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Greetings to you !

I was very happy to open my email, and see your reply. You know it is first time in my life, when i was really scared to open
my mail box. Because i was scared that you will not write me.But now i am happy to see that you also have interest in me.

i really not know from what to start. Because for me it is unfamiliarly to get acquainted with interested man throuhg the letter. But i will try ;)
So as you understand already, i am Katya, but you can call me also Katerina)I live in Ukraine, city Zaporozhie.

So what else.... i am working in animal shelter. I like my job, because i love animals a lot. ( but i think i will tell you about this more a little bit
Because, one of my animal here, cat with name similar to mine "Katyunya" nervously screaming, because this cat all the time hungry.. jaja
By the way, our all workers in shelter, called this all the time screaming cat with my name, because i am the only one person in this shelture, whom it obeies.
(dont worry, i am not fearful).. otherwise, i am kind and polite..
But Katyunya thinks that i am her owner)and all the time trying to copy me in her acts! She is very smart)
Maybe to start train her, we would be a great team in circus.. haha

you can look and this lovely cat at photos which i will send you)

Ok, now about serious things...
Why i am on dating??

i am not a little child, and not so young, i understood that life is short, and i am tired to be alone. Every evening sitting in my flat,
i am dreming about beloved man near me, with whom i will feel love, warmth, and support.
So i decided to try to find my love through dating. Because i really heard a lot of stories, about people who found love with a help of dating site.
Maybe it is my fate?? Maybe you my fate??
Lets try... because i am really very interested in you..
Will wait for your letter with a great hope. And send you my kisses, yours Katya
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its all bullshit to get your money
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She is currently on Rbrides as user KateKAT Id 684779, she is using the last name Zhuk, email address phone number 380 (68) 184 61 57, she got me. Wish I had found this site first.