Scammer Lina Oleynechuk

24th June 1989
Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk region
Dnepropetrovsk, Nowosolna street, 75/21

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Comment #136868
I have met her on dating site. I initiated the contact. After about three weeks of correspondence, she wrote that she was ready to meet me after she had some dentistry for which she had not got money. Then I sent her 220 USD. Then I sent her money for passport, airplane tickets, and a phone. Afterwards I sent her 500 USD to cover the costs of her stay in Poland which she allegedly had to show during control at the airport. I went to the airport and waited for her but she did no show up. Then I read my e-mail and she wrote that at the airport she did not pass the control because she had not paid her credit. Then I sent her another 200 USD to help her to pay for her credit. After two days I went to the airport again because she was supposed to come but she did not show up again. Since then she dropped all contacts with me. It was on 17th July. Her phone vanished and she does not answer e-mails though I know she has access to the Internet because her last login at the dating site was yesterday. In total I have transferred to her about 1500 USD via Western Union. The transfers took place 5 times. We were leading correspondence for over two months. I can send you scans of all the confirmations of transfers which I did via Western Union (I was reluctant to do this in this way but she wrote that she did not have a bank account). I can also send you the scan of the passport she presented to me as the attachment to one of her e-mails - I do not know if it is real or fake and tons of her photos. I already realized that there probably will not be any way for me to get the money back but I would like to at least to spare other men from her.
Comment #136893
Good day ! Very glad to have the opportunity to write you a personal letter to your email address. This is my first letter, but I would like to believe that not the last. Well, I will try to tell a little bit about myself. My name is Lina, I am 28 years old, I work as a psychologist in a state hospital. Just want to note. I love my profession and I like to help and give correct advice to people when they are hard. I hope that I'm good at it. I live in the city of Dnepr — city, regional center of Dnipropetrovsk region of Ukraine. Fourth city in population in Ukraine after Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa. Dnipro is located in the Eastern part of Ukraine on both banks of the middle Dnieper in the steppe zone. I love my city and my life. I look forward to meeting a bright man to share his life, which I can't cease to admire and admire, to give him all my love and devotion. I dream about noble, smart, strong and confident personality, with passion for life, genuine man and gentleman, tender and caring, who will hug me and carry in their hands. I want to create strong family, to grow beautiful and well-educated children and make happy my husband. I am fond of fitness , tennis, reading fiction, traveling, art , cooking. To cook the way I love)By the way I very often say that I look younger, it's the genes from my mom, and that's what it means to do good for people to have a pure heart, these qualities make me young)))
I live in a small apartment not far from the town centre with my mother and stepfather. Dad died when I was very young. Therefore my step-father like my dad. I have a desire to communicate with you, and who knows, maybe we're made for each other each other)) I still like when people have a good sense of humor)) I try to joke with people to make them smile)) Because, when a person smiles, he's happy. I am very interested to hear from you and know a little about you and your life. Oh yeah, you're probably wondering if I was married ? No, I wasn't married. I Have met two years with a young man. but he was drafted into the army, in connection with the war, I was waiting for him, did not sleep at night, and when he came home on leave, admitted that he had found another girl. But it's past. Maybe if you want, I will tell you this story. Well, I hope to see soon your answer. You can ask me questions, I with pleasure will try to answer. With respect, Lina
P.S/ thanks for telling about yourself, interesting)) Well, let's try to communicate))
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i flew out to kiev. sent her money to travel, birthday, etc. she sent me a similar email. she even told when she changed her email to that it was because of a jealous man from poland. & western union wouldn't let me send her any money.
i mentioned this to her. she left russian cupid but as of today she is the woman you see on their website & she is the model for "would you dat a ukranian" i sent money to her girlfriend ludmilla moroz. the day of traveling out i received an email from her mother saying she had a sudden pain which was appendicitis, no contact. i call but she won't speak. love is blind.
excellent letters.
Comment #138981

she also went back on to russian cupid as a profile but only changed her appearance a little. "she" took it down when i "favorited" her.


she is the cover girl on russian cupid and the model for "would you date a ukranian" on marriage (dating & marriage service.) what a horrible person, she is a gigantic liar. i sent her money via western union to her friend ludmilla moroz. she told me a story about a polish man who she had jilted and that he initiated troubles for her so i was led to believe it was best to send money to her friend for now. sending money was my idea. but later she suggested a hotel of her friend's for which is i sent $325 for our honeymoon. i was left to the road.