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Good day to you ! I'm so excited because of our on-line communication! My mind is flying in clouds and I can not catch it:)) Maybe it is flying to you?)))

Really, I do not feel this distance that separates us and for some reason it seems to me that you are so close to me! That's great! And i love sharing things with you! And it's pleasant to me if you do the same because I would feel then that you have opened to me and opened your heart to me. And it is very important. I have been always thinking that any relationship should be based on openness and honesty, do you agree? And that is what I'm looking for here - try relationship. Anyway, we are having lots of time to discuss what we want from our future, yes? And I hope that maybe we will make some mutual plans!;)

I do not want to scare you off by talking about a relationship, but I'm 27 years old already and it's time for me already to settle. As any girl I dream about happy family. I should tell you that I was married already, but it wasn't a story with a happy end. After 1 year of marriage I found out that my ex is cheating me with my best friend. Such a story. Well, I didn't even find out, she has just came to me one day and told me that "you know, Masha, I'm in love with your husband and we are having sex sometimes", so such news... I talked to him, he didn't lie and said it was true. Stupid situation, really. So, we divorced. It was around 2 years ago. Also, after I learned that some time before our wedding, my ex husband and ex girlfriend were seeing each other for some time, can you imagine? But then he "fell in love" with me. While she had another boyfriend for all these time. Really, I do not like to remember all these, but I thought that i need to tell you.

So, now I live with my Granny and with my brother. My parents died in a car crash when i was a little girl. So, me and my brother were brought up by our Granny. She was a school teacher and now she is retired, of course. My brother is older than me, but he is not married yet. He works as a policeman. Also, I have a cat, Barsik, he is so very lovely and cute! My brother found him at the street when he was little. He was lost.

O.K., then I'll attach the photo and continue working,
Also, I'm sending many kisses to you;)