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Hi !
It was wonderful to get your reply back. Thank you for your efforts.
How are you? How is your day going? I hope my letter will find you in
your best spirits!
Dear what do you mean that your women are spoiled? With men's attention?
I wish I had a smartphone but I don't have such apps to call.
Dear I forgot to tell you about my work. I am a hairdresser. You know, it is
not the best job in the world , especially when we have so many clients every day
and we are paid really little money! It is a pity as for such hard work for ten hours per day.
Is hairdresser getting normal wage in yor country? Or salon workers?
My dream is to finish courses of make up, manicure and other things needed to be a good worker in
industry of beauty and my dream is one day to open a beauty salon.
Of course it is only a dream for now but I am ready to fight for it and work hard,
but now I work only for survival like many people in Ukraine, because the salaries are
the same like 5 years ago and the prices are many times higher!
So here I am talking to you and may be you are my man as I think of you and one day
you would take me to live with you , and I would try my luck in your country))
I think everybody should enjoy his work and like Confucius once said
"Choose a work that you really like and you will never have to work any day of your life".
So do you like what you do? Tell me more about it?))
I believe building relationships in the internet is possible.
If two lonely hearts meet each other, together, helping each other
they can overcome such things as distance and language barrier.
Dear I really wish you a nice day and waiting for your answer!)
Sorry if my letter is too long ))
P.S> I sent you some photos from work and others.
Comment #136250
too good to be true