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Hello my new friend Juan

Thanks again, that have answered my letter and have continued our
communications. I hoped for the worst, that you will ignore my letter
and not begin to communicate with me. It is good, that it has not
occurred:) And so we will continue ours with you communications. I
have experience already in communications I had dialogue with two men
from other countries. I did not manage to find with these men common
language, on it I had to finish with them dialogue. I will hope, that
you will not appear such man. I wish to inform you at once, English -
Not mine native language. But, I am able to talk, that already is
plus. So in the future we can already speak by with you :) to phone I
most likely has run in before. And so, if you do not understand my
letters or will find spelling errors in my offers. I ask you to
concern adequately all to it and to forgive me it. I will try to write
to you of the letter more more clearly and without spelling errors. I
wish to tell today about myself in more details. I already wrote to
you in the previous letter that I live in the city of Izhevsk. (If you
wish to find out about my city more I necessarily will write to you in
the following letter, for me there will be no problems). About we wash
formation. I have finished medical university "И.Г.М.А". My formation
will consist of 3 levels: school, college, university. I Studied
within 18 years. All 18 years I have studied the English language
also. I have finished university in age 25. How to me gave with a
medal for excellent results during my studying. Do not think, that I
brag (Smile). Than I worked as the second surgeon in small clinic
within 4 years. Now it is a little about the sad. I live one, I have
no neither children, nor the boyfriend. Sometimes I Feel like very
lonely in my house. Perhaps, for this reason I have decided to get
acquainted with you. To me already 32, also I take a life
philosophically. I had bad experience with the Russian man, on it I
have solved will address to dating agency and to find the man abroad.
At present I search only for the friend on correspondence. From for
the previous experience in relations, it is very difficult to me to
trust in the person. I hope you understand it??? I am am tormented by
one question. For you there will be no problem we more than distance
from each other??? If for you it is, write at once. Well??? Now I
wished to find out about you. Tell to me about itself. Tell to me
about your city where you live. About your work. I shall be pleased to
know all about your life. It - only female curiosity. Most likely on
it I will finish the letter. I will hope for your prompt reply. Your
new friend Svetlana
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Envia los mismos e-mail todas las direcciones que utiliza.
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Hoy fui a otro banco y me negaron. Es todo por mi crédito. Ya tomé un préstamo para comprar un televisor y todavía no lo pagaba. Hablé con el banquero hoy y ella dijo que raramente dan un préstamo para un viaje. Tengo que pagar a la agencia por la visa y por el billete reservado, 580 euros. Tengo casi 300 euros y extraño unos 280 euros. Espero su ayuda. Pensé en el banco a tomar 500 euros, pero no me dieron. El billete está reservado con una fecha abierta. Necesitaré venir al aeropuerto y decirle a qué fecha me gustaría volar. pero necesita al menos un par de días antes de la salida, hacer la fecha de salida. por ejemplo, hoy he decidido asignar una fecha, que será sólo después de mañana, la fecha más cercana. Usted piensa seriamente en la reunión. ya que tendré permiso para volar mañana y necesito canjear los documentos y el boleto en la agencia, ya que pagaron por todo. y bajo el contrato, tengo que pagar después de la inscripción. Está hecho. Puedo volar a usted. Realmente espero que continuemos este tema hoy. Voy a tratar de buscar el resto. Cuáles son sus noticias? te preparas para nuestra reunión? Tu Ekaterina.


Today I went to another bank and they refused me. It's all for my credit. I already took a loan to buy a TV and I still did not pay it. I spoke to the banker today and she said that they rarely give a loan for a trip. I have to pay the agency for the visa and for the ticket booked, 580 euros. I have almost 300 euros and I miss about 280 euros. I look forward to your help. I thought about the bank to take 500 euros, but they did not give me. The ticket is reserved with an open date. I will need to come to the airport and tell you what date I would like to fly. but need at least a couple of days before departure, make the departure date. for example, today I have decided to assign a date, which will be only after tomorrow, the closest date. You think seriously about the meeting. since I will have permission to fly tomorrow and I need to exchange the documents and the ticket at the agency, since they paid for everything. and under the contract, I have to pay after registration. It's done. I can fly to you. I really hope we continue this topic today. I'll try to find the rest. What is your news? Are you ready for our meeting? Your Ekaterina.