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Hello! It is nice to meet you!
My name is Ekaterina. I am 29. My star sign is Aries. My height is 167 and weight is 52 if you are interested)). I am from Lugansk, Ukraine.
I have a good example of a happy family with a foreign man as my friend has married one. So I decided to try my luck too)))
As for me being here I am seriously looking for a true friend in life and I hope our friendship will grow into love for each other and our love and friendship will last forever. I am a person who has a good sense of humor, I like to joke around a lot. I am a quiet person and can be shy until I get to know someone. I am a caring and thoughtful person. I am also passionate and very affectionate, I love to cuddle and be cuddled. I also can be very romantic with the right person in my life. I seldom get mad or excited about anything. I always try to get along with everybody. I don't judge people at all either. I am looking for someone who has a good sense of humor, likes to have fun, and don't take life serious all the time. Someone who is beautiful inside is the main thing for me. Someone who is happy with being himself all the time, and someone who is happy with himself. I am looking for someone who is passionate, very affectionate, is open minded and loves romance in the relationship. Do you like lots of romance? I also believe for a relationship to work both have to be open and honest with each other all the time. Both have to be committed and faithful to each other. Both must be willing to sit down together to discuss issues that come up calmly to work them out. I don't believe in fighting or arguing at all in a relationship. That's no way to dissolve a situation that comes up. I do also believe in love and to me love has to come naturally from the heart for two people to be together. Love does not happen overnight, it happens after a period of time when two people are together as friends. Then as they get closer together they will start feeling love for each other. Love can’t be rushed either, love has to happen naturally from the heart in the relationship for it to work and last. I also don't believe money is the most important thing in a relationship either. I believe family values and love are the most important things in a relationship. I believe that people who marry for money are just looking for a marriage of conveyance and not love at all. Without love in a marriage, it’s not marriage at all, it’s just two people being together for the conveyance of each other and I don't want that at all. Want someone who will love me as much as I will love him back, have a house full of love for each other all the time no matter what.
What are you expecting from relationship? What is important for you in your woman? How would you describe yourself in several words?
Please, tell me more about you and send me your photos.
I wish you a nice day and wait for your reply.
Warmly, Ekaterina.
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Hello, my darling! Thank you for your letter.

I like you very much and I feel that we will be happy together. I want to start doing something concerning our meeting. I can't wait to be with you and I want to make at least first step to be closer to our meeting. I was in the travel agency before work today and asked what I need for my trip to Poland or any other EU country. And so they told me that I need to apply for anew type of passport. It is a biometric passport and it allows to travel to EU countries without visa. So it is important for me to apply for it beforehand so when we agree on dates I have it ready. I need to pay 250 euro to apply for my passport papers. So it includes all expenses for my passport. Honey, please can you help me to pay for my passport as I don't have any savings at the moment and I need to apply for it now to have it ready before our meeting. It is cheaper when you plan trip beforehand than closer to the date. So I hope you can help me. If you wish you can contact the agency who will work with my papers for passport and you can pay for my passport directly to them. Their e-mail is I left them my information. My full name is Ekaterina Xinkiladze.
Honey, I wish you a nice day and wait for your reply soon.
Kisses, your Ekaterina