Scammer Svetlanusya / Svetlanuska Svetlanoka Svetlana

Svetlanusya / Svetlanuska Svetlanoka Svetlana

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How do you do? Paul It is my pleasure to hear back from you and I'm just so lucky to have received your response.Hope you were also looking forward to getting my letter.
Apologies, my dear friend, for such a late e-mail, but I was extremely busy here. I'd like to take this letter and tell you a little bit more about my daily routine
and my attitudes.First input, mostly general. I originate from Russia,Omsk.I am 32 y.o..I have been living separately to my parents for about 5 years.Whoops,
wanted to tell you to not judge a lot my faults in English, I tend to get better when communicating to you [gogle translite also helps].Well,My birthday is on September 11.
I am not a very tall lady, just 172 cm but it is pretty enough.I have lived in Omsk for my entire life.I have graduated from local University in medicine, so this lets me say that
I've spent 18 years at school and in university, which is a very normal life for Russian Federation.They teach us English at school and then, as a doctor, I also had to study it.
What else, my dear friend?Mmm,I worked as the second surgeon in a small medical centre.I really love my work as it makes people feel better.
Maybe one day I will be a self-standing surgeon, this is my hope. I particularly like handling people with handicap, which may sound silly but you have no idea how aspiring
the researches in this field are! my dear friend do you consider this a valid dream?As I am a promising doctor and my English is above the average,
I was fortunate to receive a scholarship for training in in the United States. I'm very proud of myself. If all is fine, I might stay in the USA as an associate doctor
to a local surgeon and this will give me the opportunity to stay. It will be great to see US cities after Omsk!What impresses me more, is that your country so easily
offer these scholarships to foreigners. We don't have many opportunities in Russia. I think, at some point you may want to know why I even wrote you. Well,the answer is simple.
I'm about to live in the country where I have no friends or colleagues yet,so I thought it might not be a bad idea to get to know someone and eventually meet for a coffee somewhere.
So yes, this is all. As you can see, I love writing long letters}. Hope you did not get bored.Have a nice day!Look forward to your reply,Svetlana!!!!

Svetlanusya / Svetlanuska Svetlanoka
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I have just received a new email from a young lady calling her self Svetlana email address the photos attached are the same as this young lady.
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I have also just started communication with her....not to sure which is the best course of action....any suggestions other than not answering ??
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Diese Frau hat mir heute Morgen zwei Email mit unterschiedlichen Namen gemailt.
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