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Si faceva chiamare Olga: ecco la sua mail ladyyymillion ( Di sue foto ne ho a bizzeffe
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chiamava tigre un sacco di persone
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Mon, Feb 18, 4:07 AM
to me

Thanks so much that you give me your e-mail! I'm glad that we are
doing such a great step to our communication, even by means of the
Internet. I should tell you that I'm not rather experienced and didn't
have many relationships, but I hope together we will cope with it. As
you know, my name is Anna. I'm from Makeevka, the town that is close
to Donetsk city. Well, I hope you'll get this! And if you do, please,
reply and tell me more about yourself and I'll do the same in my next
letter. I'm here looking for serious and strong relationship. And you?
I'll be waiting impatiently for your next e-mail! Have a good day!

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Fri, Feb 22, 4:03 AM
to me

Good day to you dear Thomas!

How have you been? I hope all is well. Thank you for finding time to
write to me. Thank you for your wonderful pictures again. you are
amazing man and i think you are so young to be a grandfather. Because
you are excellent looking!!!! I am sorru but my English is not enough
good to write you so long letters as yours. But thank you that you
were sharing of your life in details with me.

You know, I do usually spend a lot of time at work because I work long
hours and and it could be also a night shift.I like my work very much.
My emotions overwhelm me when a new life is born. it is one thing what
make me happy right now. But i guess that my future husband will find
me soon and i will have a family happiness also. I think that you
already understood that I have very few time for rest. But when I do,
I usually like to spend it out-doors. I enjoy just anything out-doors
and walk a lot with friends. I like nature and most of all sea-side.
In summer when I go to the sea-side for my vacation I do nothing else
than swim and tan all days long. And my skin can get really tanned,
like a chocolate;-) So, what kind of rest do you enjoy? Active or
passive? Any way I should say that I also would be really happy if I
had a chance to travel somewhere, not only to lay on the beach : )) I
would like to see some new places as soon as I have never been abroad
before, I would really like to go to museums and expositions and
things like these but the main thing for me is to be all the time with
my beloved one. I heard that travelling together makes the
relationships stronger.
And i want that you to know I would like my man to be honest and
reliable and also caring and attentive. I appreciate those qualities a
lot, and a good sense of humour as well! And i see you have all these
qualities. It is really gift for me that i have met you !!!
Dear Thomas , now i need to continue my work. I'll be waiting for your
letter and answers. Kiss you.

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I am haapy to hear from you again!!!!
Mon, Mar 11, 5:59 AM (1 day ago)
to me

Hello my dear Thomas.

I am so surprised to see your letter in my mail box. And also i am so
happy that you came back. Thank you for your hot and sexy pictures.
You are so sexy man!!! Wow!!!!! Our weekends what were dedicated to
the International women's day ended)))) And now started new working

Dear Thomas,you know, I am very simple in my thought, I like to meet
people, I am very trusting, have had some bad experiences but most of
the time I end up meeting people who are nice, I love my work, I think
it is very interesting to take care of my patients. I hate people when
they lie and they are not honest and play games. It is not sincere
when somebody trust you but other person lies to him!!!!! When i see
the same situation my eyes are going to be so huge and bloodshot!!!!
And i am glad, that you are other man. You are open-minded, easy-going
and I like to communicate with you!

I caught myself thinking that I feel so lonely and there is not give
me a peace. Maybe you will think that I am naive woman but every time
I believe in sincerity and honesty. Thomas, it seemed I told you some
basics about my thoughts, I am completely honest and sincere the only
thing I ask to be honest with me too. I hope that future holds
something special, let's see! I am eagerly waiting for your reply,take
Best wishes,
Kiss you.
Your Anna.

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