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Typical scam from Mari El-Yoshkar Ola

From: Olga
Subject: hello
Message-Id: <[email protected]>
X-Mailer: Becky! ver. 2.12.01 [ru]

Hi my new friend .This is Olga!
My real name Olga!!! Has overlooked to remind you...

I am so pleased, that you have answered my letter which I have written to you. If it is fair, I did not hope at all, that such the man as you will answer me. To me the it is very pleasant for the truth from it. I already said to you before, that I never searched for the man through the Internet, and you my first man with whom I have the correspondence. Now, I would like to tell about the interests and hobbies more. I like to make many things in a life. My favourite colour is colour of red roses. I very much similarly to these colours. I very much like to read novels of love. I like to listen to various music. For me there are no distinctions in that what music, the main thing that music was is beautiful. Classical music, it is similar Beethoven (I very similar "a lunar sonata").

From modern music that is similar to group Roxette (their song: "Failure, boom, impact "," I think of you "and also a song from film "the beautiful woman", where plays Richard Geer and Julia Roberts). Also to me similar Celin Dion, Madonna. Group Scorpions to me also very similar. Their song of "the Wind of change" very beautiful also has deep value. In general it is more to similar than me music of the tool, I very much like to go to theatres and to look actions and plays.

I love romantic films and comedies. The film "Beautiful woman" such remarkable history. From romantic film which I also love films where there is an existing love, this love always wins. I also love films about gallantry, about residual friendship ("We were the soldier"," the Blade "," the Brotherhood of the wolf "," Gladiator "). From a comedy I love comedies where plays Jim Carry his irresistible "Mask", "Silly and still Silly", also love film of "Criminal literary dust "and film with Al Pachino" Aroma of women ". You looked these films? I also that it is similar Robert De Niro. His films "the Driver of a taxi "," Mad bulls "," Once in America "and is considerably others.

As to my sports hobbies. At a leisure I like to be engaged in sports meets. It helps me to remain in the excellent sports form. I love tennis, badminton. I like to go to unit. I am weakened there, and I receive considerably energy when I swim. I like to dance too. It gives me considerably energy too. I receive pleasure and the dream who should dance with the person I loves slow dance. I should take pleasure in this moment and will not be forgotten. We should distribute all our dreams while we danced also conversation.

I also romantic and I like to travel, also I like to go in coast and to sunbathe there. I love declines and sunrises. I want to have serious relations, instead of to be Played games. I not so well speak English, but I study it. I like to read, and I love children very much, and for this reason I dreamt in the childhood to begin the teacher. I think, that in the future, I can have such trade. When I have a free time, I like to read. I love different books: about love and about risk, sometimes I like detectives. My favourite authors - in general from the Russian Literature as to an example, Chehov, Turgenev and Tolstoy.

For that do I wait from our correspondence? I am the gentle and sociable girl. I want to become loving and, to be we like. I want to receive care and attention from the person whom I love. I shall give him all my tenderness, and love. I shall admire with him and our love. I want to distribute a remarkable life with beloved and my unique thing. I would like to distribute all my private secrets with him. I search for the fair and true person, which loving me and will estimate me. I shall be about him every second when he requires me.

And I would like to have deep fidelity each other both the ready arrangement, and the relation to each other I think with these conditions which we shall hold our relations and love. I want to have steady family and children. I shall be the good wife, and I shall care of my family. I think, that the family will be for me the most important thing on the Earth. I search for the person who will be my beloved, my friend, my husband, and father of my children. And I would like, that my dreams were carried out. Dear I really dream from the future steady family.

I shall be the happy woman with such family. But I should add here which I research, that children, very important and they are very dear, but, first of all my attention will be devoted to my husband as children become the adult, and, they will work independently, and the husband - a unique thing of the person with which I shall stay for the whole my life. I would like to establish on you some questions: what is your dream, what to you to estimate most of all in your life? What to you to think the basic thing in your life?

How your family and you care of your parents? And how to you to imagine your wife and your life of a marriage? To have you ever, to be included in the serious relation? You think, the husband and the wife have the certain roles in a marriage? What is some your favourite activity? You love kinds of sports meets? You frequently go to cinema, or museums? What your favourite type of music? You like to dance? What your favourite holiday? Tell to me more about city in which you live. I shall be pleased to learn more about you.

I hope, that I did not make to place many questions, and you will write down me your answers. I hope, that my letter not such big, and that you will not be tired with perusal of my letter to you. Please, send to me more photos! I research, that we only still should hear each other, but we become fast our relations, more serious and warmer with you. You very good and good person and I want to try to touch you.
Sincerely. Olga!