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Has just checked up mail and at once has decided to write
to you. To me it is very pleasant, that we with you write each other.
I wish to tell more, at me such for the first time. Rafal, in each
letter I learn you more increasing and more... As well as you me. I
see in you very kind and serious the man. you are very
interesting to me! I thank you for a photo! It very beautiful. You
know , I too have girlfriends whom are important only money,
country houses, yachts... But I never understood them. In fact there
are much more important things! You agree with me? And I am grateful
for it to the parents because they have brought up me. That you to me
have told thanks about the city.. I am very interesting to me where
never was ((. Today I wish to tell to you about the city. The city of
Arzamas. My city, let it not such and big, but nevertheless very
beautiful, interesting and historical. By the way I send you a photo
with it. Imagine, my city during an epoch of the USSR has been coded.
It was a large centre of science... But it was very much for a long
time. Now it is history. As you probably see on the Internet... At us
many beautiful monuments and cathedrals. Where I often walk and I
reflect on different themes... I very much like my city. I would think
to you it has liked too. I very much would like to hear your voice..
Even by phone and to talk about something. But on Sunday when I called
to mum, communication has suddenly interrupted... I at once have
incurred it in a workshop and there to me have told, that phone is too
old.. (((((to me it its friends very much for a long time have
presented. Now I should save money on new. Now I can write only SMS. I
probably spoke you, that I know English language. If you will want,
you can something write to me... To you to give my number??? Leave to
me and the can at me it will turn out to put sim card in phone of the
girlfriend and I can write to you sms and you will call to me as you
think.. It is not so dear to you?????? I ask to understand simply what
to pull such conversations it very dearly (... Sometimes in target I
leave for city to my grandmother. In village you know what is it? It
one lives. The grandfather has died three years ago. I help it on a
garden. Soot, I water... It grows up different vegetables and fruit..
At you probably do not do such??? You represent, there even there is
no electricity and a waterpipe. Instead of it a lamp with kerosene and
a well. The grandmother at me very old and I very much love it. It
seems to me, that especially at such age it is impossible to forget.
About native and close. And you still had such elderly grandmother or
the grandfather? If yes, tell to me about them. My friend, still it is
very interesting to me as you spend the holiday????? Than you are
engaged in holiday????? I am never simple far did not go and did not
fly. Tell at you sometime there were interesting cases on rest?????
Write!!!!! It is very interesting to me as at you have a rest. And in
the following letter I shall tell to you... It is very a pity to Me,
but I need to work. (((((I with impatience shall wait for your letter.
So long! Your girlfriend from Russia.

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