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She began talking about how she wanted to come the U.S. for a visit. I told her I'd be glad to take her around. By the 2nd email she was "falling in love." That made me suspicious. She would email me abut every 3rd day. This made me suspicious because she was supposed to be "in love." By the 2nd week she had told me that she had her visa and was coming and asked if I could pick her up at the airport on Friday night. (Only a week or so to get a visa???) When I asked for what airport and what time, I never got a response. After the weekend she emailed me saying she had contracted an illness but was coming that Thursday. I asked for flight information and never got anything. Then I did get an email asking for $1500 for some kind of papers that in reality don't exist. I was already very suspicious but this made me absolutely sure. I haven't heard her since. I did find her on another site under the name Natalia Shalaeva age 27. She told me she was 31.

Good morning my love........... My life ххх!

How are you?

I hope that you wait my letter, and I hope to receive your answer very soon.

It is very a pity to me, that I could not write to you the letter all week.

I simply tried to solve a problem which I have now.

And I shall try to tell to you more about it.

The matter is that today I should pay the ticket, and fly to you.

But I had a problem on it.

The matter is that that I could buy the ticket I should have the customs document.

That is the insurance document.

And me who did not speak about it.

And now late to buy this insurance document because it will be necessary to

wait for 3 months that it was ready and to pay for it 1000 dollars. I do not think that it


And now to fly to you I should have with itself 1500 US dollars.

I understand that it is greater money, and I have no such money.

I do not know that to me to make now.

Probably you could help me with this money.

I should not spend this money, I simply should have this money with myself on customs.

You understand me?

And as soon as I shall arrive to the airport I can give you this money.

I realy did not know about such law, but now I to long for it.

I very much hope that you can help me with it.

If you can help me today, I can inform you the information on my ticket, and to fly to you

already to this week-end.

I really very strongly want our meeting, and I hope that you can understand me and help.

I shall wait for your letter, and I hope that we shall solve this problem.

I LOVE YOU............... I Love all heart and very much I wish to be with you as soon as


Millions kisses for you.

For ever yours Svetlana.

P.S I online shall wait for your letter.

Good morning for you my lovely ххх!

How are you?

I hope that you have good day today and good mood.

It is not very a pity to me that I could write to you the letter very much for a long time.

I have received the visa on Friday, and now the visa in my hands.

But I a problem that I very strongly was ill, and had a heat of my body.

I have been chilled, and all week-end have stayed in a bed.

But now all is good also I hasten to write to you the letter, and inform that I all still I can

to fly to you.

And I think that the best time now when I can reserve the ticket it there will be a Thursday.

If you all still want our meeting, I ask you to write to me the letter and to inform:

1. Whether you can meet me if I shall arrive to Thursday?

2. Inform me still time a name of the airport in which you you can meet me?

3. What time will be more convenient if I shall arrive? (morning or evening)

4. Whether you want that I have brought to you a gift from Russia? Also what you want?

I shall wait for your letter today and I hope that you have not forgotten about me.

And you all still wish to meet me and we shall have good time together.

I kiss you also send my photo.

I hope that you like to see my photos.

Yours Svetlana.