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Hello dear. Thank you for your answer. I am very happy you reply on
my letter...

Your letter was very interesting, so you make impression on me of a
clever man.

I was born 16 July in Luhansk and still living there. I am 30 years
old. I am a simple girl from not rich family. I was born in the
family of teachers. My father was math teacher. And mom was a teacher
of literature. Now they are not working. Parents are not young and
now they are on pension. My profession is also teacher. I continue
working way of my parents. I am a teacher of literature. I work at
the local school. So from my profession you can understand that i
like read and i like children very much. What i can say that i am
very happy with my profession, only one problem.....that is small
salary. And maybe you do not know but there is war in the Eastern
Ukraine. Many things are hard, but i do not want complaining.

My life is not so easy, but i want to start relationships with you. I
want to make my life and of course your life happier and full of
sunlights. I finished the university many years ago. Of course i
studied English, it may be not perfect but I at least try :)))It
would be easier to keep in a contact with you if I had a smart cell
or a computer at home , but these things are gone a long long time
ago , an old and a sad story I may tell you one day . Still we are
lucky that Internet cafes are opened in spite of the war.

I hope I have your interest :)) I will be waiting on your reply. Yours