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Hello dear !
How are you doing?
I am happy to get another letter from you! Thank you for your picture!
I hope it’s going somewhere. I have a feeling we might fall in love. How is your day going on? Is everything alright on your side? I always start my day with cup of tea with milk. Kind of English but really its very Ukrainian or Russian way to drink a tea. Maybe we took this idea from English people maybe they took it from us. I am not sure! I really love black tea with milk and cookie as a breakfast. What about you? What you like to eat for breakfast? I might even make it for you one morning! Anyway I did not tell you about my job much so I think you might have interest what I do at work. As you know I work as shop assistant. I sell clothes for women and kids. I love my job very much! This is not that job I was thinking I would do when I was at university. But I still absolutely love it! I tell you why. It’s very simple. Every day I help dress up for women and kids. I love when moms come with little girls. Girls want to wear same clothes as mummy. And I have something to offer for them. We have dresses for women and same dresses for little girls. That’s so adorable when mummy and daughter dress same way. At those moments I always think that I would love to have a daughter myself. I think have the most girly job ever. What could be more girlish them dress up girl? Well maybe doing make up. But make up it’s my hobby so I do both! I think every person should have a job which actually a hobby. So you would not work a day in your life! You would just enjoy doing things you love and get paid for it! Every day I enjoy working at the store and I love meeting new people. Of course I have lots of women who came to my store on regular basis. And I see their kids growing older and they are dressing up in my store. I proud of my job. Because clothes its second skin. Good outfit making person more comfortable and give you a confidence in yourself. Do you agree? What clothes you prefer to wear? What clothes you prefer me to wear? I have lots of nice dresses and outfits. I can wear new out fir on each date! I am sure you would love that! I am looking forward for your next letter darling. Yours Anna