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Hey dear , thank you for your reply, I’m really glad to see it.
You know, I’m very excited about our acquaintance and it’s important
for me to know more about you and your life!

Thank you for your photo, I'm glad to have this opportunity to see you
and something from your real life! Somehow, it make me feel a little
closer to you and I hope you will send me more pictures of you, your
place or even just things that you like ;)

My life is not something you can write a novel about, but may be there
would be a nice story. Unfortunately, I’m not a writer to know this
for sure, I’m just seller of shoes in a local shop. I’ve been doing
this for ten years already. Though, before war started in my region, I
was an owner of one of the shops and didn’t have to sell anything,
actually, I had other people for that :) I live in Kirovsk and
military actions started here three years ago, changing our lives
forever. As I had no opportunity to leave and no place to go, I was
forced to stay here and survive and continue doing this till now. I
guess, you’ve heard about war occupied region in the East of
Ukraine. Anyway, this is where I am now and though I like my home, I
would be glad to visit other places in this world or relocate forever.
However, I registered on site not to find an opportunity to leave this
place, but to find my man to share life and explore this world
together and each other...

I would love to make our communication easier and closer. I know about
all the applications like viber, whatsapp and skype. And I used them
before war when I had smart phones. But you know, that when war
started, I lost everything, including my husband and since that time,
I didn't have an opportunity to buy technique (like most of people
here, in war region) I don't like to complain but my life is very
difficult and my shoes-selling salary is barely enough for food. I can
only dream that I will find smart phone at the street or somebody who
cares will make a present for me ;)

I’m not sure if I can ask you about your previous
relationship... I just wonder, may be you had some important
experience and would like to share it with me? I’m not going to play
any games and looking only for real and sincere relationship. Of’
course I had long-term relationship in past, I was married and lost my
husband when the weapon shell hit and blew up our house, when war only
started. After that, I must say, it was hard for me to find strength
to move on... But people shouldn't be alone and something inside me
wants to believe that love is waiting for me out there, my savior, my
love, my best friend, my man who could just enjoy the smell of my
freshly baked pie ;)

It’s not that easy to write this letter because there are so many
things I want to know about you! And, of course, you can ask many
questions, I will be happy to answer them, becoming a little closer to
you with each letter...