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I met "Svetlana" at the dating site

In my first letter I received the same lines as above.
I received about 15 letters and 70 pics of her. We had a real good conversation for about 3 weeks.
I knew that it was a scammer from the second letter but I want to see what will happen. So one letter follows another and after 3 weeks she told me to have vacation and like to visit me. She asked for 495 USD for biometric passport (250 USD ) and a flight from Kiev to Berlin ( 245 USD, discount ha ha ha )

She told me to have no account, and I should hurry and transfer by Western Union ...

Does anybody knows that girl and from which social media site these pictures were stolen?
She also sent me a copy of her passport. Her "real" name is Svetlana Dronova, born at the 8th of September 1991. Her passport was a fake, very easy to see ... Here is the answer for my request of her personal datas. I told her that I need these informations for the council of foreign affairs to get an official invitation for her ( ha ha ha ). She believes me.
I also asked her for a short video with some personal words ( Scammer can´t do this ). I received the following lines ...

My love, here is my data, my full name is Svetlana Dronova, my address is: Ukraine, Kharkiv region, 64200, Balakleya city, Soborna str., 77/38. And thank you for the help that you are offering me, without it our meeting would be less real. I appreciate it. Money is the only barrier to you. I hope that this week we will resolve the issue with the documents and I will be in your arms very soon. I want it so much. I can not wait for the day I see you.
And video, dear, I'll write it down for you. My friend is on vacation and can not take me off the video yet, but I'll ask around from my colleagues, maybe someone will help me. I really love you, your Svetlana.
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Always the same Alesya Borisenko with a new name ,[email protected] with several fack passports,visa and internal document.She also named gerself Lesya Arsenich,really a scammer without any dignity starving to death.Here pics and fack documents.
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all fakes none are genuine