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Hello . It's good to see a letter from you.
I am very glad that you answered me.
Have you seen my video?
I hope you do not have questions about my reality.
I decided to start a conversation with you following the example of my aunt.
I have an aunt. She is older than me for 4 years.
I'm 31 years old (22.04.1986). I know that I look good.
We live in the same city with my aunt.
We live in the city of Donetsk.
Now the city is struggling.
Military unit Internet signal, telephone.
Block Skype and other applications for communication.
I will tell you the reason for this information blockade.
A year ago a special service seized a group of people.
Spies sent data on Skype to the military.
In the news showed.
Ukrainian intelligence officer sent the coordinates of journalists on skype
The military fired from afar. They killed journalists.
They fired rockets in coordinates, which was sent by the Ukrainian
A spy.
After that case. All communication in the region is blocked.
I continue the story of my aunt.
She met on the Internet with a man.
Man, I did not believe my aunt that she was a living person. He thought about her, that
She's a fraud. And just wants money.
He needed Skype or a phone.
This way of communication is absent. Said my aunt to man.
The man did not believe.
They communicated for a long time.
After four months of communication.
My aunt recorded a video.
In this radio message, she said that she was waiting for a meeting.
After this video message. Which was sent to my aunt.
A man helped her to leave Donetsk.
Now, a week ago, an aunt with this man lives in Germany.
Now I'm working on my aunt's place.
I want to meet the person who will be most important for me in this life.
With hope for a good future.