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AtHello, my knight ! I returned from Arkhangelsk! I have great news!
I turned to the best travel agency of the city. They quickly learned everything for me. Made me photos for the visa.
Filled out an application for a foreign passport. Filled my application for a visa. Health care insurance.
Very good staff. They said that tickets for the plane will be booked after receiving the documents.
I gave extra money to make the documents faster.
Thus, my documents for the trip will be ready within five working days. All except the visa.
To obtain a visa, I need to go to the visa-service center in St. Petersburg next week.
The travel agent said that to enter your country I will need to confirm my financial solvency.
In connection with the law on immigration, your country has made certain rules for the entry of citizens of the Russian Federation.
And one of these rules is the availability of money in the bank account of a person who enters the United States territory.
The authorities of your country do not take this money. I need to show in the visa-service center an extract from my bank account.
In order for your country to let me in, I need to have on my bank
account 71800 rubles. For the term of my visa - 1 month. To get a visa, I need to show them this money.
I will not be given a visa if I do not show that I have this money.
This money is needed so that they are confident in my financial situation.
This proves to them that I will not go to the streets or engage in criminal activities to earn money.
So I paid at the travel agency for services, documents and tickets - 46,400 rubles.
I still have 17600 rubles in cash. On my bank account now there is 8000 rubles.
I will transfer the cash to my bank account and so I will have 25600 rubles in my account in the total.
I do not have enough 46200 rubles. I do not know where to get this money. I spent almost all the money I saved.
I did not cancel anything, because I still have 25600 rubles left.
And I thought that you could lend me 46200 rubles. Can you help me with this money?
When I make an extract and confirm to the authorities of your country my solvency, I immediately will transfer this money back to you.
Realize that it is essential that your government let me into the territory of your country.
This is the law. The presence of this money in my name should be just shown to them.
Understand that I will send this money back to you after I receive the visa. That is, I will refund your money before my flight to you.
I also found out in my bank that an international transfer to a bank account from your country to mine is from 3 to 5 days.
Therefore, if you can and want to help me, then we should not waste time!
I'm burning with love for you. A violent passion has settled in my body and I want you to taste it.
Probably, I took a desperate step, but I believe that this is my destiny and we must be together!
I bought a lot of sweets in Arkhangelsk, because I really want sex ..
I read that the sweet helps cope with the lack of sex for a short time.
I kiss you passionately a thousand times! Waiting for your letter!
Your Darya.
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This is her second attempt at me. First go round she used the name Veronica brunsecko. Exact same emails, word for word. She sent me passport photos, called me on the phone, etc. Didn't work out so well for her. Evidently either she forgot or she thinks I'm stupid because she's now Milenna sending the same emails, same pictures. It's actually a lot of fun seeing how stupid she or he is. Yesterday I called her Veronika the whole time, did she notice...nope! Few days before that when she proclaimed her love for me and how she wanted spend her life in my arms I told her I was gay and married to a guy. Didn't even phase her. Tomorrow I'll get the email about the passport, then borrowing money for the plane ticket. I've got a good one to run bye her and see if she's dumb enough to try it! I'll report back it's going to hilarious if it works!!