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Hi dear !

Thank you for your letter, I was pleased to receive your reply.

Thank you for your photos. You are a very handsome man! In you
everything is combined: beauty, strength and masculinity. You make the
impression of a reliable man. Have you heard the expression "Eyes- the
mirror of the soul"? I think you have a beautiful soul.

Thank you, I'm very flattered to read that you think I'm beautiful ...

Thanks for your suggestion over the phone, but do not you think that
Should we first know each other better? I'm not here for fun. And I
can not call A man with whom they hardly know each other. Sorry, but
there are a lot of scammers and perverts on the Internet. Let's get to
know each other first) How do you see this?

Italy is a beautiful country! I watched a photo on the Internet,and
read a little about this country, it has a rich history. How beautiful
it will be described by famous writers... Having become acquainted
with this country, I had a desire to walk around the cities of this
magnificent country)

I, like you, like to play sports. I love running, in the evenings I go
out of the house, put on my headphones, turn on my favorite music and
run. I see the streets, houses, people, animals ... Everything is so
different, I have time to consider all this and it's fine) I love this
fatigue and pleasant pain in my legs after running. It's nice then to
stand in the shower and wash off all this fatigue.

Let me tell you something about myself . I am 29 years old, my height
is 165 sm and weight is 51 kg. I live in Ukraine, in the very center
of military operations, in the city of Lugansk. As you understand,
life here is complicated, people live in fear, everything is destroyed
... but let's not talk about sad things.

I have a philologist education. As I have told you before I really
love foreign literature, one of the favorite writers Johann Wolfgang
Goethe and his work Faust is a philosophical tragedy of a German
writer, in which he gives the image of a thinker who bravely dares to
penetrate the secrets of being. Do you have a favorite writer or book?

I work as a teacher at the university, but I do not have much, I want
to move on, but here we do not have such an opportunity. I would like
to go abroad to learn more about the world culture, but I would like
to travel only with my beloved man)

Forgive me for my mistakes. I speak English well, but it's difficult
for me to write. We do not have internet here, and I have to write to
you from Internet cafes, but it's expensive, I'm limited in time, so I
use google translator. I hope this does not scare you))

Can you tell me more about yourself? I want to know you better.

I'm waiting for your answer

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The most fraudent I've ever met,
Comment #141198

On Dec 12, 2017 11:36, wrote:
Hello, my dear

Thank you so much, I got the money! I am very grateful to you for your
help and your care! I'm glad that I finally found a man who can take
care of me! I think we have so many things to tell each other. And as
for scamm list I should say that there are so many man who think that
they can write me such rude things and disgusting things and I should
reply, but I write every time or even do not reply to such letters and
that is why I think that such men put my name to such lists, I hope
that it makes them happy. So let me know that you want to continue our
correspondence because if not, I will not waste your time and my too,
because it is hard to prove that I'm real ... I do not understand the
meaning of such lists, so in such way I should put so many man to such
list. And I see this man are not adequate, because I see that most of
the letter are not mine :) I do not understand why men pay attention,
I mean everybody if want can publish letters of all ladies he wants...
I hope I could explain everything and our meeting will take place, no
matter what!
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Her name is Irina Popova I have her address and a copy.of ID