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Hello! Whatever the weather I hope your day is a beautiful one and
this letter will make you smile! Dear , you took me in a small
journey with your letter and your photo! :) Thank you for telling me
about yourself. Let me do something similar to you, and, first, allow
me to find out if you feel ready for the serious beautiful
There is a thing I'd like to share with you. They compare the love of
the sweethearts, parents and families with this example: imagine you
have a glass jar, this jar is compared with the space in your heart
for the dearest people. Such jar must be filled up with big rocks,
small rocks and sand. First, it has to be filled in with big rocks,
then with small rocks, finally with sand. Big rocks represent the
partner of you life, small rocks are children, parents. Sand
represents other relatives and friends.
If the jar is not filled up in that order, there will be not enough
room for the big rocks. I wonder if you have enough space in your
heart for your spouse. Your reply is very important to me. It seems to
me I can fill my heart in a right way. I have never been married and
have no children. My family is not big at all. Just my granny Elena,
my sister Katya, my dog Businka and me. I've never seen my father. My
mommy is in the better place now. I don't have many friends, just two
ones. Their names are Nataly and Tanya. As you can see my heart is not
empty, but there is a lot of space there for you. Tell
me, please, if you need it.
Today your attention has touched my heart because we are two strangers
each looking for our second half of our human heart and I want to feel
close to you for so many reasons. I believe we'll develop a trust that
will grow more and more, I think the only thing that can explain what
we can do together is magical. Warmly, Julia.