Scammer Olya unknown Olya

+380 66 197 5124
Kulynychi / Ukraine

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that girl is definitley a scamer, i don't know what goals she has because i found out she is a scamer before. she sent me a piture in front of a fridge and told me thats at her parents home, if i zoomed in i saw there are a lot pictures of her where she was naked or in underwear, that made me misstrustful and i did a reverse image search, one image brang me to an escort site in kiev and another to an social network profile of a russian boxer.

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theyre all scammers none are genuine .its a big industry in Russia and ukraine
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Hi, my dear ,
Thanks for your letter and for your photos, I am excted to get to know you closer and to have a chance to discover each other more profoundly...) I am looking for a man to create happy and harmonic relationship together, which - who knows, probably may lead to being a family in the future, the one, who will have not necessarily the same circle of interests with me, because, I believe it is exciting to get to know something new and to become familiar with different outlooks and points of view... but for the one, who will be at the same wavelength with me and with whom I can maintain strong emotional strings..)

My dear , I am also a romantic woman, and for me, small signs of attention such as small kisses, touches and hugs, holding hands are very important. I think it shows the real devotion of partners in a couple, and for me, it means sometimes even more than intimacy, as for me, this is the real intimacy - emotional strings to a person... If I am emotionally attached to my man, I am sure it would lead us to wonderful sex... for me the most important thing in relations is emotional strings to a person...

I wish to tell you something about me and my life for you to have the first impression of me:) I work as a receptionist in the beauty saloon, and it provides some beauty services, such as nail design, spa, sunbed, etc. I think tanning is not very healthy, although it produces the vitamin D in our body and also, saves us from getting into depression and the feeling of sadness. Scientists have proved that feeling blue for a long time can be caused by the lack of sunshine, can you imagine it? But I also warn the girls about using the sunbed in moderation, because staying there for too long can cause the skin cancer. My boss doesn’t like me talking to people this way, but I think it is more important to warn, about the possible danger. I also use the service of our sunbed, for the personnel it is free and sometimes it’s so nice to relax there with just my walkman on when my shift is over..) I attach the photo at my reception desk for you here, my dear :)
I also have a dog, gold retriever, he is still a baby and we are great friends! I take him to go for a walk in the morning and in the evening after work, too, and it is a nice cardio for me, an the good beginning and end of the day:)
I will be happy to talk to you and to get to know us closer, and I am sending you my phone number in case you are in a mood to talk, feel free to call me..)
+38050 867 80 42