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Thank you so much for the reply! How are you today? How is
mood? Hope it is fantastic! enjoying your day? Hope work
does not bring you much stress! You really enlightened my
bad day with your message! Amazing how words can make me
feel better! You bring me good feelings and I really love

How do you spend evenings? My evenings are always boring
because we can not even go outside when it is dark here. At
least I have a roommate, but instead of her, I would rather
have you close to me :) Do you like to cuddle? I love
touches and tickling! Are you very ticklish? :)) Do not
want to sound rude, but what is your favourite part of the
body that you like in woman? Today I was quite stressed at
work.. and have decided to do crazy thing for you! I took a
special photo right in the dressing room! Yummy photos it
is! and also a short dance for you! please tell me what you
think of it :))))

Remember I told you about my bad day? I was writing you this
letter, when boss came and told that he is closing down the
place in some days so I will lose the job now.. needless to
say how sad I am after this news :(( things were not going
well here so I should have expected that to come anyway..
but this is not even the main thing why I am so depressed
now. I am so scared that I will lose you now.. as you know I
am writing from work and I will lose opportunity to write
you :(( I went around town searching for internet cafes, but
no cafes working here in the town.. war here changed life of
people.. everything I could find was a used computer here to
buy.. but now I can not afford it :( it is a bit less of 200
dollars honey and I simply have no money for that.. sorry
for letting you down. I feel so stupid and helpless :(
Roommate can not help either..
I know that you might not reply to me now.. hate to be
disappointing for anyone.. especially one I like so much!
Hope you will not be way too angry at me?

with all my love and kiss to you,


Honey, thank you really for not leaving me now without
saying a word, because I thought this could happen after my
previous message. Honestly, I could hardly sleep tonight..
Was thinking about you and this whole situation. I know you
are not obliged with anything at all.. but I have so much
fear now of losing you. I feel so much shame asking for this
help because normally I never ask anything from anyone.. I
am more a giver than a receiver.. it is just the whole
situation in this area that makes it difficult.

Honey, as I told you previously, computer costs 200
dollars.. if you are able to help me with that, we will be
able to continue corresponding!

I have been thinking of how you could help me at all here.
seems like MoneyGram and Ria are available here. and Western
Union too! I went there and asked what one would need to
make a transfer. They told only my name and address. and I
would need a code from the other side and my passport to
receive the funds.

here is my address just in case:
Valentina Varivoda
Town: Donetsk
Address: Orshanska street, 14
Country: Ukraine

I hope that you will have a nice and easy day, sweetie and
also hope that you are not angry with me about all of this..

Your Valentina
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too good to be true ,,pro model photos
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New mail same scammer is using [email protected]

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