Scammer Olena Olena Mykhailiuk Lena, Lenochka, Olena, Elena

Lena, Lenochka, Olena, Elena
Olena Mykhailiuk
+380 99 34 25 982
Pervomaysk; Pervomaisk; Kiev
8/21 Makarenka Street; Pervomaysk, Ukraine 93200

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Comment #136109
Hello James.

I tried to create an interesting mail, but failed =) Sorry if my letter will be like a resume. But i will learn how to write proper mails, i promise =) Give me a chance ;) My name is Elena. I am 36 years old. I decided to try dating site to find man with good qualities. So I hope, it will not take much time!:)) I'm mature woman, so I'm not searching for a pen pal friend or wasting of my time, I'm searching for man, who will be my friend, my partner and who will love me and make me happy. I'm genuine, passionate, loving and carrying woman, but also easy-going and with a good sense of humor!;) So you will never be bored with complains and my crying!:)) I got used to discuss and solve problems and not only sit and wait. I always try think in positive way and with humor, cause it's the best way to build a strong relationship, I think. I know that every body need his own space and if you will need to meet with friends or go fishing without me I will not eat your brain!;))

I like reading books, watching good movies, listening to music and meet with friends. If you want the same you are welcome to share this moments together, James!;) I send you my photos and also a video to prove you, that I have serious intentions and for you to see, that I am who I am.

Will wait to read about you and your dreams.

Comment #136318
Hi, dear .

Before we will more forward I want to ask you one thing, please read
my letters carefully, as I'm trying my best to write you more
information about me and ask you questions to learn you more. So
please if you are too tired just reply to my letter later. Deal?:) I'm
asking you about it because I'm serious about our communication and
don't want to waste my time.

Thank you for your reply! I hope it means that you are interested to
know me more and continue our communication. I want to share more
information with you. I will do my best to express myself. Hope you
are ready to know me more and tell me more about you, as it's

I will to start from my age. I'm 36 years old, not to young,
so I know what is life and have my own life experience. Maybe it's too
late to start a relationship in my age, cause all of my friends
already married and have children. But as I was always involved a lot
with my work, I'm still single. Who knows maybe it was a mistake of my
life, but it's is what it is. That's why I decide to change my
direction and now I want a family, to love and be loved!:)) I'm from
Ukraine, city called Pervomaysk. I live with my mother and father.
They are proud of me. I was raised with good values and I'm thankful
to my parents for that. I'm very positive and smart woman. Also I'm
romantic and tender woman. I'm florist! I attached one photo from
work, but it has not right focus! I hope you don't mind!It's the only
photo I found. I had my own flower shop. You will ask why had and not
have. Because the area where I live is now under control of Russian
terrorists and it's hard to make business here. So I lost my flower
shop and my life changed a lot. That's why I had to sell my smartphone
and also a lot of things to improve my financial situation. So sorry I
can't use social applications for now. But I'm not giving up and now
I'm working a taxi driver. Yes, and don't laugh at me!:))) Women also
could be good drivers!:)) If you are interested in the whole story I
will tell you in my next letter.

I'm writing on my own, but with google translator, cause I
don't know much words and don't know, how to connect them correctly!
So I hope you don't mind about any mistakes!:)) I'm sure, it will be
the same if you will try to write me in Russian!:)))) I have an old
computer, which I have for more than 8 years, but it's a luck, that it
still works, even sometimes it turns off. It's a second time I'm
writing you this letter, because it turned off and I had to write it
from the start!:))) But I'm trying not to give up and make my best to
write and update my skill on writing letters !;) I attached
photos from my life. In my car, near the lake, with my friend and one
of funny me!

My life is interesting, but I miss my beloved man to share it with
him. I like dancing and I like having fun! I like cooking and I like
lay in bed and watch movies!:) I like walking and sit in the park
watching nature!

I want to know about your life style, type of woman you search, what
are you ready to do to meet your woman, what you expect from woman,
what are your values and what values should have woman you are
searching for? Do you prefer blonds or your prefer brunettes? Of
course I hope blonds!:))) Anyway it's more important what is in your
head and not the hear color you have! You agree? Hope not to
much questions, but it's the only way to know if we can develop a
serious relationship!

My congratulations, that you read this letter till the end and not
sleeping on your keyboard!:))) I really hope, that you will write me
back and will tell more about you!

Comment #136722
She sends the very same emails to each man. I received the same ones posted here. And the picture of the teddy bear? She told me she had taken it the previous day and she wanted to buy it and name it after me....yet the teddy bear picture has been posted here for months. She did NOT scam me for money (yet), but clearly she is playing some game, chatting with several men at the same time, telling each they are her answer from God.
Comment #137191
DEFINATELY A SCAM. She will tell you she is posted her because a man was mad she wouldn't send naked pictures. She will send you personalized photos and videos. It really IS the blond woman in the pictures. Then she will ask for $500 for a passport, followed by $400 to travel to Kiev to get a VISA, then money to fix her car so she can drive to Kiev, then $250 for bribes to get out of the war zone, and so on and so on until you catch on. Meanwhile she will be claiming to be in love with you, and when you start to get suspicious, she will start to talk about a great sex life...anything to try and pull you in deeper. While she was telling me how much she wanted to marry me, I set up a phony email account and contacted her under a different name---and got the very same emails she had sent to me. AVOID!!!
Comment #137716
another email she used was :