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My dear love,
I am so happy to get your letter and I am so happy that we becoming
closer to each other. All night I thinking about you and about us, I
turned on few times the light to read and reread your letters. Its
very great that people can meet each other throught Internet and write
letters to each other just every day which can let them know more
about each other, to make fellings and empathies. I am so gald to meet
you in my life and I am planning to meet you in person. I am very
serious in my choice. I dont think that longterm correspondence will
help us as much as personal meeting. I dont like to speak about
financial, it does not good here, I dont brought up such, and my
grandmother teach me to consult with it only by myself, and if I ask
someone about something, it mean that I thought a lot about wheather
to do it or not. So I thought a lot about is this good or not to ask
you about help, but I hope for your understanding because I do it only
for both of us and for our happyness. My dear, during the time of our
communicating, I understood that we have feeling to each other that I
can call LOVE. Such feelings between people become not only from
nothing and from lots of thought, analyses of relations, understanding
and mutual help. With every day I am becoming surer in my choise and
in you. And I sure those if I do some mistake you will understand me
and forgive me and I can say it about myself too. Looking for our
relations I understood that only destiny of my heart is to meet you in
person. And I believe in mutual feelings.
I feel good about you having three kids and that they live with you
full time. I was at cash of airport department today asking about cost
of the tickets. I dont think that tickets can cost so much! I dont
sure in choice of date, but I asked about cheapest tickets that
exists. Its costs about 1290 US dollars. So, here is information about

Depart Astana (TSE) 4:00 am
Arrive Indianapolis (IND) 8:49 pm, 15 August
Airlines: Turkish Airlines 1355 / 5
Connect in Istanbul (Ataturk Intl.), Chicago (ORD)

Unfortunately for that moment its really big money for me. As you
know, I saved up some money, its about 100 dollars for the ticket and
all money for the visa. So I need about 1280 dollars more. Its really
hard for me to find now such money by myself, it will take about one
year more.

I dont know now where I can get such money. Will you help me with it?
Its really unpleasant for me to ask you help, but I its seems I have
to do it for both of us. What do you think about a date of our
meeting? Which is the best? The easiest for me is to take vacation at
the next month. Please write me your opinion. I am waiting your
responce with impatience and I hope for soon meeting. I am sure that
meeting in person will be better then thouthands of letters! And I
cant wait to see you in person!
Most sweet kisses, your

My love Patrick,
I need to tell visa center when I will have money. Can you tell me
when you will help me with a ticket cost? ? In a week? 2 weeks?
I very much hope for our soon meeting. I am is very glad to receive
your message. Each your letter is very important for me because
letters it is a part of ourselves. When I them read that I feel you
beside. It is my most treasured dream to be with you and to be you
I know that cost of ticket is very expensive. But I hope we will meet
soon. I am believe that you will help me soon. I am is right? Please
do it, my dear, for our love. I do not know what to do.
Do you have any ideas?
your Natalya

My love,
Unfortunate we cannot wait so long - you know my situation: I have a
friend who can help me - so I can receive visa only now but I cannot
start it without ticket.

I very much worry that I can not fly to you. I cannot find tickets in
smaller cost I informed you cost of the ticket earlier. It is very
expensive for me. As I informed you that I have a part of money but
this money there is not enough. I do not know What I can do. The
meeting between us is my dream, but I very much am afraid to lose it.
Your Natalya

I was at cash of airport department today. To say a true, I was really
badly surprised. Tickets costs more then I thought. Its too lots for
me. So, I will be saving all money that is needed for my trip. I dont
know how much time will be needed for this, but I will do anything for
it. I am not rich and my grandmother is not rich too. And I am not
sure how we shall be together, how we shall be live. So, I will be
closing for now. I have to think a lot.

Hi my sweetheart!

I so happy to get your mail and to write a mail to you again! Dear
Patrick, I have some good news for you!

I got your information, thank you very much! You are the Best man in
the world! Our meeting will happen very soon! I will fill up "travel
list" tomorrow.

So, I have another news: I have contact with Visa Center. I was so
worried if it will impossible to get visa for me. And I was so happy
today talking with communication manager of Visa Center when he
tolding me that I have a great chance to make a visa and to get it
approved. He asked me a lots of questions and he suggested me to fill
some documents but I rejected because I am not sure now about some
details of my coming to you. We have a lots of questions without
answers now, some unresolved questions. So here is information about
visas that I can do:

1. Tourists visa. It allows me come to you for 2 month. It costs about
110-150 dollars USA depending duration and including services visa
2. The worker visa. Its good for 3 month. It can be prolonged maximum
for 3 additional months and then I also have to back. It is not
necessary for me to have work in this period. It costs about 200
dollars USA including all services.
3. Fiance visa. This visa allows us to get married. I cannot get it
and approve it at my country. We shall get it for my next trip if we
decide to get married.

Any kind of visa will take 2-3 weeks to be ready and approved.

My dear Patrick, how do you think, which visa is better for us? I was
really sad to know that visa costs such money. Tommorrow I will write
you news about a cost of the ticket. When we shall have all
information we shall decide how to do better. Please write me all your

I am sure that our meeting in person will be better then thousands
Letters! I cant wait to see you in person!

Your Natalya