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Hi my friend !!!
Today, for me, the great fortune, your letter and my mood was to see to 100 percent increase!!! :)
For me it is very pleasant that you write to me and you give me the attention.
You don't do as I is glad that you responded to my humble letter!!!!!
It was very pleasant to me to see yours a picture and you are very interesting to me, I wish to continue to have with you dialogue further!
And to me is very interesting really to read your letter., Because we are also our first letters not yet known to be noticed in the long.
However, the acquisition of the new friend this already big event in the life. This is new to me, because I get to know the man according to the Internet for the first Time.
You know, I'm working on now I in the branches of the sales of economic engineering in the small firm in the city.
My job at work, "the Manager of a trading hall" where do I sell the home technology (TVs, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, irons and other Goods).
My work to me, and like me, is always responsible at work.
We have very difficult to find in the city, a few good work this time, I could not find in the course of a long time work in my city!!!
But the time passed and I found work in this company.
The city of Arkhangelsk not so big, I like my city very much, and always I will like. I lived here for a very long time, and now it is my home!
To be my city in the distance of 1300 kilometres from Moscow!!! My city of Arkhangelsk is located on the shores of the White sea!!!
Although I seem to you wrote about in the previous letter.
You know, I was in other country. I traveled only by Russia. I will be very glad if you will tell about the city. About your country!
I will try more to tell about my city, so you know my homeland.
I work from 9:00 to 16:00. How many hours in a day, you working on?
I want to know more about you, because to me our acquaintance is very pleasing!!!
If to speak honest, I behind the help to the Internet to find turned the second half.
The man with whom I can build up the beautiful history of love. The serious relationships. In General my intentions to find the love very serious.
Since I am already a long time without the second half. And the most important for the people to find the second half.
And to recognize the love present., Because the present love this brightest and pure feeling on the earth.
To not freeze to death because of the love that is the only heat and the fire, in this cold world.
Understand these words I has tried to describe all that what to be with me on the soul.
It is my inner world, my secrets and my deepest desires. I tell very few people about it and now I don't know why I chose you to tell.
If it be the first steps of our acquaintance with you. You know now, if I was you, write this letter to me, and not so lonely and sad easier.
But you are not only my inner world, but also likely to be interesting as I my life interests look.
Gradually, I'll tell you all about my life, but from you I want to recognize all about your life.
I searched for a long time the companions of life and felt very lonely these days.
I want to live the man, with whom the very find, to hold and love peace!!! And I am now happy that I have such a beautiful friend like you!
You know, I always tried, in the soul all the best to keep, and even no one has said for life in the rough word!
It is very important that the man respected the woman, and I, if I'm going to live with the man necessarily a beautiful second half!!!
Everyone is looking for love!!! It's the year, it is the day, but the love is supposed to be the most important Detail in every family!!!
Do you think also?
I'm a little sad, but I should end this letter now, but I'll write to you tomorrow. Also write to me in reverse. I wait your letter very much!!!
And also I will be very happy to see your photo !

Sincerely your new friend Natalia!!!