Scammer Starokozheva Anna

Kharkiv Ukraine

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Comment #2682
My friend got ill after picking Anna up for a date, taking her out paying for her dinner, drinks, taxi etc.. Anna stayed rather than making sure her date got home ok. It took Anna less than 30 minutes to start kissing on a Ukraine Boy she went home with. No class Anna.

Letter 2

Hi dear Joe
> I lucky that you will arrive to me that we meeting and I know time
> your arrival. I shall meet you at Saturday in 12 28 on station.
> report;inform;tell;say Me number your place and number coach. That I
> approach to coach and we not to lose each other on station. I know
> this train this fast train but I must know the number your coach. I
> presently standby apartment for 400 grivnas. This 2 room beautiful
> apartments. I ring the woman and speak that you will leave the evening
> Monday. She speaks that you must pay else half day since she can not
> find other client on apartment in later time. She speaks that 2 days
> 800 and 200 for monday. I to agree? If yes report;inform;tell;say and
> then with apartment question will is solved. The Apartment close to my
> house and me this comfortable. I live in the centre around central
> area and apartments of the attacks close to me. Yes we shall close be
> a beautiful landscape and to 2 parks of my city close. I understand
> that you much works and rest when we together will well be for you and
> me. I had a meeting with one man but he wants only quick attitude I
> search for the serious gentile romantic attitude in which each has a
> joy contact and feeling. I need the man who will understand this and
> feel. Today present hot day but promised the rain and thunderstorm. So
> will be a cooling. I wait you! I want to speak of my family, which
> gave me much heats and good education. I have uniting sister her(its)
> name Oksana. In my family always were a home animals, and we had an
> education to our parents love and understanding. My sister and I have
> a good attitude. Oksana to have 2 children. The Son and daughter. I
> often see my sister we go in park together that children to have a
> rest and amusement. My parents to live in nearby village from Kharkov.
> My parents to present in house around lake name this village Old
> Saltov. This is a picturesque place. There people by summer go to have
> a rest since there much rest homes people go on boat and motorboat on
> lake. This very beautiful place. I love to go to my parents in guests
> since this always pleasing time. My mother tasty to prepare meal. I
> learn to prepare beside my mother. This is got beside me much well and
> tasty! I shall pleased prepare you that that tasty when we together :)
> kiss Anna.