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Scammer details:
Name: Anna (Anya)
City: Stary Oskol
Country: Russia
Postal address: not given
Phone number: not given
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Letters she sent you (all you have):
Hello xxx !!! My real name Anna but you can call me Anya I like it more! I live in Russia in small city of Stary Oskol, it is not far from the city of Belgorod and approximately 600 miles from Moscow! Stary Oskol is small town, here lives about 230 800 people! We have 2 cinema 3 theater and some museums! I like to live in this town but here I can't be happy. I tried to meet with some different man, russian man but it didn't have a success! They everybody wanted only one thing from me it's my body! But I wanted that for them was interesting my soul and my heart! That's why I decided to seacrh out side of Russia, I know that it's also not so easy that there many additional questions but I think foreign man are much better! I heard many good thing about them! Ofcause I know that every where there are as bad as good people but I think abroad there are more good people! One more reason while I don't want to live with russian man it's my father! He left us when I was very young he found other woman and went to her! My mother did everything for I get only all good from this life! And I'm sure that without my mother I couldn't became such girl like I'm now!
I want to ask you about your city. How many people lives in it? How big your city? How look your city? How your city differs from others cities in your country? I want to know about it because maybe I shall decide to visit you soon, if we shall be find out each other better in the next letters.
Now I live in small one room flat with my mom! She work as seller in the big shop. My family is my mum. Also i have uncle, he is brother of my mum, but I did not see him many years. He lives in different countries. His work has communication with traveling, he must travel for work very often. After death their daddy (my grandfather) my uncle and my mum did not talk and did not see each other, they had bigest quarrel. I don't want to recollect about it. His life became separate from me and my mum. It's all I can tell you about my relatives. I received education of medic and now I'm work in hospital as district therapist! I have some district and people come to me with different problems and I send them to other doctors or give my conclusion about their problems! I like my job because I alsways wanted to help people! It's all what I can for others! I know that abroad doctors get very big salary but here it's not so! My salary just $730 per month! Together with mother salary we have a good earnings for my city. For my country is norm. One day I decided to save my money for my travel. Also I should tell you that, not so it is important for me what between us a difference in the age of, I think that for me it even more interestingly when you are more senior than me as I am sure that at you the big life experience, with you it will be interesting to me and will not be boring, you always can give me advice. You should not worry because of this difference in the age of, overlook about it! I hope I did not bored you with my letter and you will write me as soon as possible! I will be very glad to know somethings about your life, work and anything you would like to write me! In my next letter I promise to write you about my hobbies and interests!
Bye for now!
P.s. soon I'm going to your country and if you will be pie boy I will be able to visit you there, because your age and profile are very much interest for me! Now I cannot tell exact date, but I will plan to visit your country in 2 weeks and to be there 3 months. I want to start to learn you in other letters, please write me more about you. I think it will be interesting. ANy way I will write you about it later when all will be much clear!!!
Hello xxx ( hope xxx mean xxx =) ) !!!
Today my mood became much better after I got your letter! I found some interesting things about your life! For me it was really interesting to read your letter! I have such prefeelings that we can have something more in future! I hope it will be not less then friendship! What do you think about it! For me interesting your opinion about this question!
Now about history of my trip. During last time I began to search a person for my future life, but I suffered failure, I do not want to repeat last mistakes again. About my failure I shall tell you in next letter. Now for me main thing to learn you better and better. It is very important if we shall have a meeting. I think the main thing in relations for women and man is trust. Only if I shall trust you and you will trust me we shall have a meeting in result. Do you agree??? I want to inform you that me the fair girl, true and trustful! My mum from the childhood studied me to be fair and decent and a word on a wind, to not throw, therefore it is very difficult for me to inform a lie because conscience does not allow to inform me lie! I think it is correct education. If things develop good, I shall visit you after 1.5 - 2 weeks and i will be in hotel or be in yours house for 3 months (if you will not against or i also will not against to be in your house). In the next letter I shall write you about my visa, it is also interesting but sad history.
Sometimes I take part in photosession, because my mum very good photographer, it's her hobby. I love it's occupation very much. I shall send you some photos. Photos are my hobby also. Write me yours comments about my photos. I shall wait it.
As I promised in my first letter I will write you about my hobbies and interests! I like to spend very active way of life! I like sport very much! I'm in sport in first opportunity! when I have free time I go to the swim pool and sports hall! Because I watch very much for my figure! That's why I eat only special food I don;t eat much meat and eat different salads more! I like to listen to music! I listen almost everything I only don't like hard music! I can listen romantic music can listen fast dance music! All depends on my mood! I don't like to be sad! I like to laugh! I like humor! Do you have good sence of humor? I will be glad if you have it! I also like to go to the cinema and looks for new film! The last one I saw was The Da Vinci Code! I liked this film! DId you see it? When I was younger I loved to do camping! We with girlfriend often went on some lakes and spend time very funny! Do you love camping? In my first letter I forgot to tell you about my friends! I have no much friends and most of them are girlfriends! I like to spend time with them! SOmetimes we just walking by park ( in our town there is good park!) or if it's summer we on the coast of river ( it's also in our town!)! Sometimes we are sitting in cafe and just chat! DO you have much friends and how do you spend time with them! Or you prefer to spend time with relatives?! Do you visit them often? I have grandmother she lives in vilage about 50 miles from our town! I visit her sometimes per year! In vilage I also have some friends and I also like to spend time with them! I hope for you was interesting to read this letter and you can write me something like this! I will very glad to read it and I wait for your reply very much! Have a nice day!
Hello my friend xxx !
I hope you not against I call you so! I got just some letters from you but I already think that you are my friend! You last letter was so superb! Thank you for your answer my question! I like your answers! Please always write me the same nice letters! Then I will be very glad and my mood always will be very well. I read your letter and I want to speak with you is a lot of and to find out you further, I think that you good person and with you it is pleasant for me speak, I understand from your letter much and I think that you have good vital values. You as well as I speak from your heart and I think that with you we may speaks about many and develop our relations. And you not the silly guy and the person which have heart, you as well as I are lonely also I think that we may construct love give happiness and pleasure and then life will be more joyful and happier.
I want to tell you very soon I'm going to your country! Also I want to tell you very sad history which happened with me, but promise that you will understand me. It was during in last time. Some month ago I met a guy from your country his name is Alex! He told me that he loves me and want to meet me soon. We started to plan my trip. He sent me the invitation, then I start to prepare for my visa. But after while he told me that he is married. Also he wanted that I was his mistress, but his wife should not know about ours relations. I was upset when hear it very much, I been so injured. I have understood Alex - is a villain.
My heart be completely destroyed. Then I decided to tell him that I am 27 I want have serious relations, I want have family and to be happy. I told him that I do not want to have a meeting. After this moment our relations had the end. I spoke with my mum, she told me: " Do not despair my Anya you will find more good man on Internet. But you should be cautious ". I listened my mum and I decided to begin search my heart-felt partner. And after while we find out each other. I am glad that we exchange letters now. I want to forget this a history because my soul has been injured. For me it is hard to tell to you about this. I hope that you understand me. Thus I shall have the tourist visa which will be ready after 7 days. I plan to visit your country. But now we should find out each other better and better if we plan to have a meeting. Are you agree with me?
I hope that you do not lose interest to me, write in your next letter what do you think about this. I wait your letter very sooooon.
Hello my dear xxx !
As always I very glad to receive your new letter! It’s always interesting to receive it and read it! I am glad you understood me and not ceased to write me. I am really very glad. Every time when I receive it I begin to know more and more about you, your life and all what connected with you ! And all this is very pleasant and interesting for me!
Now I understand that you very kind man and understand me well, I like it very much!! I like all what you tell me about you !
I hope you like my answers on your letters, my thoughts and all what I tell you in every my letter to you? Because I do all what I can for my letters be interesting!
I want to tell you that I think about you, your letters and your thoughts very often! Now I begin to think that I’m very happy woman because I met you in internet and have opportunity to talk to you! It’s hard to believe that all this is possible! We both live so far a way from each other and have so great opportunities! It’s very good, don’t you think so? We can find out many interesting things about each other, to talk to each other our thoughts and feelings! It’s so wonderful! ANd soon I think we can do all this in real life!
It’s so good that I can call you “my friend”! May be later I can call you by another way…I also think that I’m happy woman because you don’t stop writing me! I think that you can be man of dream for any woman! And I’m very lucky that you still single and I have a chance!
Thank you one more time and bye for now!
Hello my dear xxx ! You even can not imagine how much good emotions I received after reading your last letter! Thank you for it!
Today I had difficult day on work. I am a little tired. But soon I shall have a big rest, I shall take holiday for three months. It will be after some days. I plan to meet you during my holiday.
I hope to meet you soon and I hope we spend time enough funny! I hope to get good emotions! Because It's really need for me! I think you are that man who can do it for me! And I know you will!
So tell me what do you do in this days, how is your job, friends and your life at all !!!??? It is all interesting for me!
If you have some questions ask me and I will answer all of them honest!! It’s not hard to do for me!
Bye for now!
Hello my dear xxx ! I very glad to get your letter today.
Yesterday after my work I told to my mother about you and our relations with you! I told her that for some short time we become with you enough good friends! And that I feel very much warm feelings to you! She listened me very attentively and after it gave me her opinion!
She told me that she saw I am very happy because I met you and she also very glad for me! She told me that she hoped our relations with you will be develop further! She agree with me that it will be useful for me! That maybe you are that man whom I really need in my life in future!
I want show you a photo of me and my mum. I love this photo very much. I think that we are similar with my mum. Am i right?
My soul friend, I have one important request to you. I want to exchange letters with you every day. I want to see your letters in my box every day until then as we have meet. I think this is important for both of us. I am sure soon we shall have a beautiful meeting. I love your letters very much. What do you think about this? Can you execute my request? I shall try to answer you also every day. With help of letters we find out more about each other. I am very glad that we approach.
I shall finish this letter. Write me in your next letter what you think about my request, also I wait your beautiful words after viewing this photo. I shall wait your next letter soon with impatience.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Anna!
Hello xxx , i want to ask you ... what does mean your last letter ? why you did not write me anything about you ?
If you do not want to communicate with me then just tell !!!
bye bye, Anna
Hello my dear xxx . Today I want to tell you some very important for me things! I want you to know it! And I want you give me your opinion about it! It is very necessary for me!
Last night I was thinking too long about you and me and our relations with you! I decide for myself something! If to tell you the truth I never think that we can develop our relations so fast and so good! I really like all what is between us now!
I do not know what you think about it, but I think that I already love you! Yes I’m sure that it’s a love and nothing else! I see that you so good man, that you really interesting in serious relations with me in future! I very glad for that!
For me not so easy to tell about my feelings, because now I can’t find right words for it! But I want you to know that all this is truth! I think that I want to be only with you! I do not need someone else! I think that you the best m an for me!
It is pity that we so far a way from each other now! But I understand that I never could meat such man like you here in Russia! You much better then all Russian mans! I told you already about all what I thinking about you, but I can repeat it for many times!
You know, I never thought that someday I can fall in love so strong by internet! Some one can tell that it’s not true feelings, but it is true feelings for me! I don’t care about all other opinions! For me important only your opinion and views about all this!!!
I thought about you today a lot of time. I decided that I want hear your voice very much. I would be very happy to speak with you on phone. I so strongly want it that I think of it all day. I could go in a post office and call you if you want it? I have found out that there are cards to call in another the country. Would you like to talk with me on phone? I shall be very glad to hear your voice. Give me your cell phone number and I shall call you. What do you think about this?
SO tell me please all what you think about this my letter! I want to know all what you think! Even if it’s something not pleasant for me, do not afraid to tell me it! I will try to understand it right!
I love you and miss on you! Lot’s of kisses only for you and strong hugs!
Hello my dear xxx!!! I am very glad to receive your letter. You write me very original letters. I think about you every day. I think we shall be very happy together. I am happy to do happy you. I am so glad that I found you. I want to speak you about the feelings. When I write you a letter my ideas overflow my head, and my feelings overflow my heart. At times I cannot express my feelings at all because it is a lot of them. I want you to tell you more and more but it is very difficult for making in letters. I want tell you sincere words. I LOVE YOU MY DEAR. There are important words for our relations, these words my heart prompted me. I can speak you it every minute, if you want?
Dear, I want to know some details about you because comes time to plan my trip to you. I want to know your full name and address (the country, state, city, street and number of a house)? it very important for me . I should leave your coordinates for my mum, she did not worry. Dear, also I need in a name of closest airport to you. It is very important, because I shall find out about tickets. Write me this information in your next letter. It is necessary for me!!!!!!!!!!
Also dear , i do not remember i told you or not , but i do not have my own computer , i am going to the internet cafe . So i am unable to use Skype for talking with you , as there is no skype and i can not use it . But i will try to call you from post office , so write me your mobile number and soon i will try to call you !!!
As it is a pity that we so far now. I want that you be near me now and embraced me. I want to kiss you very much. I think that you also to think about this. I want that our hands always been connected during all our life. In my opinion I am mad from you. I love you my prince. On this sensual note I should finish a letter, but now so it is difficult for me to make it. I shall wait your letter with impatience.
Yours Anna!
Hello my lovely xxx! I am very glad to receive a letter from you. I dream about us when we shall be together. I want have romantic supper with candle very much. It is so romantic. I am sure that you are very romantic person. I love romanticism very much. I want remain with you together now very much that around of us was light dim. I present as we sit at a table where burn candles. When I start to represent it to this moment on my body runs a shiver. I want have a romantic supper. I never had a romantic supper, I saw it only on the TV. My ideas every day about you. I like to dream about this as our life will be fine. I want to be yours for ever. I want live every day with you. We shall never be separated. I understand that we never saw each other in a reality. But we should achieve true love in our relations. I think the meeting is the way to achieve true love. I think that we should use this chance. Also I want to tell you we shall be happy together because my mum has presented me jewelry of our family. It is a brooch which brought family happiness to my ancestors. I shall take it with myself, we always shall have happiness in far from my house.
Dear, now I want to tell you good news. It is very important for us if we want to meet each other. I want to tell you about the visa. Today I called in my tourist company in Moscow. I received good news. There told me that my visa will be ready after two days. It is very soon. Tomorrow I shall prepare for my things, I shall collect big bag for clothes and at tomorrow night (2.00). I shall move in Moscow on a train. Also I shall call you, before my trip. I shall inform you news. I am very happy that we shall meet after some days. I will be able to stay for 3 months in Uk, i plan to stay at hotel , or if its possible then at your home =) I will come to you by myself and i will not meet anyone else except you !
Honey, write me soon.
Yours Anna.
Hi xxx , i am at Moscow now .. Sorry that i did not email you earlier , but i have no chance to do it .. My dear , i will tell shortly.
Now i am getting my documents and visa , i will write you when all will be done and i will try to bye tickets today ...
I will inform you about all of that today later ..
I am thinking about you and i want to be near you , i want to kiss and embrace you my dear !!!
xxx , i hope all is fine , and soon we will be meet !!!
Your Anna
Dear xxx . I visit the Internet cafe for some minutes. I want to tell you very important thing. I want to explain you my situation. Now I live in Moscow in airport Sheremetevo. I can't be here for a long time. About my situation. Today I went in cash department to buy tickets. I chosen flight and wanted to buy tickets to fly to you. But when I told that I want to buy tickets, me asked: " Do you visit customs house " I answered that I don't visit customs house. Cashier told me:" First you must visit customs house control ". Then he shown me where I should go to visit customs house. I come to customs house, I shown there my tourist visa, abroad passport, the medical insurance, the certificate from state registry. I told about the purpose of my trip in United Kingdom, I explained I go to my xxx . I told we got acquainted in the Internet and now we want to have a meeting. I explained that I as the tourist I want to carry out 90 days in United Kingdom with my xxx . And then the inspector asked me: " Do you have the declaration on cash money for visiting this country? " I asked what is it? The Inspector told that each tourist should have cash money for visit United Kingdom. He explained that each tourist should have a pocket money on every day carried out in this country. The total minimal sum for 90 days makes 1500 pounds. Sense of these money that when I shall arrive in your country, I should have cash money to buy food every day, and to have a roof above a head. I explained I shall live with my xxx and I do not need in food. Then the inspector answered that it's the rule of departure from Russia and the East Europe countries in any developed countrys of EU or the North American countries, it's law for any people which use tourist visa for travel in these countries. I decided to address to you for the helping because I made all that I can, I have only 1015 pounds. I need in other part, it is 485 pounds. You are my unique chance, because my mom send me only 1015 pounds. I shall be very glad if you can help me. I want to meet you very much. I want to see your country, I want to have a rest with you. I want to find out you better. I want to speak with you from face to face. But the most important thing also, if I shall have this money I shall not spend them. I shall bring this 485 pounds in United Kingdom, I shall give back you this money when I shall arrive to you. Dear, do not worry for this money. As I understood, I should only show that I have cash money in customs house and to declare them - thus I should receive the declaration on this money, and then I can buy tickets. I think you understand as far as this meeting is important for us, for me it is the most important step in my life and I want to do it with success, I think together we shall solve with this problem.
What do you think about this? Please give me a fast reply because I cannot live very long time in the airport. I wait our meeting very much, I think you understood me. I love you and I dream about our happy rest and beautiful meeting. Yours Anna...
HI again xxx!!!
I thought , and now i want to tell to you some words , i do not want that you will think that
i am just a one more scamer . Dear David , now i am really think what we must do .
If you do not want to help me with money because you will think that i am scamer ,
then just tell me that you do not have money ! Dear , i will try to find that money for
myself , but i do not know how long it will be , i will try to have connect with my friends
and i hope that they will try to help me , but i do not know really .
So dear now i will wait your answer , but one thing that you must know - i am really feel strong
about you and i will do everything for meeting you in person.
I will write you again when you will answer,xxx .
Your Anna
Hi my love xxx !!! I must say to you do not worry !!!
I want to offer you other variant of my arrival to you. My mum have
the native brother. He is my uncle. I did not see him many years. I
told to you about it already. He lives in England, Australia, Germany,
Romania, Canada, Sweden. His work has communication with travel, he
should travel frequently for work. After death their daddy (my
grandfather) my uncle and mine mum did not talk and did not see each
other, they had the big quarrel. His life became separate of me and my
mum, during that moment to him have offered work abroad, he has left
also we had communication with him very seldom. I have decided to call
him and whether he can ask to help me. My mum has told that will not
talk with the uncle, also has told that if I want to arrive to you
that I should call the uncle and ask him. I have thought and have
decided to call. He was very happy that I have called, he has told
that has forgotten already for a long time quarrel with mine mum, he
has told hundred became old and wants to be pulled together to my
family. I too was very glad to hear his words, I have told him that I
shall necessarily tell our conversation of mine mum. Also I have told
to him that I want move to you, I have told him all
that with us has taken place shortly. I have told that I need in
money........ I talked with the uncle about money, he wants to
send money to me and my family, but it he cannot send money in Russia
because he told me that he goes for work in Romania now and he can
transfer money only with help on-line banking via his computer. He
cannot send money in Russia because the Russian banks have not service
on-line banking, also he cannot send me money in cash way.
I want to ask you can you help me? I very much
trust you and I hope only for this way, you not against if my uncle
will send money to you on your account in bank, and
then you send me it back in cash form? It is the fastest way. If you
not against, I shall have money for trip, also my mum will pay all
banks credits. I need in your small help. I think it not difficultly,
give me your answer. What do you think, you are ready to help me? I
only search for a good variant for us, you unique person whom I
can trust. I very much miss you, I wait your answer.
Your little princess Anna

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This contact came form an unkown source out of the blue directly to my personal Email addres so I wa a little surprised at receiving it. I was curious so I replied. And very quickly realised it was not someone who I knew or a friend of theirs so I played along to find out how theses scams work. As expected she fell in love very quickly and sent me none descript photos. I asked here for a more personal one and indeed she sent one wearing very little. I thought she might reveal more and asked her for a VERY SPECIAL photo. I did not get it. She eventually made plans to visit me and made her way to the airport. I thought this very strange since I never told where I live HA HA. She emailed me from the airport saying she did not have enough money to board the plan and she is stuck in Moscow airport until she got another $500. can I send it NOW she said she will give me it back when we meet, yeh right. She then emailed me that she has retruned home and now has an uncle who travels and is willing to accept an amount from me to pass on since Russia does not have normal money transfer. All I have to is send him some money to some east European country and all will be well. LOL. I eventually told here I was wise to her methods and I never heard from here again.
The way the emails were constructed and the layout changed as you can see I expected it was a tavarich scammer
Very enjoyable few weeks for myself and my friends. We still Email her quite often. Hope she understands the words that are used and keeps the pictures HA HA HA HA