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Comment #136174
I very much hope to receive your letters. I very much miss when you do
not write to me. Really you absolutely do not have time? Or you do not
want to communicate with me?
I hope that you write to me the letter.
I shall wait,
Yours Marina
Comment #136362
I like you again with your letter. I very much missed and
waited when the working day that receive your letter would will end. I
very much hoped, that you will write to me. And you write me. I am
glad to receive your photo. I hope that I shall receive them more. I
have no own computer I write to you from the Internet of cafe and I
write to dinner time for my work at me there is time only to write the
letter. I have no skype.I have no WhatsApp. I would like to
tell to you about the family more. My mum Elena, works in an
agriculture. She looks after birds. I do not remember the father, he
have left for a long time and did not come it is more. Mum does not
recollect about him, and I do not wish to remind her because she
becomes sad. I have two best girlfriends, Olga and Irina. They
sisters, also work at school. She teaches Russian at our school, other
mathematics in another city. Irina has left on the North already
several years ago and works there. She has met there men, and they
have got married. tell to me about the family? What would you
wish to tell to me about her? About the friends? About the father?
Mothers? To that were you learned by your parents? My mum with the
grandmother have learned me to prepare for fine and tasty dishes, and
I am assured, that it is pleasant to you. And what is pleasant to you
in general? From what you become happy? What to give a smile to yours
face? tell me.tell to me more what you want in a life?
To what you aspire? Tell to me more about the friends. What do you do
together? Where go? Than be engaged? How you like to have a rest? Than
you are engaged every evening? What you dream? Also what you dream? Or
you do not have dreams? I very much would want that we could
know all one about other before we shall meet. I told to you about the
two girlfriends. Now with me only one. But I am assured of her. I know
that she the true girlfriend. You to have such friends? Tell to me.
You were deceived by your friends? I send you the photo. if
you will not like that tell to me. Well? Or it is pleasant to you? I
hope what yes. tomorrow I shall talk to the girlfriend that we
communicate about you. She yet does not know, but when we today with
her have met. She has told, that at me an kind happy and why. I have
told that I shall inform in the evening. you represent to
change my life already! I so am glad, that you remember me and an idea
that who thinks of you warms me. And you that feel? You Wait for my
letters? I miss your letter. Marina !