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Hello, dear ! It's a pleasant surprise to get your reply as it
seems you are interested in me as I'm interested in you:) Thanks a lot
for all that information you've shared with me. I'm happy to get to
know you a little better and of course I liked your photo. I have to
admit that you are a very handsome man:) You've made a very good and a
positive impression on me, so, of course I believe we will find many
things in common and surely I hope to get more information about
yourself and more of your pictures in your next letters:)

So, as you remember I'm Lera:) I'm 29 years old and I was born on the
5th of December, 1987. I'm Sagittarius by horoscope if it makes any
sense to you, but as for me – I don't believe in astrology. By the way
– when is your birthday? Just to remind you – I'm from Ukraine and I
live in Sedovo which in Donetsk region. Yes, the current situation in
our country is not the best one, but to be honest I'm already tired to
discuss this topic everywhere and with everyone, so, I hope we can
discuss more pleasant thing, don't you agree?:) I have never been
abroad, so, could you tell me more about your country? I'm really
interested in discovering new places:) And what about you? Have you
ever traveled outside of your place?

As I already told you – I have a family, but it's very small and there
are only two people – me and my aunt. You can see her in the picture
that I'm sending to you:) We live together and have our own house. My
parents died and in a car accident about 20 years ago, so, since then
my aunt is the only relative that I have and I consider her as my mom,
because she's raised myself in the best way. Yes, I had grandparents,
but they are also already dead and I don't really want to discuss this
sad topic. I hope you understand. I don't have any siblings and
sometimes I'm really sad because of it, but I can't change anything,
right?:) So, in a future I'm dreaming to have a big and a loving
family where everyone will support each other. And what about you
? Do you have a big family? Are your parents still alive? Are
you living alone?

I work in a local shop as a seller and we sell clothes for women.
Please, find the picture as well:). It's not the best job as I'm an
accountant by education and I have a diploma in that sphere, but it's
better to have something than nothing, don't you agree? And what do
you do for living? Are you satisfied with your job?

Talking about my personal life – I have never been officially married
and I don't have children, but of course as a woman I'm dreaming about
having a good family. Actually, that is why I'm here and I'm alone for
almost two years. What about you? Could you tell me about
your past? Have you ever been married or engaged? Do you have
children? Would you like to become a loving and a caring dad someday?

As for the man I'm looking for - I don't want my partner to be perfect
as nobody is, but I'm just dreaming about such simple things in
relations like understanding, trust and support. Is that too much?! I
told you already - I was hurt and of course I'm really afraid to get
that feeling again, so, please, be serious and don't play with me...In
my turn I promise never hurt you as well, because I know how it's
painful... Well, it also would be nice to tell you about my hobbies,
likes and etc., but I see that my reply is already huge, so I prefer
not to bother you with my long letters and I will tell you more next
time, ok? I wish you a very nice day and take care. Hugs, Lera
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its a man posting the messages