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Hi again !!!!!

That's so pleasant you replied to me here!! I was thinking
of whatever I wrote you last time too and I worried if I did
everything correct or if you are still interested in me at
all. I'm happy that you are with me and you are as
interested in me as I'm in you!

I can tell you some more about myself of course:-)
I'm 31 years old. It's not too young as for the woman but I
also don't mind of our age difference. As you know I live in
Ukraine but in the East of it in the city called Alchevsk.
I've never been abroad and feel a bit ashamed of that.

I work at the canteen. I hope to develop and maybe to work
at a restaurant. At least, I keep studying of cooking and
know much of recipes. Would you like if some day I cook for
you? It's also one of my main hobbies as well but not the
only as I like to do handcraft (sometimes I do dresses for
myself), to go in for sport. I do aerobics after work.

I want also to ask you if you understand me well? I
just studied English when I learnt at school and I was good
enough in it. I hope that It's good enough for understanding
each other well.

As you know, I had not much luck with men here in Ukraine
mainly because most of them are selfish. It seems you are
different. At least it seems you feel interest writing with
me same as I am interested in you. I hope this
dialog will lead in serious relationships. At least I think
it's a good background for it.

I'll be waiting for your letter with impatience.

Comment #143165
Hello Terry !

I hope this letter reached you. I put the address you gave
me, so I hope I didn't do any mistake writing it, It's me,
Raisa. Well, at least this is much better and easier way of
communication for me than any other as I can read it at any
time that will fit to me and in the same time to use the
time I have wisely writing my reply back to you. Of course
that should be better if we had any kind of visual contact
through any video chat but I just don't have my own computer
to be able to do that. I use a computer of my friend. Well,
that causes some restrictions of course but since I have own
password it's safe and confident. I hope I haven't scared
you away of this:-)) Truthfully, that's all new to me as I
used to date only in real before but in the same time I
didn't have much luck to find a right man to me. I hope that
you like the way I am. I'd be happy if my sympathy is