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Scam letters + IP from Yoshkar-Ola... In the letter she lives in St Petersburg...

Hello my newly - born friend! Thank you that you have not disregarded my letter. And that have written me on e-mail. I hope that our friendship will develop and some day we can meet. I hope that you are not disturbed that I am from Russia. I think that in the modern world the distance is not so difficultly to overcome and it is only a length on a map.

If people want to meet, it will happen. And I think, what even 1000 letters will not replace one meeting. You agree with me?? I understand that there are thousand miles between us, but I know many cases when people get acquainted in the Internet and then they meet, become friends, marry. I even don't know from what to start:-)
What is interesting for you to know about me first of all?? My interests or my work or vital credo??? But I think that I should begin with something!!!!!

Though it is difficult to describe all about the person in one letter, but I think, that we shall have time to know
each other better... Well... My name is Veronika. I am 25. My birthday is on October, 16. I live in a wonderful city Saint Petersburg. Have you ever heard about this city?? It is really wonderful and big city. It was founded by Peter the First. And I can completely agree with foreigners who come to visit our city very often in winter time, and especially in summer( it's the time of "white nights" ) that our city is really worth seeing.

And many people who used to travel around Europe, can cay that it's the most fantastic city they have ever seen.
So it is really pleasant to hear these things. I live in the centre of St-Petersburg. I live separately from my parents for a long time. But they live not too really far from my place, so i have a nice chance to stop by all the time. Our city is the second capital of Russia. Have you ever been to Russia??? Do you have friends from Russia??

I think that I shall add to this letter my photo. The photo can tell much about the person. I would like to have many of your photos in my computer. Well.. Now I want to tell you about my work. I work as the teacher of Russian and the literature. I have graduated the Pedagogical institute and I work at school. I adore my work. I adore to work with children. When I see faces of children who listen to me at a lesson my heart is pleased.

Since the childhood I dreamed to work as the teacher and this dream has come true. Tell me more about your work too ... Well ... Now I want to tell more about my family. I have daddy, mum and the senior sister (also aunts, an uncle, a grandmother).. I think I have a big family. Tell me about your family too. My mum works in a library, my father works as the engineer on building sites. My sister Liudmila lives in UK and I want to get acquainted with the guy from UK.

My sister promised to help me with arrival to UK. You see that my family is usual like millions of families in this world. About my interests and hobby. I like to dance, listen to music, to play tennis, to float, read... I listen to different music (from classical symphonies up to fate.. In my apartment I have many CD and I listen to music constantly. I play tennis.

I am engaged in this kind of sports some years ago and I play 2-3 times a week. Unfortunately I have little free time from work, but at leisure I try to be active. I like to swim and be engaged in aerobics. I like to support myself in the good form. When I swim I have a rest soul. The sun gives a lot of pleasure for me. Because of the sun I very much love summer. To me very much to like, when the sun shines brightly and gives to the ground a lot of heat. It makes me vigorous and cheerful.

As for my favourite cuisine - it's Japanese cuisine. I love shrimps, lobsters, sushi, calamari and all this stuff. I love also snowboards and wind-surfing. Both I tried just once and was really excited...There is a million of things in the whole world, that I love, or must love but never tried...And it's important for me to hurry up, and to have time for everything. With all this life I forgot what is love about. I really forgot. And have just one simple wish-to reconstruct my heart and to feel just once.

To fall in love and never let him go. But Russian guys are full of lie, disrespect and arrogance. Probably on the other side of our planet the life is just the other way round. Hope so...The second reason is that a couple friends of mine and even some relatives immigrated to America, Australia and Canada. One of them , my really close friend, says that after she found him, her prince, the man of her dreams, it was like a space flight-now she has plenty of things that she could never have in our country.

Moreover, she is beloved, and that's it. Enough. I'm 25 years old and I feel that it's time to find a man to create a good family. I dream of a kind and understanding husband to give him all my love. I wish all these dreams come true one day ! What about you? I'd like to know more about your family and work if you don't mind. Well... Dear I really would like to tell to you much about my life and to learn more about you. I want to tell to you that I search for serious relations and I do not play in games.

The purpose of my search is to find my soul mate with whom I could live all life, to have a family. Maybe you are the man which I search... Time will show. I think, that I shall finish my letter for you not to fall asleep at the monitor when you read it I wait for your letter with impatience and I hope that soon in my e-mail I shall see the letter from you...

Have a good day

yours Veronika

Hello again!!!!!!! First of all I want to thank you that you have answered me. I really hoped to receive the letter of you and I was pleased when saw your name in my e-mail. So what's new going on? What you up to today? I just woke up at 10 o'clock, made up a small breakfast and went to shops. Yesterday night I was going to visit my friend (she lives in Moscow but now she in Saint-Petersburg ), and we haven't seen each other for a long time, but when my friends wanted to pick me up, I decided to stay home. I was so tired.

So I was just sitting home and watching movie. It was really good movie, "Die hard 4.0", so I spent at least 2 hours and a half watching it. Well... I wanted to tell to you today so much and now I'm sitting and I don't know what exactly to write you. There are so many ideas in my head and I want to tell you so much... Well... I have no children and have never been married. Of course I had some relations with a man but they ended and now I can write only sad memoirs.

I dated a man 3 years ago and after him had no relations. My ex-boyfriend drank a lot of alcohol, lost his work, and deceived me with the other girl. My mum says that the most important for people is love and I decided to find the second part of me. Unfortunately it happens so, that people who really love each other, can't be together. Distance, wars, quarrels-all this stuff is really ridiculous. I just hope that it will never happen to me.

Sometimes I feel so scared...probably that's my phobia- I'm really scared to spend the rest of my time alone...Sometimes I see dreams at nights about my loneliness and nobody can help me out. I ask...but nobody answers back. My mom often says that the most important thing is not to search for somebody, just not to be alone...I have to search for the right person. In Russia I cannot find a good, gentle, kind person and my girlfriend
advised to search a friend in the Internet.

I want to tell you, that I am grateful to her. I have got acquainted with you and it makes me happy. I am really very glad that we have met I hope that our correspondence will continue. Dear I hope that you understand all things which I say to you. I try to express my ideas clearly and if something is not clearly for you ask me. Sometimes it is difficult for me to write my ideas short.

Especially if it concerns my emotions. How can you describe your character?? I think, that it is not easy and I've never done it before. But I think, that I am an optimist and I go with a smile on a life. I frequently help people, I try to give advice and if I have the opportunity to help somebody I'll do it.. I think that I have inherited this character trait from mum. But I think it’s enough to write about me. I have some questions to you.

How many friends do you have in the Internet (I think, that I ask about women ))). Is it the fist time for you to search love in the Internet or you have had some experience?? Well... I shall finish the letter and I wait for your letter with impatience...