Scammer Tatyana Zamiatina Tatyana

8 August 1989
Date Ukrainians

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y favorite,Johan!
I'm sorry that you have such a terrible hurricane ... (((I'm very sorry for the people who died and were left without their homes ... (((
You know, In the last few days I'm getting more and more sentimental, I watched a Brooklyn movie yesterday and burst into tears as small, because the plot seemed to me very similar to life ... (
A strange combination of circumstances ... I spent so much time looking for something, choosing. But life gave me to you. And everything is like a dream, no ... not in a dream, it's like a movie. But, really, I thought, it happens only in movies. A chance meeting, just all the circumstances in one day gathered together so that we could find each other. Probably, this is fate. Probably, everything should have been this way and nothing else. And I'm just happy that it all happened. And it's frightening to think that if something went wrong that day, we would never know each other. I want to admit that you have become necessary to me from the very moment we met, I hope that this is mutual)))
I remember the time when I only saw your photo, only read a couple of phrases addressed to me, as a stranger in your life. This is how the threads of our destinies interwoven so unusually. I felt something unusual when I was going to write my first letter to you, it felt my heart ... I was lost in my feelings then, but I understood that a miracle was happening, two souls found each other. Now I can shout to the whole world that I'm happy, and then everything that's happening has stunned me. I only know that I fell in love with you. I always want to be with you. I want to fall asleep in your hands to wake up from your warm breath. Sit, crouching under your feet, and watch as you do your own business. Watch the movie, putting your head on your chest. Inhale your scent, so fresh and warm, with your nose in your neck. Take your hand, going out into the street. I want all this, because I love you madly.
I do not know what I'm going to do on the weekend tomorrow, I'll probably just be at home watching TV ... (((It's very hard for me that I want to watch TV next to you ... how your Springboks play against France.

A thousand of my kisses to you!
In love with you Tatiana!