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I'm infinitely glad that you answered me.
I see that you are a serious and adequate man and that makes me very happy.
I just never met the man on the Internet, and this is for me first.
I made an account on a dating site and I could not understand anything.
Some inadequate men were crazy writing to me and called me Scamers and Fake
I did not understand why they called me that, they might have mistaken me for someone else.
Then I started to watch and read some articles in google and I understood everything.
First of all, I want to tell you the following.
I understand that now a lot of girls communicate on the Internet with men abroad, many girls are deceiving people for money.
I want you not to be afraid and not to doubt.
I am not like this ! Your money does not interest me.
I'm a lonely, serious girl, I'm interested in relationships.
I'm also not interested in regular correspondence.
I communicate with you in order to get to know you better,
and if we are interesting to each other and if we are satisfied with everything, then we can meet (unless of course you will not mind)

I really like your photos.
It would be great if you would send your new photos every day

Now about me.
As I told you, I'm from the city of Achinsk.
I arrived in Achinsk half a year ago.
I come from Slavyansk Ukraine.
When the war began there, our apartment was completely blown up. I have nothing left and nothing left.
I spent 2 months in the basement with civilians. We did not have no food not water.
Russian soldiers sometimes brought us food and water.
It was very scary, very much.
After two months of living in the basement, we were taken to Russia.
So I got to Moscow. At first I lived in an old wooden house.
The Russian government has given us an old house to all refugees.
Then I got a job and eventually I started renting a one-room apartment.
In Moscow, I could not stay for a long time, since this is a big city and one was very difficult.
In Moscow, I had to meet a large number of vile evil and greedy people.
It was terrible.
I met a good girl and left to live in her small town.
So I was in the Krasnoyarsk Territory in the city of Achinsk.

It's hard to talk about it.
I can not talk about this for a long time, I immediately begin to cry.
Memories make themselves felt.
But as they say "Without the past - there is no future"
On this I want to finish my letter.
Forgive me if I wound you.
Tomorrow I'll write to you.
Your Viktoria