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Hello Jacopo
I am very glad, that you have written to me. I hope, that we shall find common language. I from Russia. I am 30 years. I interesting than you are engaged, what hobbies at you, what favorite kind of sports. I like to play volleyball, I like to run in the mornings. Sometimes go in competitions on running. Have you pets? I had cat, it was very beautiful. I have written, was, because it was lost. I for a long time experienced. I want to learn about your habits, about the last life. I live with mum and with my sister. My sister is more younger than me for two years. We very much are friends of my sister. Basically I have got acquainted with friends on section on volleyball.
I work the nurse in city hospital. It was at first very difficult, but has then got used. Now I like to work, look after there patients, to put injections. Every day you learn new of dialogue with them. By the end of the working day very strongly you get tired and then we with girlfriend go in inexpensive cafe where we drink beer. But I like to drink red wine, sometimes champagne. And what your favorite drink? I very much love mum and I like to help her on the house. As I work as the nurse have not enough time remains on rest. But when there come the days off, I am torn off completely.
I love flowers, is especial tulips, but most of all I like, when to me them give. I like to go shopping, buy stylish clothes, basically fitting because I watch the figure and it I have sexual. I like to eat sweet, basically a cake or a pie.
I want to learn about your country on more, where do you live. All life beautiful places in the world dreamed to go round all globe, in fact so much. In the childhood when I played volleyball, I dreamed to act with team in the different countries, but our school has broken up. But I still dream to see many beautiful places in world.
This little, that I wanted to tell about myself.
Best regards.

Letter 2

Hello Jacopo
I waited the answer. When I have received your letter at me at once have cheered up. I am glad that I have liked you. I very much want that we with you have constructed serious attitudes. I already for a long time have no the man and I would think that you could be mine the man, and I yours the woman. I wish to have family and the husband. You plan to have family and the wife?
I want to find man close to me as desirable. He will make me the happiest woman in the world. I look for a man, who will help me in a difficult minute by word or business. I want to create a family with him. I like strong man with kind soul. With such man my family will be happy. I want to live with him for a long time with happy, dividing happy and unhappy
I live in city Kansk. My city settles down in Krasnoyarsk region. It is located on left I protect the river Kan (inflow of Yenisei), in 247 kilometers to the east from Krasnoyarsk.
My city beautiful. In our city there are many trees, bushes, a grass. In the summer our city very beautiful. In the summer city Kansk becomes green. The population of city is made by 107.400 person. In the winter in our city it becomes cold also city becomes not beautiful. My city small.
I very much like to walk in the evenings with girlfriends. My favourite place where I like to walk it our most beautiful park. In the evenings there gathers many people which is borrowed with the business. It is pleasant to look at their happy persons. When I walk, I overlook about the work, on the problems. In the summer, a lot of time I spend on a beach. I very much like to sunbathe, bathe. At us in city the beautiful river. In the winter I sometimes ski, it is useful for health and betrays vivacity of spirit for long time. The winter at us cold and always is a lot of snow, therefore it is possible to find always where it is possible to drive on a ski.
I the sports woman, like sports. In rainy, boring evening I can read books, look films of a house. The help to mum to cook food. But most of all I like to play volleyball. But now I seldom play, because I work. But as soon as there is a free time and an opportunity, I go to play.
I wish you fine mood. I shall wait the answer.

Letter 3

Hello Jacopo!!!!!
How are you doing? I hope you have fine mood. I have fine mood because I have received your letter. I like to you to write letters when I write to you the letter, my mood rises.
Thanks for a photo, you have liked me also I hope our attitudes I shall grow with each new day.
I wish to tell to you about my work.
I work as the nurse in city hospital. I have finished medical institute. After institute I long time could not be employed. But for my mum in hospital works good familiar and due to her, me have employed in this hospital. In the beginning it was very difficult for me, you do not imagine to yourself. But the working collective appeared friendly, and I have quickly accustomed on a workplace. I remember, how first my patient has got to me. I should make to him an injection, and I very much was afraid. At me shivered hands, I was afraid to make an injection incorrectly. But when I have made him, the patient at all has not noticed it. I like to look after patients, to help them. Now I am very glad, that I here work, here good, amicable collective. I am fast with them have got acquainted. Only very strongly you get tired after the end of the working day. But my work brings to me a lot of pleasure, good mood. To have it is a lot of to communicate with different people. People are different. The some people are kind, but are also malicious. It is necessary to be able to find different approaches to patients. My girlfriends are glad for me, that I here work. When somebody from relatives will be ill, they of me ask him the help. I can put him an injection, give the necessary tablet. I am always glad the help to them. On work at me wake up parent feelings. Really, they as small children, behind them it is necessary to look after, tell kind words. All would be good, but to nurses pay in our city very little. It would be desirable to receive more. I work to not depend on mum that it was possible to take a walk with girlfriends go in cafe, in a cinema. It happens, that it is necessary to occupy sometimes money from mum, but I try to not do it. Work is pleasant to me.
I shall wait the answer!

Letter 4

Hello Jacopo!!!!
How are you doing? I hope you have fine mood. I have fine mood because I have received your letter. I always wait for your letters. To write to you letters to me delivers great pleasure.
I congratulate you on a holiday. I wish you to lead the days off well. Today on June, 1st, the first day summer. It is fine. But the present summer in our city will be only in July. But today too warmly and it is pleasant to me. In our city the summer happens only 3 months, I regret, because I very much love heat.
I liked names which you wish to give the boy and the girl. Very much it is pleasant to me the Italian names, they very beautiful. If to name children Russian names the boy can be named Alexander, the girl can be named Ekaterina. You like these names?
Certainly, I agree with you that in the future you have learned my family, my city where I live, have got acquainted with my friends. Also I think, you too could acquaint me with your relatives and with your city.
I wish to tell to you about my family.
I have the sister. My sister is more younger than me for 2 years. We with it in very good relations. I very strongly love it. We always help each other a difficult minute. Our mum loves both of us very strongly. We always help together to our mum. My sister works as the seller in shop. My mum has divorced from my father when I was still small. Sometimes we meet it, but I any more do not feel, that it my father. Me since the childhood did not suffice man dialogue and man support. But with you I think, that I shall receive that care and support which did not suffice me.
My mum works in library. It works there many years. Work very much is pleasant to it. I spoke it, that it from there would leave, because there pay a little, but it does not wish from to leave there. Speaks, that it very much likes to work there and the more so at us will difficultly get a job. It has read through many books for the life.
Thanks for a photo, it has very much liked me. I too send you I wash a photo, I hope to you it is pleasant.
I hope at you all well. I'm fine. I shall wait the answer.

Letter 5

Hello Jacopo
I very much like to correspond with you, I like to read your letters. When I see your letters my mood rises.
I very much like your attitude to me, I always dreamed about such the attitude to me. I am grateful to destiny for our acquaintance and glad that our attitudes grow every day and every day we become closer to each other.
Tell to me about your study at school. It will be interesting to me to know as you went to school.
In seven years I have gone to school. In Russia all children start to study since seven years. At school I studied well. At thinking was many girlfriends and friends at school. On a life I very sociable. Teachers at school of me liked and held up as an example to other pupils.
After leaving school also has decided to act in medical institute. In our city to act to study in medical institute very difficultly. I have successfully handed over three examinations and without problems have acted to study in medical institute. There it was very difficult to study. Every year deducted on three students. But I was very diligently the girl and I all time well studied. Tried to not shirk lessons. Training last 5 years. I have successfully passed the state examinations. After the termination of medical institute I was employed in local hospital.
I shall wait for your answer, I wish you fine mood.

Letter 6

Hello Jacopo!!!!
I hope at you all well, I want, that you always had fine mood. I always have fine mood after your letters. I want, that you always had fine mood after my letters.
It is very good, that you with friends have lead fine two days of days off. By your words I have understood, that to you was cheerful also all of you have well spent time.
It was pleasant to me, that you have told about me to your friends. I too regret, that could not be together with you and with you to spend fine time.
I never was in other countries of the world. I very much regret. But I always dreamed to visit many countries of the world and to see a lot of beautiful a place. But I would like to travel with the beloved and I very much would want, that it the man was you.
I never saw ocean and the sea in the life. It will seem to you strange, but it so. My dream to see sometime the eyes ocean or the sea. I heard about them much. There very beautifully and well.
Thanks for a photo. On a photo your friends?
I wish you all good. I shall wait the answer.

Letter 7

Hello Jacopo!!
I hope at you all well, I want, that you always had fine mood. I always have fine mood after your letters. I want, that you always had fine mood after my letters.
While I only have told about you to my sister and my mum. My family are very happy for me and wish me only happiness with you. I hope our attitudes will grow every day and as a result we can meet. To me with you it is very good.
Tell to me what films you you prefer to look and you prefer to listen to what music?
I love comedies. Basically I prefer the Soviet comedies. Earlier in our country were able to remove films. My favourite film " Kavkazskaya plennitsa, ili Novye priklyucheniya Shurika ".
I like to listen to music. Basically I listen to Russian music. As I like the western executors. They are able to compose music and to sing.
My favourite musical Russian group " Ruki Vverh ". It is very good group and it is pleasant to me. I always listen to their songs with pleasure. If we shall meet you that I shall necessarily allow you to listen to this group. You understand Russian?
I shall wait the answer, I hope you can soon answer.

Letter 8

Hello Jacopo!!!!
I am happy to receive your letter. When I see your letter, my mood rises also day it becomes better. I like to correspond with you and I always wait for your letters. I like your attitude to me, I always dreamed about such the attitude to me. I become seems to me every day happier. I am assured you respect with the woman and able to make the woman happy.
I understand you, that you too wish to speak by with me to phone, but understand me please, that I have no phone, and it is very complex to me to find phone. I know, it can seem to you strange, that I have no phone, but our city very poor, and many people I have no phone. All my friends and friends do not have phone. You forgive me and do not take offence.
In our city weather became warm. It is very good, because I love heat.
I very much like to read your words, thanks. To me too it is very good with you. You forgive me, but unfortunately I have no photo in the medical form. There can be later I can have such photo.
Certainly, I know that such a diabetes. You do not worry, I am done not frightened with your illness. All will be good. The doctor was right, that has told to you that you moved more. It is necessary for health. I hope you will obey your doctor. I have estimated your honesty under the attitude to me. Thanks!!! I too shall be with you always frank.
I very much like to prepare. I with the great pleasure prepare to eat. I very well am able to prepare to eat. I am very grateful to mum, in fact it me has learned to prepare to eat it. My favourite dish, is mashed potatoes with a cutlet.
If we shall meet you, I shall necessarily prepare you the firm Russian dish.
Thanks for a photo.
I wish you fine mood. I shall wait the answer.

Letter 9

Hello Jacopo!!!!
How are you doing at mine the beloved? I Hope you have fine mood. I have fine mood. I always have fine mood, to me I am rather good also is happy. I still never was such happy, but you have changed my life in the best party. Now I wake up since morning with a smile on the person, in the evening before a dream I think of you and I represent you beside with me.
Unfortunately in ours the Internet-cafe to us forbid to call by phone. Yes, in our hospital there is phone, but it is forbidden to us to call not on business. If learn, that I spoke by phone with you, to me can clean from hospital. You understand my situation and do not take offence at me. I wish to speak by with you to phone, but is not possible yet.
I agree with you that we cooked food by turns. I like your idea.
My girlfriends speak all to me I has changed, I constantly smile. My mum and the sister too speak I there was another. I answer all that all these fine changes occur owing to you mi amor.
I send you I wash a photo, I hope it is pleasant.
I wish you fine mood. I shall wait the answer and to think of you.


Hello Jacopo!!!!
How are you doing? I'm fine. Mood at me fine. Yesterday I badly slept. Yesterday to us on a visit send my aunt with the uncle. Our family already for a long time did not see the aunt with the uncle. I sat with our visitors till 1:00 p.m. Then I have gone to sleep, but could not fall asleep because all talked very loudly, music played. I have fallen asleep only in 2 hours and already in 6 mornings I had to rise. I today awfully am am hurted with a head, but I think all will be fast well. When I have received your letter, to me at once it became good. Your letters and words really cheer up.
It will be good, if we can meet in the future. It is pleasant to me, that you wish to arrive to my city and is ready to make a long and dangerous trip. I too would want, that you have arrived to my city. In our city there is an airport, but it is not international. It is possible to do flight of our city only up to Moscow. And from Moscow it is already possible to depart to any country of the world. The close international airport to be in the city of Krasnoyarsk.
Also I very much wished to visit your city, to learn your city that you have shown your sights.
I need to be near to you, to feel heat of your body, tenderness of your hands, to feel your stupefying smell, to thaw in your embraces, to feel taste of your kisses. I had a necessity to fall asleep and wake up near to you, to caress you and to understand that to you pleasantly that I do.
Now I cannot present, how I could so long to live without you?! And how to live in general without you? Still never, before acquaintance to you, I could not feel heat and pleasure in a shower only that a number is someone who can simply sit and look at you, iron on a head or embrace, and to ask nothing, about what to not ask.
I would like to be pleased together with you when at you all is good, to long, when something is impossible, to feel the necessary person in your life. You - the most good, light, kind, that happen with me lately. No. Not so. Not lately, and in general in my life.
Favourite if suddenly will cease to burn the Sun - you to heat me better it. If suddenly stars to hide for the Moon - you will manage to present me such romanticism which and has not dreamed them. Believe to me, Favourite, only with you Stars and Oceans smile to us the Sun. And when we shall be together, no elements will separate us. Because we with you - strong elements from all elements.


How are you doing? I hope all well. I have bad news. I cannot write to you some days. Our Internet-cafe is closed for some days for technical reasons. There can be on June, 12th I can write to you. I shall think of you. You do not worry, I shall write at once as soon as I can.


Hello my dear Jacopo!!!!
How are you doing? I hope you have fine mood. I today have fine mood because you have written to me. Your letters always cheer up. I always wait for your letters and when I see your letter, to me becomes warm on a shower. Yesterday my sister has brought home interesting film. It was film of horrors. I liked that film. Film referred to " The puppeteer ". You looked this film. This film already old, but I it did not look. My sister works in shop on sales DVD and CD and consequently my sister can often take free of charge films home. But the most important that about it director of shop has not learned. I heard, that at my sister very strict director. My sister values work, but pay very few money. But it is a trouble at Russia. In our country very much many people, earn very few money.
After that film, I could not fall asleep long, to me I was terrible also regretted, that you are not present beside. You would calm me, the truth?
In our city there is an airport. You are right, simply our airport can be not included in the Internet. Our airport is not international. Flights only from Kansk up to Moscow. Also in our city there is a hotel.
Unfortunately in ours the Internet-cafe is not available web camera. Our Internet-cafe is equipped by bad computers and much is not available in our computers. I hope you you will understand our problems and we unfortunately cannot see you by means of web camera.
I Christian. I sometimes want in church, but it happens seldom. I go on holidays. I know, that I should go to church often. It is my minus. You go to church?
I wish to have family, children. I wish to marry. I live for family.
I to a regret, that you have an allergy. I hope all will be fast well.
You know, still yesterday I have been sad and firmly convinced that at me was not and there are no chances. Today I had a hope - as though someone зажег a tiny spark in the end of the long and dark tunnel, and to these "someone", certainly, there was you.
To you spoke, what you are a wizard, can work wonders?! If is not present, I speak it to you. I write to tell to you the one and only word: "Thanks". Thanks for that person which I became, owing to you; thanks for a happy smile and shine in opinion of which now do not descend from my person; thanks for those things on which you have opened to me eyes - in a word, thanks THAT YOU are available!
I wish you fine mood. I shall wait the answer and to think of you.


Hello Jacopo!!!
Today I have the day off. I like to have a rest, I like to have a rest. Today I have many affairs. It is necessary to make the order of the house, to clean a dust, to wash dirty clothes. I like to do the order and to be cleaned at home. It gives pleasure to me. I love when houses the order and cleanliness.
Actually I write now not because I wish to open before you all the cards that is why, that I need to splash out the feelings overflowing me! Otherwise I can is simple go mad of an overabundance of love to you (I know, anybody from it did not die, but, probably, I can become the first!). The head is overflown by ideas on you, you everywhere and always with me beside, not looking at all on the kilometers dividing us. The some people name it marasm - that someone constantly represents near to itself someone and cannot without similar ideas. But I consider it as one of the greatest achievements as you have learned me to stability, to a constancy - I began myself for it more to respect! In fact however many there was around of me admirers, friends, friends and the strangers, drawing my attention, all priorities are all the same given only to you! And I can do nothing with myself. I cost above it as a beside with me YOU cost!!!!!!!!!!
In fact despite of everything - thunder-storms, a tsunami, hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding, fires - my love to you gets stronger day by day!!!
I am afraid of nothing, to me any barrier while in my life is are not terrible!!! I shall tell even more: YOU Also are my LIFE! Therefore, if suddenly you will leave me, you will take away with yourself all me and you will take away my life, in fact the sense in it does not become, therefore I wish TO LIVE.


Hello dear Jacopo!!!
How are you doing? I hope at you all well. I'm fine, I have mood fine.
I regret, that you could not find the information on my city. But I hope you you can find. You already solve, what you will travel to my city? You Know, I too would wish to meet you in your city. You know, I never was in other country and I always dreamed to visit. We could meet in your country? For me it would be much easier to arrive in yours city.
I send you a photo, I hope to you it is pleasant.
I without you cannot!!!!! YOU the most dear that at me are, the most native and unique! EXCEPT FOR YOU NOBODY is necessary to me!!!!!! I at all do not know as you tell THAT I CAN not WITHOUT YOU!!!!! THAT I LOVE you!!! I shall wait while you too will understand it! My SUN YOU to me are dear AS ANYBODY ANOTHER!!!!!
In fact you do not represent, as I love you! And every day I wake up, only with an idea of this on you. I so want, that you have cleaned all fears that live in me and have whispered to me gently, that you will not leave me, that we shall be together unseparable, that we shall be together - You and I.
I shall wait the answer and to think of you.


Hello dear Jacopo!!!!
I was happy to receive your letter. Mood at me fine. Today I have met the girlfriend. I was very glad to see my girlfriend. We did not see my girlfriend very long, has passed 5 years after our last meeting. We together studied in one institute, in one group and have together stopped to study. My girlfriend now lives in the city of Irkutsk. Now my girlfriend has arrived to us to city on work. We talked very long. I like to communicate and joke. We have promised each other that we again still shall meet in the future. My girlfriend has strongly changed, has grown, became the business woman. Unfortunately I have no photo with my girlfriend, I would show you.
I agree with you completely, that it will be better, if we shall meet in my city, you can get acquainted with my family. You present the man and me are very good with you. I hope soon you you will receive the answer from agency and we can start to prepare for our meeting. I cannot believe, that we can soon meet. It will be fine.
I dream to look long in your eyes and to fall in them, I shall want to touch your hand only to me it to allow, I shall want to put hands on your shoulders only to it to occur, I shall want to embrace you, to nestle on your body and to cover eyes, catching seconds of pleasure as it is pleasant, I shall necessarily want to kiss you. What for I deceive you and, I in fact for a long time want it, and I write what I dream, you guessed it?
I wish you fine mood. I shall wait the answer and to think of you.

Hello my dear Jacopo!!!!!
I was happy to receive your letter. How are you doing? I have fine mood because I have received your letter. Yesterday I with my girlfriends went to a bar. We very much for a long time were not in a bar and consequently we were glad to meet all together. We sat very cheerfully, talked, joked. Yesterday together it wanted to all of us to drink a champagne and consequently yesterday we drank a champagne. I like to drink a champagne. You like to drink a champagne? Then after cheerful evening we have a little more taken a walk on our streets. After walk I have gone home. At home I have still watched TV and have laid down to sleep. While I fell asleep I thought of you.
I hope soon you all learn about a trip and we can meet in August. I have already warned my family, that soon you will arrive to my city. My family will be very happy with you to meet and get acquainted. I too very much wait our meeting.
You are not right, in our city there is an airport, but it is not international. Your friends were right, that for you the trip will be very dangerous and long. But I hope all it will be good. You should know Russian words a little even. It is necessary, because in Russia nobody knows English language.
To me it is very good with you. More nobody is necessary to me. You for me all. Thanks, that you are available for me. You my pleasure I think of you constantly, I adore you, I want you, I go mad. I very much love you, road!!! You so well understand me as anybody another
Know I is infinitely grateful to you. For your support at present you relatives for me the person. Such soft, gentle, kind, more soon to touch you, to look in eyes. Very much it I want. Too many pains to you should be gone through, and I too have not enough, but if we shall be together we shall try to forget all. I hope at all of us the most important will turn out - to trust that all will be good. I shall be possible cares of you? To give you tenderness? Only I ask do not do to me painfully. Too many pains has born, you understand me the darling? Kiss you it is gentle.
Yours Svetlana


Hello my love Jacopo!!
How are you doing? I was glad to receive your letter. Today I have fine mood. I do not know why, but at me today very good mood. I today have woken up very much early. I usually hard wake up since morning, I would like to sleep, lay in a bed. In the days off I and do, but in the working days to me to have to rise quickly because it is necessary to make a lot of prophetic before work. It to fill bed, to wash, make to itself a breakfast. For work I leave usually in 7:30 mornings and I come for work approximately at 7:50. Yesterday I have late laid down to sleep, approximately in 3 mornings I have fallen asleep. I looked TV and could not fall asleep. But you do not experience with me all well.
Thanks you that you have appeared in my life! You - the best, that could present me destiny! Thanks, for all fine seconds which you give me. You do me happy every day with you brings pleasure! I very long searched for your eyes, your smile, but anybody, nobody could make that you have made. You have presented me a life, heart beat is possible only near to you. It is fine, when beside light two stars; ah, so it is pleasant to look at them, they shine much more brightly. It is fine, when two flowers grow beside, on them are pleased, and they smell sweet more strongly. But as it is fine, when beside two loving cost! They shine more brightly stars, smell sweet is more sweet than colors; if we shall meet I shall be happy.
As you are far from me, nevertheless I feel you as close as though I pressed you to heart. As I am far from you, I know, that you feel my heat in your soul.
I wish you fine mood. I shall wait and think of you.


Hello my love Jacopo!!
Today I very much would not like to rise from a bed. I would like to lay and think of you. I always when I wake up, start to think of you. I do not like to wake up early. But it is necessary to rise early. In our room in the mornings happens very coldly. When in the street it is cold and in a room too coldly that would not be desirable to rise from a warm, soft, fluffy bed. I think you understand me. Certainly I would like, that you laid beside with me. When I was small, always my mum awoke me since morning. Came to me to a room and awoke. I was necessary to mum very difficultly because I very strong sleep. You strong sleep. Earlier, in the childhood I very quickly fell asleep. You quickly fall asleep? As you start to recollect, how was good when was small, there were no problems, not cares. About what did not experience. You wish to be small again? I very much would wish to become small again. You were heard parents when was small? I obeyed mum. But certainly sometimes I could make not correct that is not pleasant to my mum. Now I understand as it was heavy to my mum with me and my sister. But now I adult and you will make nothing, such life at us.
When I look at your photo, I would like to cry, because I cannot embrace, kiss you. I shall always wait for our first meeting because I very strongly love you. I have grown fond of your country because you there live. At us all will be just fine. I always shall be near to you. I plan every second our first meeting. Probably, when I shall see you, I cannot tell to you words, and you will press me to yourself, will embrace, will kiss, as you always dreamed. Nobody can prevent to us. I and never shall give you to anybody. Without you my life anything. Time without you runs very slowly.
I wish good luck, I shall wait the answer and to think of you.


Hello love Jacopo!
I am very happy to receive your letter. How are you doing? I'm fine.
Last night I looked an interesting comedy. In film showed one man which did all not correctly and nothing turned out. There was very much a laughter. I very much laughed at the sister. My sister too liked a comedy. I in general very much like to look comedies. It is my favourite genre of cinema.
I shall wait for your news about a trip. Hope we can soon meet. It will be fine, if you can arrive to my city. I then hope can arrive in yours city. I very much would wish to visit your city.
I too near to you shall be happy. More likely to meet to us.
I yet do not know when you will arrive to me and consequently I cannot tell precisely, I shall work or I shall not be. Only later I can tell about it.
My working day begins with 8 mornings and comes to an end in 17 one o'clock in the evening. I can sometimes work and at night. I reach work on foot. My work to be not far from my house. I work from Monday till Friday.
The darling my, native, unique! Thanks you that you at me are! As it is sick and it is insulting that we are far apart. This foolish distance! As I hate it. You know in the evenings happens so alone and painfully. Heart is reduced from melancholy. I trust that we shall be together. It is necessary to wait only. I am grateful to you for your support, that you have learned me to wait, that owing to you at me something has changed inside has learned to be more constrained (though it not always at me turns out).
I at you have learned much. Has learned to trust. You are necessary to me. I so would like to look infinitely in your eyes, kiss your gentle lips and to speak That I Love You Native!
Yours Svetlana

Letter 20

Hello my love Jacopo!
I am very happy to receive your letter. How are you doing? I'm fine.
It is very good, that you have received the full information on travel to my city. Means, you will arrive to my city on August, 4th. Very well. I shall start to prepare for our meeting. You will be in what hotel? Tell to me the name?
In August in our city still warmly, approximately + 10 degrees. It will be cold in the evening, approximately + 5 degrees.
Yes, you will require the Russian dictionary because in Russia nobody knows English language and you should communicate only in Russian. But when you will be with me, you can not worry for dialogue. I shall translate you all words in Russian.
Believe to me and to my words YOU are necessary to me, you my support and I hope and will be. My dear it for you, close and far mine the man. Thanks that you is on the Earth!
I so am grateful to destiny, I am ready to speak it one million times a day "thanks" that it has presented me you. To us this distance which is between us, it not a barrier is not terrible to be together! I hope soon we shall a number, together only I and you! I love you above all, you are necessary to me as air. You mine and only mine, I shall give you to nobody!
I wish you fine mood. I shall wait the answer!!!

Letter 21

Hello my dear Jacopo!
I am happy to receive your letter. Your letters always cheer up me. I always wait for a free time or the termination of the working day that go to the Internet-cafe more quickly and to write to you the letter. At me at once cheers up if I see your letter. When you write me letters? After work either before work or in current of the working day? I write to you basically after work or when I have a dinner.
yesterday I in library where my mum works has taken to itself the interesting book. I like to read books in the evenings. Constantly to watch TV undereats. In books always a lot of interesting. When you read many books, I think the person it becomes cleverer. It is useful to read the book. You like to read the book? You have much read through books in your life? My mum has read through books for a life much. My mum works in library if you do not know and during free time from work my mum constantly reads books.
It is very good, that at you almost all is ready for travel. It will be unusual, if we can meet in my city. I wish to tell to you that you were very cautious in Russia because there are many cases of robberies of foreign people in trains of Russia.
I give you my full name: Svetlana Ivanova.
My home address: Russia, city Kansk, street Lomonosova, 58, an apartment 25, 663610.
You are right, poka poka, means hello.
I adore you and this the most important, main in my life!
I very much want, that we were together. Having weighed all pro and contra, I have come to conclusion, that without you simply there is no sense in this life! You, my darling, for me as an oasis in desert of my soul, lighting up the existence this pity world. But on the other hand not we owners of our destiny, and it is simple those whom it plays as wants, and only it is imperous to solve that to be and what to change and start up against a watercourse of a life. I can now I sit and I think of you as you sleep in the bed, slightly snuffling. I up to madness wish to appear during this moment with you and is simple побыть together, to inhale a smell of your hair, and to touch your neck, slightly it biting. You even cannot present yourself how often to dream, that I wake up at our place and I think, how the world, when you beside with me is fine. You have filled my life with sense, I have understood, that I live and I breathe to be only with you, and only with you.
But now we yet together, but I know, that we necessarily shall meet, it is necessary to wait a little only!
I wish you fine mood. I shall wait the answer and to think of you.

Letter 22 The last one

Hello my love Jacopo!
How are you doing? How your mood? Today I have woken up early. I wished to sleep, but I needed to wake up early because affairs have collected many. I today did the order of the house, wiped a dust, prepared to eat to mum and the sister. My sister likes to sleep long. Yesterday my sister has come late home, there were already 3 o'clock in the morning. I do not know where my sister walked. I have not had time to ask yet. When I shall come home, I learn where there was my sister yesterday at night. I like to help mum on the house, on a facilities. My sister too likes to do the order of the house, to prepare to eat. I am grateful to my mum for our education. I think my mum have given excellent education to me and the sister.
It is interesting, that in Italy the woman who has as at me a name and a surname works. Yes, in Russia my name very popular.
Thanks for a photo. These all dream are in my city. I hope you we can soon see all these beautiful dream and much still another.
You have correctly understood all, in our city very coldly. From Italy you will depart in shorts and a T-short, and in my city the winter clothes is required to you.
i love you. I cannot live without you. Sometime I loved so? No. I have met you and you have understood that my destiny. You have felt heart what. You not such as all. You fair, tender, clever, good. Kind and ridiculous, interesting and close. Mine the beloved, I would give all, that though only for a minute to admire you at present. At us all will turn out. I am assured. Well here, I write and I think of you. I love!
Yours Svetlana

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Letter 2

I was booking flight and hotel to go and meet her, but I make a check; she do no exixt in Kansk, or better she is not the girl she said; at the address she give me lives other people and no one in that street knows her. Some photos used are already in this site. After a request of explanations, she never give me an answer. Her IP address origin was in South Korea, not in Russia