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Khabarovsk Russia

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Well the prof was when I after a few weeks received exatly the same words as I have received from a different scammer before

from Shirlimirlimyau
date Fri, Jun 26, 2009 at 7:58 PM
subject Hi!

From: "Milashka W"
Date: Mon, November 27, 2006 07:32
Subject: hi
Dear Victim!

Thank for your letter. How your affairs today? I'm fine, my mood simply excellent. And in many respects it has risen that you have written to me today the letter which to me was interesting for reading. I very much like ours with you correspondence. And I am sure, that to you too was interesting to learn me more. I learn about you all new and new moments from your life. To me it is very interesting for learning about your past, about your present, about your ideas and feelings. I am sure, that we should continue our attitudes. I think, you will not object, if I name our correspondence by attitudes. In fact we know each about week, and I think, that we can name this term of dialogue by friendship. How you think?

You know Victim, I think you very clever and good the man. In my opinion, we have much in common. Your ideas are very similar to mine, we have similar values in life. Some things for us are bad, we appreciate the some people or we despise equally. I think, if we so are strongly similar, it will help us to construct strong friendship and further our friendship can turn to something the greater. Probably love. I want to be fair with you, now I test to you very strong sympathy, but not love. Because I think to grow fond of the person for such short period of correspondence it is impossible. Forgive me for frankness, but it so. Undoubtedly, you very much like me as the man, but while it only sympathy. That, let's develop our attitudes and we shall look, that will be farther. How you think, I am right?

I saw many cases when my girlfriends fell in love with men in the life, met them, but it were only fleeting short-term hobbies. After a while they left and cried and complained of destiny. But they were guilty. It is impossible to rush to a whirlpool with a head (as speak at us in Russia). It is impossible to be given completely to the person whom you know not so well. Before to get any attitudes it is necessary to understand and study the person, his habits and idea, his ideals and values, and only after that to make the decision – whether it is necessary for you such the man whether or not.

Only for this reason I do not want to hurry event, I want to learn you better, whether that can understand at us to be, something the greater. I hope, that after a while I can learn you enough to draw a conclusion. But you should me help with it. Those letters, that you write me, it is not simple words, it is a picture of your soul with which help I want to understand you. The understanding - that does not suffice us in this life. It is necessary for us now ….

I hope, that you will understand me, that you will make a correct conclusion of my words. I wait for your answer with huge impatience.

Yours for ever Anzhela