Scammer Olga Zalgrabalnya Girl Olga

Girl Olga
Kiev Ukraine
Kiev Ukraine
Kiev 12 Ukraine
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I visited Kiev between June 18th and 25th 2017 after online contact for 3-4 months with one Olga Zalgrabalnya. She is approximately 32 years of age. She claims a younger brother named Mark. She offered marriage if I came and daily Skypes with her victims along with emails. She uses an accommodation scam when you arrive. She is fact, a Prodater. Her IM service name is live:girl800_2 and mobile number is 380 99 044 1077. Her Skype i.d. is girl olga and her email is She pretends to know little English at all times and uses her friend Kate to ‘translate’ when you arrive. They charge almost 400 for a week of use of an apartment 20 km outside of the center of Kiev. This is to disorient and isolate the traveler. Olga’s IP address is 2124277198. This places her in town at Kiev 12 Ukraine, directly across from the National Operetta Theatre near Zhylianska St. But she claims to live near the apartment she has 'graciously' picked for you. When the victim arrives, they are met be Olga and taken by a heavy set bearded man in a light metallic blue grey SUV. If you don't go straight to the apartment, you are taken to buy food which is promised to be cooked for you by Olga Z. (It isn’t but disappears when the women leave with the taxi driver who has collected the money for the apartment and cab fare). It is likely the 3 persons split the food and the money after dropping the victim off at the apartment and telling him not to go out without them and not giving him the key or RFID key to reenter the building should they leave. Instead of spending time with you as promised in Skype and emails, the women take you in overpriced taxi rides to shop and then disappear until the next day. They come back for you at 11 am the following day then leave early by 5 pm. They repeat this for as long as you are willing. You either return home or you figure out what is really happening and leave the apartment. The apartment is in a new complex-they will also give bogus address for this when you ask. The bogus address is Bucha 10 Gugal Kiev-which is actually 2 miles in the opposite direction of the apartment which is near the cross street of Diplomatat Street.
Comment #136762
This is exactly how she works. I experienced the exact same from Olga Zalgrabalnya.
Her friend Katya is also key player.
Predator!! Stay AWAY from Olga Zalgrabalnya