Scammer Olga Brel Olga Olg

Olga Olg
Gomel ski / vasilevichi area
vasilevichi belarus
Elenas models

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Comment #139673
Had made contact with Olga E2147606657 July 7 /17 on elenas models ..she contacted me EOI ...We emailed for several months ...she never asked for money or a tragic story ...I got a Belarus visa and was going to visit her from sept 15 to oct 2 /17 ...arrived in Belarus on the 15 of sept ....olga rented a small car for 55 usd a day ...I paid her for 5 days ... rented a small apartment for 5 day s which I paid cash 100 a day usd .... on the sept 16 th we went to a bank IDEA Bank and withdrew cash from the bank teller ....looking at my credit card statement $5000 can dollars was withdrawn off my visa card .....I didn't even realize it was that much ?? we were going to stay at her grandmothers on the 19 th ...we had to get train tickets , buy cat food for the grandmothers cats , which came out to 435 rubles ...which she told me I had to pay ... which I did ...they were going to have a party with her parents and friends for we are leaving shopping mall , she wants another 700 rubles to buy something else.... I said no to her .... she said you can go back to Canada .... she drove me to the taxi station ...paid 1000 rubles for a one way trip back to minsk airport.... that was on late afternoon of the 18 th.... that's when I found out olga was suspended by elenas on the 16 th of sept... I caught a flight out on the 19 th at 6 am in the morning back to Frankfurt ...looking at my visa statement Oct 15 th /17 ....I was basically robbed by her ,,,,didn't even know it was that much money in rubles...Ending comment ...I will not be jaded or bitter towards the Belarus people ...I know they are hardworking and honest people there also...... warning to other people to watch out for this person....sincerely keith
Comment #151076
I had almost the exact same scam, but from a girl Daria, age 38 in Gomel.
Comment #151077
Same overcharge for car and apartment. Same ripoff at bank. Also same story about buying cat food for grandmother. Same party with friends and family that I did not go to because of return cab screwup