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Travel scam.
Received: from ([]:49138 "EHLO"Plano, usa
smtp-auth: "RuslanaBotvenko" TLS-CIPHER: TLS-PEER-CN1: )

OrgName: Layered Technologies, Inc.
Address: 5085 W Park Blvd
Address: Suite 700
City: Plano
StateProv: TX
PostalCode: 75093
Country: US

Hello Mr.! I am Ruslana, nice to meet you!!! So, how are you? Thanks for writing me i am very glad that i caught your attention ; ) Well,would you like to know something about me? Actually i don't like to talk about me, no i am open and friendly and not very shy : ) I think that it's really important to tell you about myself, so here we go. I am 24 years old, i live in Ukraine, Ternopil town it's not that big city but it's my hometown and i love it : ) So, i live with my sister, we live separate from our parents because they are divorced and both of them have other families but they still love us and care about us and we also care about them!!! In the morning I study at the university and in the evening i work in the supermarket as a cashier, at the university i study make up and beauty skill. My dream is to open my own beauty saloon and i hope that one day it will come true. I am hard working girl and i have so many aims in my life and i am doing everything to get it. If you ask me what i am waiting from the Internet relations I'll answer you i want to find that person who i am looking for. You know, I've been burned a lot of times and i don't want to be brokenhearted over and over again that is why i am very attentive to all my friends and to all people who want to storm into my heart. So, i really want to find loving and caring man, and of course i need a man who can accept me the way i am, i am really flexible and i am ready for any kinds of changes for my man, but it should be in a reason. So, and what are you looking for? What are you waiting from woman? How do you see your future wife? It's really interesting to know and i need to know that.
Well, what about English, don't worry about that i know English, I've been studying it at the university, but actually it was mostly my self-education, i tried to read original English books and to watch English movies and here is the result. Well, if you want to know more about me keep writing and keep in touch, we can become good friends, ain't we ; ) So, it was really nice to meet you! thanks for your letter and piece of information about yourself, I'll be happy to have a conversation with you, ok? I'll be waiting for your next letter! You dear, take care!
Your Ruslana : )

Hi ****, how are you today? Thank you very much for your letter it was so nice to get it from you! I am happy that you are interested in my personality. So, let's continue our acquaintance, ok? Well, Richard, i've got some questions to you like about your hobbies and your lifestyle. But first of all i'd love to tell you about mine, cause i think that you don't mind to know that about me, right? As you know my passion is work on beauty i mean i like to make different kinds of make up, hairstyles and all that stuff but also i like to sew, so that's it. I don't have that many hobbies, i think that it would be better to find yourself in the one sphere of activity and to be good in it than to do many things haphazardly and without any object. Have you got my idea? Well, also i can say that i like to watch some good movie some comedies or love stories or something... What about you? What kind of movies do you prefer? May be one day we will watch it together so i should know what movie i have to find for watching ; ))) If you want to know i prefer to stay at home with my beloved man, to make our house comfortable, to light some candles and to watch some good movie than to go somewhere for parting or something. I don't like too noise places. I don't wanna say that i'm stay-at-home girl, if i had the opportunity to travel i would rather go somewhere to look at some new and amazing places, but i don't that is why my days are so casual, university- work- home and that's all. But i don't think that my life is boring, i'm always busy i always have something to do and i always wake up in the morning with a hope that something gonna happen, something unusual, for example today i'll meet somebody... may be my love : ) I'm sorry sometimes i can be really sentimental but that is just the way i am : ) Well, ok i have to go now, ok? I'll wait for your response impatiently!!! Have a good day!
Your Ruslana

Hi dear! how are you doing? I hope everything is ok? Right? I am so happy to start this correspondence with you, i find you very interesting and intelligent man. So, I'm also really glad that you are interested in me and that you want to know more about me. I told you about my hobbies but of course it's not everything what i can tell you about myself. I am a good cook, i don't like to eat so much cause i have to keep myself in a good shape that is important for my profession, i have to be a good looking girl, i like some kind of diets and sport but i love to cook for somebody. For example my dad really likes to eat, of course he is a real man, so he likes the way i cook some cakes or meat with a garnish, or some fruit salads and so on, also i know how to cook pizza : ) So, what about drinks i prefer white wine, unfortunately i can't prepare it : ) i wish i could, but i like to drink it but i can prepare a nice coffee ; ) What dishes and drinks do you prefer? Do you like sweet or salty food? I do like sweeties but i don't let myself to eat a lot of it.
Oh, i completely forgot to tell you that one of my friends is going to get married, that is so amazing, but i'm still lonely i'm still in my searchings. She looks so happy, of course she does so she can make a family and to give a birth to child, it all that i want, i really want to get married but... ok, i don't want to be sad, i need to be cheerful and happy. She promised me to take me like a God mother of her kids, isn't it sweet? I'd love to, cause i love her and i love kids, they are so nice couple with her boy friend. So right now i have to be ready for their wedding party, it will be very soon and i even don't know which wedding present to chose for them, may be you can give me any suggestion? You are much experienced than me, so i'll be waiting your answer, ok? So dear, i have to go now, ok? I gonna miss you! I'll be waiting for your next letter impatiently!!!
Your Ruslana

Hello dear how are you doing? Thanks for your letters so much! I am so happy to get them. You really want me to come to you? That sounds like a nice idea i really want to know you better, i want to be with you and i think that is really good idea! I wish i could write you everything what i want but i have no time : ( But any way i came to the cyber club to check my mail and i really wanted to see your letter in my mail box. And also i am happy to know that you are ok, that you feel good. Today i continue my preparation to the wedding of my friend, oh by the way today in the morning we've been to the shop of wedding dresses, oh my God they are so beautiful and so nice, she was so beautiful in it, i also wanted to try it on but we didn't have so much time. It's so exited and so sweet to help to my friend to do all that stuff : ) I told her about you, i told her that i meat one very interesting and nice man and that we are in so good and friendly relations and you know what she said? She said that i am crazy : ))) But ok, it's her own point of view : ) Well ok, now i have to go, sorry. Remember i will wait a letter from you, ok? See you!

Hi there! It's me again! How are you dear? Oh, i'm so happy to get your letters, and i don't even wanna hide it from you, i adore your letters, you are so adorable! Well, i am great as usual, you know how positive i am, don't you ; ) Today i have much time to sit in the Internet club and to write a letter for you, i don't know why but today i was running here i was so exited to see your letter again : ) Just i like to get it and you know it. Interesting what are you doing at the moment? You know, i really don't know why but over the last time i think about it too often... Oh, well who knows may be you don't : ). xx, i bet you remember about wedding party of my friends, so it will be like in a week, i am so exited. I wish i went there not alone. It would be like all women are with their men and so on, i think i gonna miss somebody ; )
My dear, i told you i don't like noisy parties and so on, but any way wedding ceremony is absolutely different thing, it's usually so touching and romantic. Are you romantic person? What kind of wedding ceremony is typical for your country? I really want to know everything about your country, i like to know more i like to know some news and since i have an opportunity to know everything from the reliable source i should catch the chance : ))
So, you know i decided to find a job that would be connected with my speciality, may be i'll go to work in the beauty saloon or something, i have to start with something, i want to be good in it, what do you think about it, am i right? Unfortunately it's not gonna be well paid for the first time but then it should be better, probably.Well, Tell me please, you think it's a good idea? I ask you because i belive you, you are smart and you are more experienced in life than me, well i guess i'll see your answer in the next letter : )So, dear i am very sorry but i have to go, it was nice to hear from you, hopefully you'll make me happy with your letter very soon, i'll be glad to get it, ok? So, darling i miss you and kiss you ; )

Your Ruslana

Hi darling, I am happy to know that you are ok If you are ok I'm also ok! So, honey i should say that I've been thinking you for all this time, just wanted to know if you are good or bad and i really wanted to see your letter, i don't know why, but ok never mind. xxx, did you miss me? Just i want to know,can i ; ) ? You know i just really curious for you and that's why i ask you everything, i like to ask your suggestion and i like to know your thoughts and your point of view, everything and everything!!! I just want you to know that, ok? I like you and i think you already guessed about that ; ) i don't think it was really hard, just every time i think about you i feel sadness. Every time i see your letter in my mail box, i feel myself so happy, i am glad that i catch our attention and that you like me and that you are so sweet to me, i happy to have this correspondence with you!!!! I think that you are so nice. I never get bored reading your letters,so it means that you are very cheerful and optimistic person, which is really good and you are know how to look after the women, so you are real man!!! Oh, my God i am telling this and i'm like trembling, what a hell is going on with me? Well, i have to calm down, i have to control the situation : )
You know i really envy to my friend, she is so happy with her boy friend, they deserve this happiness. So, i was thinking about me, don't i deserve on it, i've never hurt nobody, i study well and i'm doing my job well, i knew that life is unfair. I could be so good wife and so good mother, i think i am ready to be, i am ready to forget about me freedom and independence just to be with my beloved man, but where he is, i think he is just far away and he is waiting for me just like i do, we both are waiting for each other and i think one day we will meet and it's gonna be the best day of my life!!! Well, dream dream, i like to dream : ) In my dreams everything is perfect but unfortunately in the real life is not the same. But i know that i have to know the difference between the real life and dreams, i do cause i am not a child any more. So darling, i'm gonna be so sad if i don't stop to think about it : ) Well, i have to go now, i don't want to but i have to : ) So, i will miss you and i will wait for your letter impatiently, ok? Kiss you darling!
Your Ruslana