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Comment #135503
I am very happy that you wrote to me my new friend.
I'm sorry that I did not write to you my answer for several days.
I was on a business trip in another city and could not answer you right away.
I am writing to you from the mailbox, which is my personal and
If you want to answer, then I will wait for your letter here.
I never corresponded and did not get acquainted through the Internet. But my
Anna's best friend found her husband via the Internet. That's her
Advised me to apply to the Internet agency.
Perhaps you want to know about where I took your e-mail,
In the Internet agency I was offered several e-mails and photos.
I chose to write to you. I hope you're happy, because now we have the opportunity to communicate. I'm looking for my love and
I do not want to play with feelings. I need only serious relationships without
Deception and games. I will repeat it once more. What do I first write through
Computer with a man and I do not worry much. I want to write to you
About me: My name is Svetlana. I am 31 years old. I was born and grew up in Ukraine,
but in 2002 our whole family moved to live in Russia. I live in
The beautiful city of St. Petersburg. I'm looking for happiness in this life. I want
Meet your soul mate, because a person can not live alone. Have
I already had a sad experience in building relationships. But nothing
It did not work out well, they hurt me very badly in my heart. And I did not
I want to make more mistakes and suffer. I want to meet such a man,
Who will love me, respect and appreciate every minute spent
together. I work as a children's doctor in a polyclinic.
I have my own studio apartment,
But I live with my parents and younger sister.
We have a three-room apartment, so there is enough space for everyone.
My parents are already retired. I live with my parents to help them.
We have very good relations with our parents. I trust them in everything,
They are very kind and open people. I listen to advice
your parents. I also give advice to my younger sister. Her name is
Nina. She goes to school. I help her to do her homework. I hope, that you
Answer my letter and we will continue our acquaintance. I understand that
Between us is a big difference in languages, culture, country. But I believe that
This should not interfere with us. You will be interested to know more about me, about
My country's customs. And I'm interested to know more about you. I write
You need a letter through Google translator. But I'm learning very fast. I was learning
English at school and know him a little. I hope this is not a problem for
us. I will help you to learn my language, and you will help me. I think it's
It will be interesting))) to study each other. I think that the main thing in humans
Not outside, but inside. The most important is what kind of inner world. I think that
We will not have problems with our acquaintance, it will be very interesting.
I spent a long time putting off my savings. I have enough
Money to visit another country. But now about this talk more
too early. I hope that I was able to write my own letters in this letter.
Intentions and purpose in life. I will very much wait for your letter. I hope
We will succeed. I send you my photo. In the next letter, I
I'll write a little more.
Comment #136917
I'm glad to see the letter from you again.
Thank you for your reply. I was very worried that you would not answer me. Now
When I received your letter I'm very happy. I'm happy like a little
child. It is very interesting to receive a letter from another country. I want
To get to know you better. How do you live? What are you doing? Where do you work?
How do you rest? What do you think of me when you read my letter? I want
Get acquainted with you more. How do you live in your country? I have a lot
Issues. But I will write only a few, that you would not be tired of my
Of inquiries. Answer those who think it necessary to answer. You can
Ask me any questions. I will also try to answer you. But if I
Do not answer some questions, ask me again. We are with you
We communicate in different languages, and I can not understand your question. Here are my
(Height 165 cm, weight 55 kg,
Volumes: bust - 86 cm, waist - 64 cm, hips - 91 cm)
(I was born on December 25, 1985)
Your intentions to me? What are you
Looking forward to meeting me? (I want a serious relationship)
Have you traveled to Russia? Do you want to visit Russia in the future?
Who do you think should be the leader in the family? Man? Or a woman?
What role should a woman take in the family?
It is very interesting for me to read your answers to questions. I
I hope you will respond to this. But if you do not have time to answer, I
I'll understand. You can answer later. In the following letter, for example. I think,
That a man and a woman should not be the same. They may have
different interests. They must understand each other and trust each other.
Then the family will be in harmony. I am sure that the most important thing in
Relations is trust. You can not cheat. Even on small things it is impossible
deceive. Then there will be trust. After all, without trust there is no love.
A woman should take her man as he is! It is her
Man! He is one for life. A woman should be true to her
Man and meet his needs. But a man must also love
His woman and cherish her. What do you think about it? I am right in my
Statements? Now a little about me. My name is Svetlana. Friends
Call me Sveta. And you can call me that. I never
Was married. And I have no children. I live with my parents and younger
Sister. I live with my parents to take care of them.
And help my younger sister. My sister Nina goes to school, I help her
Do homework. My day starts at 8:00. I wake up, wash my face and run around the park
not far from our house. After running I take a shower, have breakfast and
Going to work. I have a Ford Focus 3 car. I'm not a very good driver
)))) But before the work I arrive without incident. Although I do not like to drive
Machine. My working day starts at 9:00. I finish the work at 20:00 - 23:00.
But sometimes I have to stay at work longer. I do not work every day.
We have a shift. My work in 1 day. So unfortunately I probably will not be able to write to you every day.
But you must know that I will always answer your letter.
I can not write to you on other networks,
Such as Facebook, VK and others, because I'm not registered there,
I do not always have time to write you a letter,
The more time is not enough for these networks.
How long does your working day last? I already wrote that I work as a children's doctor. To me
Like my work. I communicate with interesting people. This is very interesting and
informative. After work, I go home. I spend my weekends with my family.
Or sometimes I go out with my friends. We go to the
Cafe or in the cinema. Sometimes we go to the theater. You say that my life
Very rich and interesting. But all my friends have their love,
Your half. But I do not. But now I have a friend. A friend from
Another country. It's you! You are very interesting to me. And I want to know you
Better and develop our relationship. What do you think about it? We must meet and talk face to face.
Of course I would really like to talk with you in Skype,
But my computer does not have a camera. I have the most common and simple computer.
Now in Russia, the economic crisis and everything is very expensive,
So I do not want to spend money on the camera, because I saved a long
Time to travel and if we decide,
That I must come to you for a meeting, then I want everything to be enough for me. I am very
cheerful. I do not like to be sad. I think everyone deserves to love and be
Favorite! It does not matter, rich or poor! Young or
adult. No matter what position we take in society. We have to
Love and be loved. Write me more about yourself. I want to know you
better. I'm sending you a photo I made in my car. I will try to send
Photo in each letter.
I look forward to your answer.
Your heartfelt friend Svetlana.