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Hello dear John,

Thank  you  for  your interest in me and so i would like to tell you a
little  bit more about me and hope this is just a good start for us...
My  name  is  Inna and I am from Ukraine. What brought me here to look
for  a  man  in Internet? It is a simple questions i have been married
and  now  divorced  and i have met many men in Ukraine but all of them
are  so lazy and they want only one thing from a woman to take care of
them.  I can understand needs and wishes of men but in my dreams i see
my  man a good one who doesn't drink too much who doesn't smoke inside
the  house and who is missing good family life when his woman only his
and  takes care of house and her husband and children and he works and
provide the family.

As  for future children I don't know what to say if i want more or not
i  can  tell you honestly that i am still able to have children even i
have  a  son  of  my own. We live together with him and he is my whole
life  right  now.  In  case you can and want to have children it is ok
with me if not it is the same with me.

 I  am  working  on  two  jobs  to  give my son all necessary and still
believe  in  love and good man. I have no bad habits but i am a normal
woman with my strong sides and weak ones.

 Please read this letter and if you feel that your interest is still in
you  then  please  write  me back with more info about yourself I mean
your  thoughts and something important for you because profile is very
statistic   thing  and  i  would  be more interested in something more
personal.  Waiting for your serious and honest letter with a couple of
your pictures.

Yours Inna