Scammer Lyudmila Pomogaeva Luda

City of Kirov

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Comment #135861
She sent me an email on 05.06.2017, I gave her my address on the same day, we had a correspondence for about 10 days, after 10 days she asked me money (200$) for buying a mobile phone in order to call me and speak to me, as her previous phone went broken.
Comment #135863
On 14.06.2017 18:25 Lyudmila Pomoga wrote:
Good evening my darling F***. Only you at me are and only you please me by the own words, does evening better, and after your letter life to become brighter, and so there is a wish for you nearby, I want to tell you personally as I am glad that we with you found each other as I was lucky that I have you. In each letter I try in the different way to show you and to express the feelings and the joy, I hope that you feel what feelings I have to you. I chose you and I want to be yours. I have nobody except you. You my one and only man to whom I have feelings and I speak as I want to be yours. And nobody is necessary to me! I am honest and faithful to you, and I hope that you appreciate all this. The main desire and patience and time will come and we will be together:) My dear I came only home and of course first of all to write to you as it is important for me very much. Day passed well, well that the rain wasn't any more as left from work. How was your day passes? It is pleasant to me to know that you are ready to send me money, but yet you have no such sum. I looked as you can send money, you have Moneygram, I have moneygram, and you need only my data: Russia, city of Kirov, Lyudmila Pomogaeva
And you will be able to send money. Fine when we will speak to Bedet according to video. I will eat and have a rest now. Mine to you sweet kisses and embraces. Good to you evenings. Luda

On 14.06.2017 15:53 F*** wrote:
Ciao my dear Luda,
I want you to know that I miss you a lot, I would like to meet you as soon as possible,
I would like to hear you, your voice, maybe we could have a video chat on whatsapp,
It would be great, but unfortunately we have to wait a bit, please let me know
how to send to you the money in order to buy the new mobile phone.
My day started well, the weather is always good, bright and hot, today is
a bit more cloudy than yesterday, but I'm at work and it is more easy
to work and to be more available when summer is coming, soon I had
my lunch break and my usual walk.
A kiss,

On 14.06.2017 15:10 Lyudmila Pomoga wrote:
Hello my darling F***. I am glad to see your lovely letter and to read it, your words joy and happiness. I adore you. And I so would like to be to you near, to hear your voice, to embrace you in the first, to kiss on the first and to understand that you are near me. I want and I will wish a fast meeting. I the truth am glad that you at me appeared in life, and I don't want to lose you as my feelings and intentions serious. I hope that all at us to turn out. I would also like to speak with you by phone, but I broke phone, want to buy other phone, but there is no opportunity yet. It is inconvenient to me to ask, but if you could, you could send me 200 dollars to phone? I would buy myself phone and we could speak more often by phone prior to our meeting. I work today, day goes well, there is no lot of work, how was your day takes place? Mine to you sweet kisses. your Luda

Comment #137248
I have more picture of here she is real fraud. Did a search with her picture and ended up here. So wrote her that I would like to met her right away and she told me to send 250USD for passport and visa! So I told her I'm worried about sending money to known scammers.
Comment #137254
Luda the fdating scammer