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Maluy Suhodol

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hello ;)))

I am really so glad receive answer from you!!! ;)))
You know... after I wrote to you - all the time I was
thought: Will I have answer from you or no?! ;))) And... if
to be honest I was really so afraid don't to see an answer
from you today... But you wrote ;))) Thank you ;)

And... I want to tell you a great thanks for your photo!!!
you are really so handsome man!!! ;))) And... you
have charming lips ;))) I have never see a man with a lips
like yours ;))) Mmm ;)) they should be so sweet!!! ;))

I am really so glad to know that you are serious
man!!! It is important for me because... because now I know
exactly that we wish the same ;)) And... if two people want
something very much - they will get it!!! Do you agree with
me? ;))

MMM ;) I think you wish to know me better and... it is
really so pleasant for me ;)) And... to know that you can
feel free and ask everything you wish to know ;))I'll be
glad to answer on all your questions!!! And now... I can
tell you that I am from a little village Maluy Suhodol in
Ukraine ;))) I live with my mom - she is my family!!! I have
no brother and sister... my dad died in the last year...

I am 29 years old ;) I've never been married and I have no
children ;)) I like swim... read literature 20th century ;)
I like take care about my home and cook ;)) My mom is chef -
works in the school cafeteria ;)) and from the childhood she
instilled to me a love for cooking ;)) MMMMM ;)) I
can cook a lot of very-very tasty things and... I am
sincerely hope that soon ;)) we'll be able meet with you in
a real live and I'll cook something special for you!!! ;)

You know ;) my dad crate a little nickname for me ;)) He
called me "Dreaming Princess" ;)) Yes... now I am not a
little but... But for my mom I am still her Little Princess
;) And exactly my mom advised me come to translation company
and find my Prince outside of Ukraine ;) She know what men
in Ukraine... She wish to me only the best and ;) I am in a
company and writing letter to you ;))

you asked me about the phone... Yes, of course I
would be so happy to speak with you!!! And I think that the
phone can make us more close to each other!!! But... I don't
have the phone! :((( I am so sorry!!! But... there is "phone
service" in translation company! And... if you want - I will
give you phone number of a company ;) You will call and the
interpreter will help us understand each other! What do you
think about this? ;))

Also, you asked about "The Skype" ;) Yes, I asked the
manager of company about this service and... And translation
company provide this service!!! But... it is really
so expansive for me :( I am paying for our correspondence
and I have no possibility pay for "Skype service"... I am so

Well ;))) I will not make you tired with my long letter and
will finish it ;)) looking forward for your
answer!!! ;)) And... hope to hear something from your life
too because... Because I am really so interesting... serious
about you! Also, I am sending to you some my photos: Some
photo near my house and another one this morning at work

Kiss you ;))
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tits are getting bigger as the scammers get more desperate
Comment #136984
Comment #137199
Recent letter from "here"

Hi, dear ;))))

And at first I want to tell you a great thanks for giving to
me your e-mail address!!! If to be honest - I am new to this
kind of dating and that is why I am so worry now ;)) Sure
you are understand that it very difficult to tell someone
you have never met before about yourself without not looking
in your eyes...

I can't and ;) I'll not write a poem... I just want to tell
you that I am writing to you because after I read your
profile - I have a feeling that you are very serious,
reliable and self-confident man ;)) You are the man who is
able to build the family and protect it from all bad
things... ;) I ;))) I dream to find such man and give to him
all the love I have... make him the happiest man in the

Yes... maybe all this thing sounds stupid but... I believe
in love ;) I believe in happiness and... if you understand
me and... wish the same - answer to me ;)) I'll be so happy
to know you better!!!

My full name is Evgeniy but you can call me Jenya ;)