the ticket are
huge money for me. But I want you to know that I have given everything
not for the sake of myself but for the sake of us, for the sake of you
and me. And I was happy all this time. I'm asking you to help me just
because I need help urgently. I would never ask you about anything
without reasons. If you want to meet me to help me to make our meeting
please send money to the help before June 17, evening. I want you to be
confident in my sincerity that is why I send you the view of my visa.
I want you to see the result of my efforts. I address to you only
because I need it right now because the anti-emigration committee
waits for me with all documents and I am obliged to come to committee
according to appointed term. If you can help me I will tell you what I
have found out. Olga said that you can help me with the help of
remittance system. So we have addressed to the nearest bank. We have
been told that they use the system "Western Union". They have told
that it is very convenient office for me and this system works always
and reliably. I give you necessary elements for sending money with the
help of "Western Union":
Post Russia
Gugkaeva 6
Vladikavkaz, Russia 362031
Irina Gavrusyowa.
Irina is my travel agent, she will get money and agree my ticket. I
can't get your money self cause my passport with all papers in
Ministry and anti-emigration committee.

I've been informed in bank about how it works. For picking up the
money I need to know and tell to employee of bank your full name, your
full address, amount and the confidential number - Money Transfer
Control Number (MTCN). You will get this number in your bank if you
will send your help. Only with presence of all this information I will
be able to pick up your help. I do not know what answer I will get
from you. I'm afraid very much that you will not help me but I want to
tell you I really need you and I simply can't endure the thought that
I did almost everything but I will not meet you. I understand that
it's big money. I have given all my forces but together we are
stronger. I really ask you to help me. I will give you back all your
money at the earliest opportunity. I have written you honestly and
sincerely. Are you with me?
Your Katrina.


I'm in Moscow now and I have a bad news. I cannot get registration
and the sanction in anti-immigration committee. I have been informed
that according to the law for Citizens of Russia who leave our country
with visa without residence permit, if I go to your country I'm
obliged to have cash as confirmation that I possess monetary
resources. I can't receive sanction to get registration at the
airport. I'm obliged to show them at least 1000 dollars. If I have 1000
dollars I will receive registration and the sanction of
anti-immigration committee. The law obliges me to have money as
confirmation that in your country I will have money resources for
existence and livelihoods during that time which I will spend there. I
must show at least 1000 dollars. If I will show money I will receive
confirmation that I possess monetary resources and I will get the
official sanction to leave my country with the visa. Otherwise they
have no right to let me go to your country. Please, as soon as
possible send me 1000 dollars. I will show this money and I will
receive the sanction. This money are necessary for me only to show at
anti-immigration committee. I will give you this money right at the
airport. I should not pay anything. I simply should show money and
then I can leave customs house. All my documents are in
anti-emigration committee now. Without ID I cannot receive your money.
Therefore I ask you please send money for Tatyana Reshetnicova - she
is the inspector of Health Ministry and she is responsible for me here
in Moscow. Her first name is Tatyana and her surname is Reshetnicova.
She has met me here in Moscow and I will go in bank together with her.
Send money for her name because my ID and visa are in anti-emigration
committee now. When we will receive money I will show them this money
and then I will get the sanction to leave my country. Please send me
money as soon as possible because I have no money for it. Please use
system of Western Union because here there is several banks which uses
this system of a remittance and I can receive your money. You can send
it to any bank in Moscow. There are a lot of banks and I can receive
it in any branch. Steve, my nerves on a limit. I got the formal
notice according to which I must have money to leave my country
according to the law. I cannot write much because I use the
Internet-cafe and I have no money for that. Here only three computers
and so many people. I should spend night here in Moscow in a waiting
room. It is much more terrible than I thought. Tomorrow I'll use
Internet-cafe again to receive your letter. I cannot be in Moscow for
a long time because I have no money for a meal and a for the night
lodging. I only have some meal I took at home for my trip in a plane
to Moscow. I should receive the sanction of anti-immigration committee
as soon as possible because I cannot be in Moscow for a long time. I'm
nervous very much. Once again as soon as possible send money to Moscow
for Tatyana Reshetnicova. I will receive money together with her and I
will show this money in anti-emigration committee.
With love Katrina.
p.s. The time of arrival in Atlanta is 4:35 pm at your time, June 19.

Hello Steve.
I am sorry that I make you worry about me and for my so long silence,
I wasn't able to write you till now. I was refused.

Firstly, I want to ask you, please, read my letter till the end before
you will arrive at a conclusion.

I don't know where get to start... The last two days were very
difficult for me, I was fall on evil days. I was in auto crash and
losed my documents with money... Probably, the bset way it is to tell
you all step by step.

When I going to the airport I was make into auto crash and gone to
hospital. I can't tell you exactly what happened, but I remember just
the next. All night before my flight I wasn't able to sleep, I thought
about our first meet, what we will to do and what it will be the day
of our meeting. I was sleep just towards morning and after some hours
I wake up. I was going to the office of Western Union for pick up your
money. When I got it I was call a cab and going to airport. It was
long way and I go to sleep. I was dream that I am in the airplane and
I am arriving to you and you are waiting me with bouquet of flowers
there. And from this moment I wake up hearing terrible scream from
weels of braking a car. When I opened my eyes I see the glaringly
light of the sun, after a second I see a lorry under the us.
Taxi-driver tried to get a control, but we get a fatal blow. Our car
get a drift and we fall head over heels to the ditch. I get a blow by
my head and lose consciousness...

I was awaken in the hospital. I tried stand up and get a dismal pain
in my head. Some time later the doctor come to me and said that I have
a concussion of the brain. I said doctor that I need to go to airport
and I must fly today, but he hold me and said I need in additional
examine of my head to ascertain heaviness of my trauma. Doctor asked
me to give my documents for register and disclosed that my handbag was
absent. I save there my documents and money for trip.

Firstly I thought it was taken pesonnel of hospital, but when
policeman coming to the hospital disclosed that my handbad was stolen
by taxi-driver. He was guitly in the auto crash and he was hidden from
the place of crash.

The next day I was discharge from hospital and I was going to police.
I was came to examining policeman and he said that taxi-driver was
found. They found else my handbag and documents, but money was absent.
The taxi-driver was a gambler and he was losed a gib amount of money.
He wasn't suffer from the auto crash and when he take my handbag for a
profit. Policeman search taxi-driver and found just $250 USD and as
for remaining money, it was losed, when this guy tried win back.
Examining policeman said offender will get punishment, but he won't
able to pay back soon.

I was taken all my things and going to the airport to try postpone my
flight, but I was refused again. They said I won't able to get money
back and they won't change my ticket to other date cause it was
expire. At this time I was feeling heavy and I wasn't able to control
my emotion. I sit down and cry... I didn't know what can I do? I was
feeling divastated cause someone unknown to me was broken my future
and my dreams. I spent for it all my force but refused. I was crying
and can't stop...

Suddenly, someone touch to me. I was up my look and seeing Tatyana. As
I already said she is the inspector of Health Ministry and she is
responsible for me here in Moscow. Tatyana asked me what happen and
why I wasn't able to sit on my flight. I told she all what was happen
with me. Then Tatyana said don't worry so much the main thing is you
are living and as for other thing it will come true. She said she has
a good friend in Delta Airlines and he will help me. We was coming to
the Delta Airlines and after long talk Tatyana's friend helped. He
said I won't pay for new ticket full cost, but I will need pay tax in
10. It is usual tax for postpone flight. It was first success for a
two days. Of couse I was agreed and in next half hour I already have
new ticket. It will be the same flight on June 23. The time of my
arrival in Atlanta is 4:35 pm in your time.

Steve, I was paid tax in $115 USD and now I have just $135 USD, but
for get registration and the sanction in anti-immigration committee I
must to have $1000 USD. Steve could you help me again? I can't
believe that all this was happen with me, but it is truth. Steve I
don't know who will you react to these news, but I want to say you, I
was always honest with you and now I said you the truth. Please don't
leave me alone at this difficult point. I need in $865 USD and I hope
you will send it. I understand that it is big sum, but try to find it
someone, just for two days. I will pay it back as soon as we will meet
in airport. Send money to Tatyana Reshetnicova as soon as possible. I
will more carefully now, I promise. I won't spend a penny from this
amount for sure. I have so much difficult for come true my dream that
it will stupid if we won't to do it complete. Steve, I don't want to
ask you to do impossible things, I just want to meet you and spend my
vacation with you.
Steve, I rely on you, don't let me down.
Always Yours Katrina.

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beware the hand written signs with your name on it ,they give away scammers