Scammer Galina Galina

29 / 24.02.1988

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My dearest!!! :) :*

How is your mood today, honey? I'm feeling nice, because I'm writing
this letter to you, my dear! When writing to you, I feel
better, no matter how hard my day was!:) I really feel like you might
be the one, who will make me the happiest woman, when we'll finally
find a way to be together! :) :*

I don't understand how could this happen, since we've met each other
not so long ago, but you became very close to my heart!:) I think I'm
falling in love and it's as wonderful as the first time!:):) Frankly,
I can't remember the last time when I was as happy as I am
now!:* I dream all the time about us together!:) How you hold me
in your hands, how we share passionate kisses, how we make love all
night long!!:) Ah, I wish so much my dreams to become real!!!!:)

There's nothing that I'm afraid of more, then of losing you,
my dearest! I respect you immensely, and I belive that I mustn't hide
anything from you! And that's why I need to share with a problem, that
inflicts not only me, but also our connection with you!... As I've
told you before, I work in our local photo salon as seller. That's a
great job, and I really enjoy it, but the times are hard, and the
quantity of clients is decreasing significantly. So my boss decided to
cut salaries of all the personnel by 30 percent!!:( So now, I only
have barely enough money for living! And it's really the most
difficult time in my life now! My dear, I'm very embarrassed to say
this, but I need your support very much! I use services of internet
cafe to contact you. It's just isn't affordable for me anymore!

My sweetheart, I can only rely on your help now to keep our
communication! There' no one other to help us in this situation, so if
I'm as important for you as you are for me, I hope you will help! I
really trust you!

Please let me know what do you think about it. I'm eagerly
waiting for your soonest answer! :* :* :* :* :* I miss you!

Sincerely, your Galina! :* :love:
Comment #140107

I am happy to write you my first letter and begin our frendship!!!:)

My name is Galina. I decided to look for love online because it is
really hard to find a serious and reliable man in my region!
I am Ukrainian lady, I am 29 years old. I still don't have my beloved man
near me to be happy and enjoy life together. I don't want to be
lonely anymore! As it is much better to feel the warmness of your second half,
to hug and kiss each other. I hope that you are the one who could change my life,
what do you think?:)

If you want to know me better, please, write me back!
Hope to hear from you soon!;):)

Best wishes
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scammer for sure at work here model pics
Comment #140230
I know this girl, her name is Christen Harper, and yes she's a US-based model. DEFINITE scam.