Scammer Irina Bliznyikova or Saulyak Ira, Irinochka, Irinka, Saulyak

Ira, Irinochka, Irinka, Saulyak
Bliznyikova or Saulyak
27 / 13. December 1989
Kiew, not true - Rzhyshchiv, Ukraine
Kiew, Ukraina
facebook: Irina Saulyak

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Bank Account: UA093052990005168757309843664
I try to meet her, but all is fake. She is not living in these town. And all other information about the Hospital are not right. I wrote over 3 month a letter each day!
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Good Monday, my love! Is your day nice? I want to know it! My day is wonderful, I am in a great mood and I think I could even conquer the world today ;) It is a joke only ;) But really my mood is rather good today. I woke up with thoughts of you my sweet man! I was lying under my warm blanket and was imagining how one day we will do it together...It could be so sweet to wake up with you...Mmmm...I wish it so much!! It is a pity that you are far away from me and we cannot do it just right now... Would you like to wake up with me? Every-every morning?) Sometimes I could glad you with a tasty breakfast in bed...I think it sounds romantic, yes? Have you ever got meal in bed? I have never did it for someone and had never got it also...I guess it could be pleasant experience for both of us ;)
By the way, what weather do you have there? Today, when I looked in my window it was so sunny in my yard and so summer had finally come into my country!!)) I was so glad about it!!...But you know, it was so easy to go to work, while smelling fresh, warm air!! I enjoyed my way to work much!! It is so nice outside and warmth is everywhere...Really perfect summer weather!! But you know it was also a little bit slippery because of the dirt (yesterday night it was rainy) and I was also afraid not to fall on the ground...luckily it hadn't happened! If your were with me now, you could take care of me...and protect me from unexpected street situation)) You could just see off and meet me after long working day...I would like it to be!

Greetings from Ukraine!
Yours Ira

Hello my dear Markus!
How are you? How is your day going??? I am thinking about you all the time!! And this thought are distracting me from my duties!! I am getting sad, that I cannot read your letter when I wish it, because I am always very curious what my sweetie had wrote to me....

You know Markus, every minute you are filling all my mind and... I would be glad to know if you feel the same! I am one of the happiest woman in this world... I am sure that you are my destiny! I am asking myself, what have you done to me? I can't even think about work :) Only about you...
Yesterday, before I fall asleep I was dreaming about you.... I was imagining when one day we will meet... how you will hug you will kiss me and how I will touch your face with my lips... I would like to feel all this tenderness between us in reality, not just only to imagine it...This distance between makes me sad... Moreover the weather here is not very nice and it makes me upset also(( It is getting colder and colder... I'd better sit at home and drink a huge cup of tea with lemon, but my work cannot wait for me...Dear, have you ever read the song of Frank Sinatra which is called Autumn leaves? It describes my mood now :) I wish you could warm me in this cold spring evenings...But you are so far away(( However, despite this fact, my life had changed for a better, after I met you Markus!! My days became more joyful and all of my thoughts have found a positive wave... Sometimes it seems to me that even sun is shining brighter now :)

Oh, I could tell you more and more, but I need to stop and get back to this world, because I can endlessly talk about us...but my paper-work will cannot wait... And by the way, wanted to tell, that dear you are a man and it is up to you to make plans and proposition when we could meet ;)

Dear, hope to receive your letter soon!
Kiss you and hug you!